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Bedrich Smetana – Myth, Music, and Propaganda St. Pierre, Kelly 9781580465106 John Wiley & Sons Bedrich Smetana – Myth, Music, and Propaganda
Interpretations of Czech composer Bedřich Smetana and his music have shifted as frequently as the political contexts in which they were written. This book examines not just Smetana, but also the scholar-politicians who have imagined and reimagined him and his works since the nineteenth century. During the 1870s, Smetana helped found a powerful nationalist organization called the Umelecka...
Dying: A Memoir Cory Taylor 9781941040706 Tin House Books Dying: A Memoir
At the age of sixty, Cory Taylor is dying of melanoma-related brain cancer. Her illness is no longer treatable: she now weighs less than her neighbor's retriever. As her body weakens, she describes the experience--the vulnerability and strength, the courage and humility, the anger and acceptance--of knowing she will soon die.

Written in the space of a few weeks, in a tremendous creative...
2105 2000
484 459
Kitchen Table Tarot: Pull Up a Chair, Shuffle the Cards, and Let's Talk Tarot Melissa Cynova 9780738750774 Llewellyn Publications Kitchen Table Tarot: Pull Up a Chair, Shuffle the Cards, and Let's Talk Tarot
Learn to read with your own voice and get the answers to all of your questions.

For years, Melissa Cynova has been sitting down with friends and neighbors who are curious about the tarot. She's heard all the questions and misconceptions that can confuse newcomers (and sometimes more experienced readers, too). Kitchen Table Tarot was written as a guide for anyone looking for...
Animal Totem Tarot Leeza Robertson Eugene Smith 9780738743486 Llewellyn Publications Animal Totem Tarot
Journey into the realm of the animals and discover the messages that await in spirit.

Animal totems are powerful allies and guides for those who seek connection to their abundant energy. Soaring above or swimming below, crawling along the earth or silently stalking in the shadows--all the animals have their own spiritual lessons and insights to help you along your way....
438 394
803 723
Daniel Lismore: Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken Colin Douglas Gray Paula Wallace Hilary Alexander 9780847859634 Skira Rizzoli Daniel Lismore: Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken
London's most eccentric dresser reveals his wildly imaginative and transgressive personal style.
Daniel Lismore is known for elaborate and extravagant ensembles that brilliantly combine haute couture with charity-shop finds, yards of vintage fabrics and tartans, found objects, ribbons, feathers, chain mail, shells, ethnic jewelry, retro accessories, millinery and more in an expression...
Music as Alchemy Tom Service 9780571240487 FABER & FABER Music as Alchemy
Music as Alchemy: Journeys with Great Conductors and their Orchestras, by Tom Service, is an essential exploration of the art of conducting, for any fan of serious classical music.
1263 1137
375 337
A Mind at Play: How Claude Shannon Invented the Information Age Rob Goodman Jimmy Soni Rob Goodman 9781476766683 Simon & Schuster A Mind at Play: How Claude Shannon Invented the Information Age
The life and times of one of the foremost intellects of the twentieth century: Claude Shannon--the neglected architect of the Information Age, whose insights stand behind every computer built, email sent, video streamed, and webpage loaded.

Claude Shannon was a groundbreaking polymath, a brilliant tinkerer, and a digital pioneer. He constructed a fleet of customized unicycles and a...

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