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Ekonomie a byznys

 Deglobalization: Ideas for a New World Economy Walden Bello 9781783601684 ZED BOOKS LTD
In 2002, years before the financial crash and the onslaught of austerity measures the world over, Walden Bello argued that we were entering a historical maelstrom marked by prolonged economic crisis, the re-emergence of imperialist contradictions and the spread of global resistance. In short, the neoliberal, globalist project was in crisis. A decade later, the question of how to manage the global...
cena: 469
Deglobalization: Ideas for a New World Economy
 Not-for-Profit Accounting for Non-Accountants Edward J McMillan 9781118348277 0
Practical financial information nonprofit managers need to manage their money and meet their mission

Due to the current economic climate, nonprofit CEOs have no choice but to pay attention to the numbers, possess a greater understanding of financial statements, and be ready to implement and monitor their budgets. Filled with practical information, "Not-for-Profit Accounting for...

cena: 1694
Not-for-Profit Accounting for Non-Accountants
 WILMOTT's Greatest Hits Paul Wilmott 9781118519479 0

This book celebrates the last 10 years of WILMOTT magazine and features articles carefully selected by Paul Wilmot that are topical and reflect the latest developments in Quantitative Finance. Paul Wilmott introduces key subject areas and sections and places them in context.

The book includes introductions by Paul Wilmott as well as photo's and bio's of the regular contributors. An...

cena: 3183
WILMOTT's Greatest Hits
 Startup Metrics: Making Sense of the Numbers in Your Startup Feld, Brad 9781118443675 John Wiley & Sons
Useful, accurate data is essential to long-term startup business planning and strategy

"Startup Metrics" is a comprehensive guide to implementing a plan that makes use of the metrics that make sense. Bestselling author Brad Feld draws upon two decades as an early-stage investor and entrepreneur to share the importance of data measurement, and how startup success depends on collecting the right...

cena: 701
Startup Metrics: Making Sense of the Numbers in Your Startup
 Leading Sales Teams Sam Reese 9781118516119 0
A practical guide for sales leaders of all levels and those aspiring to lead sales teams

The most important attribute for today's sales leader is not their ability to sell, but their ability to effectively lead their sales teams. "Leading Sales Teams" provides practical advice based on what the best companies in the world do to drive sales effectiveness and how their leaders manage the...

cena: 569
Leading Sales Teams

Despite the predictions that consigned it to eternal oblivion, Karl Marx s thought has returned to the limelight in recent years. Marx's Capital, in particular, has been the focus of widespread interest in the wake of the recent international financial crisis.

Though among the most important books of the last 150 years, Capital nevertheless represents an incomplete project. More light has...

cena: 2687
The Formation of Marx's 'Capital': An Essay in Intellectual Biography
 The Never-Ending Digital Journey: Creating New Consumer Experiences Through Technology Andres Angelani Guibert Englebienne Martin Migoya 9781937359928 Roundtree Press
The Never-Ending Digital Journey provides readers with the concepts and steps needed to create successful user experiences. The authors look ahead and explore digital scenarios of the future. They probe how technology is changing the way users interact with brands, and they address today s digital challenges with new ways of surprising consumers, integrating design and engineering.
cena: 669
The Never-Ending Digital Journey: Creating New Consumer Experiences Through Technology
 Statsnotes: Some Statistics for Management Problems Alan Jessop 9789814696678 World Scientific Publishing Company
Managers need access to some statistical advice from time to time to help in solving business problems. Students need access to statistical methods to support work in non-statistics courses, case studies and projects. What is needed will depend on the demands of the problem and how much statistics the manager or student already knows. The requirement is for flexible decision support.This unique...
cena: 2522
Statsnotes: Some Statistics for Management Problems

This book is a result of an international collaborative research study was undertaken under the auspices of International Research Group (IRG) of Eastern Asia Society of Transport Studies (EASTS) and with supports from Institute for Transport Policy Studies, Japan and Korea Transport Institute, Korea.

The book discusses the rationale, highlighting the importance of intercity transport...

cena: 3183
Intercity Transport Development in Asia: Perspectives for Sustainable Mobility

New information, technologies and methods for availability assessment and the utilization of renewable energy resources are the core focus of this work. Included are introductory chapters on the energy situation and associated concerns. Resource assessments and the uses of solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, biomass energy, biogas and bio fuels resources towards generating electricity,...

cena: 4507
Renewable Energy Resources and Utilization: A Developing Countrys Perspective
 Worldwide Casebook in Marketing Management Luiz Moutinho 9789814689601 World Scientific Publishing Company
Worldwide Casebook in Marketing Management comprises a large collection of case studies in marketing and business management. It covers a huge array of decision-making areas and many different industries ranging from computers, petrol retailing and electronic gaming to drinks, fashion, airlines and mobile communication. The worldwide cases are all related to many well-known brands and...
cena: 7453
Worldwide Casebook in Marketing Management

Since the appearance of Adam Smith's Wealth of nations in 1776, many British economists have reflected on the costs and benefits of the British Empire. In the last 50 years, historians have undertaken considerable research on the Empire which has produced many new insights - yet they have not given much attention to the thinking of economists in the past about the Empire. The aim of this book...

cena: 3183
British Empire, Social Integration and the History of Economic Thought

There is growing evidence that even if modest control policies are adopted, increasing greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere will lead to global warming over the next century and beyond. This is expected to have profound effects on the location and productivity of the world s ecosystems.

Although a great deal of attention has been devoted to studying the direct effects of climate change...

cena: 3183
Climate Change and Forest Resources
cena: 1032
Aviation Marketing

East Asia regionalism took a dramatic turn after the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997-98. Within the newly established regional framework, East Asian states have taken the initiatives to negotiate free trade agreements, pursue cross-country financial collaboration, and build effective regional institutions. Importantly, the state-led economic regionalism and its institutional turn marked a...

cena: 3183
The Rise of State-Led Economic Regionalism in East Asia
Project Management A Strategic Planning Approach provides a comprehensive overview of project management practice and balances the unique aspects of project management with the softer business strategy and people skills. It is thoroughly grounded in the latest international research and takes a skills-orientated approach."
cena: 1197
Project Management: A Strategic Planning Approach
 Retirement: Your New Beginning: Leveraging Over 1000 Clients Through Their Retirement for the Past 20 Years Sid Miramontes Lee M. Brower 9781683501275 Morgan James Publishing
Helping someone plan for retirement is a very personal process. Having retired over 1000 individuals, Sid Miramontes has learned quite a few things along the way. Some situations are similar for each person, but others are totally unique to each individual the personal, the exceptional, the human side of retirement. Retirement: Your New Beginning provides education on commonly confused retirement...
cena: 795
Retirement: Your New Beginning: Leveraging Over 1000 Clients Through Their Retirement for the Past 20 Years

The field of critical accounting has expanded rapidly since its inception and discussion has soared since the onset of the global financial crisis. It is now firmly embedded within accounting literature and in how accounting is taught.

Covering the entire field of Critical Accounting, including theory, ethics, history, development and sustainability, this companion gathers and analyses the...

cena: 5004
The Routledge Companion to Critical Accounting

An in-depth assessment of the fiscal health of cities throughout the U.S., this text examines the tools currently available to cities for designing a revenue structure, measuring fiscal condition, and measuring fiscal health. It explains how artificial policies such as tax and expenditure limitations influence fiscal policies and how communities can overcome socioeconomic and state-policy...

cena: 1528
The Fiscal Health of U.S. Cities
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