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 Elementary School Mathematics for Parents and Teachers - Volume 1 Raz Kupferman 9789814699914 World Scientific Publishing Company
This book covers the elementary school mathematics curriculum common in most parts of the world. Its aim is to serve educators (teachers and parents) as a guide for teaching mathematics at elementary school level. The book focuses both on content knowledge and on pedagogical content knowledge. It bridges the gap between fundamental mathematical principles and good teaching practices. It also...
cena: 1065
Elementary School Mathematics for Parents and Teachers - Volume 1
 The Fourth Dimension E. H. Neville 9781316633328 Cambridge University Press
Originally published in 1921, this book by renowned British mathematician E. H. Neville attempts to develop geometrical methods in four-dimensional space.
cena: 841
The Fourth Dimension
 Automatic Differentiation in Matlab Using Admat with Applications  Coleman, Thomas F.|||Xu, Wei 9781611974355 Software, Environments and Tools
Discusses efficient use of automatic differentiation to solve real problems, especially multidimensional zero-finding and optimization in the MATLAB environment.
cena: 2443
Automatic Differentiation in Matlab Using Admat with Applications
 Course of Analysis  Phillips, E. G. 9781316626139
Originally published in 1962, as the second edition of a 1930 original, 'the main purpose of the book is to give a logical connected account of the subject, by starting with the definition of 'Number' and proceeding in what appears ... to be a natural sequence of steps'. The chapters cover all of the cornerstones of complex mathematical analyses; chapters include, 'Bounds and limits of...
cena: 1097
Course of Analysis

For social scientists, it is often confusing how to determine when missing data is a problem in analyses and how to handle it. This book presents a comprehensive overview of the available methods, focusing on which method should be used for specific problems. It features numerous real and simulated data examples to illustrate how the methods can be applied once the appropriate technique has...

cena: 1482
Handling Missing Data in Social Research

Designed for researchers and data analysts, this book presents rigorous statistical methods without burdening readers with mathematical theory. Readers see how linear regression and ANOVA can be used in biology, agriculture, health science, environmental science, fisheries, forestry, as well as the physical, social, and behavioral sciences. Each statistical topic is illustrated using detailed...

cena: 1899
Understanding Regression and Anova as Research Tools Using SAS
 Teaching Secondary Mathematics Gregory Hine Robyn Reaburn Judy Anderson 9781107578678 Cambridge University Press
Technology plays a crucial role in contemporary mathematics education. Teaching Secondary Mathematics covers major contemporary issues in mathematics education, as well as how to teach key mathematics concepts from the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. It integrates digital resources via Cambridge HOTmaths (, a popular, award-winning online tool with engaging multimedia that...
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Teaching Secondary Mathematics

Offering a detailed and careful explanation of the methods, this book delineates Bayesian non parametric techniques to be used in health care and the statistical evaluation of diagnostic tests to determine accuracy before mass use in practice. Unique to these methods is the incorporation of prior information and elimination of subjective beliefs and asymptotic results. It includes examples...

cena: 1899
Flexible Bayesian Models for Medical Diagnostic Data

This cross-disciplinary field utilizes the strange effects of quantum mechanics to enable information processing and computing that would be impossible on traditional 'classical' computers. The field has developed rapidly over the last few years due in part to its tremendous technological potential. The theoretical foundations of the subject are clearly established and good textbooks are...

cena: 3694
Quantum Information Processing with Light
 Discrete Probability - Models and Methods: Probability on Graphs and Trees, Markov Chains and Random Fields, Entropy and Coding Pierre Bremaud 9783319434759 Springer

The emphasis in this book is placed on general models (Markov chains, random fields, random graphs), universal methods (the probabilistic method, the coupling method, the Stein-Chen method, martingale methods, the method of types) and versatile tools (Chernoff's bound, Hoeffding's inequality, Holley's inequality) whose domain of application extends far beyond the present text. Although the...

cena: 2262
Discrete Probability - Models and Methods: Probability on Graphs and Trees, Markov Chains and Random Fields, Entropy and Coding
 Arbeitsbuch Der Angewandten Statistik: Mit Aufgaben Zur Software R Und Detaillierten Losungen Philipp Otto Anna-Liesa Lange 9783662492116 Springer Gabler
Das Arbeitsbuch stellt eine Aufgabensammlung mit detaillierten Losungen zur Einfuhrung in die Angewandte Statistik fur Studenten zur Verfugung. Die Aufgaben umfassen dabei die Themengebiete, welche in etwa in drei Semestern Statistikausbildung gelehrt werden. Damit ist das Arbeitsbuch insbesondere fur Studierende der Wirtschaftswissenschaften, Humanmedizin, Psychologie, Ingenieurswissenschaften...
cena: 558
Arbeitsbuch Der Angewandten Statistik: Mit Aufgaben Zur Software R Und Detaillierten Losungen
 A Basic Course in Probability Theory Rabi Bhattacharya Edward C. Waymire 9783319479729 Springer
This text develops the necessary background in probability theory underlying diverse treatments of stochastic processes and their wide-ranging applications. In this second edition, the text has been reorganized for didactic purposes, new exercises have been added and basic theory has been expanded. General Markov dependent sequences and their convergence to equilibrium is the subject of an...
cena: 1623
A Basic Course in Probability Theory
 Design and Analysis of Experiments Angela Dean Daniel Voss Danel Draguljic 9783319522487 Springer
This book offers a step-by-step guide to the experimental planning process and the ensuing analysis of normally distributed data, emphasizing the practical considerations governing the design of an experiment. Data sets are taken from real experiments and sample SAS programs are included with each chapter. Experimental design is an essential part of investigation and discovery in science; this...
cena: 2539
Design and Analysis of Experiments
 Wstęp do matematyki Kraszewski Jan 9788301190842 Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN
Przedmiot Wstęp do matematyki, wykładany na pierwszym roku studiów matematycznych i informatycznych na uniwersytetach i politechnikach, ze względu na swój abstrakcyjny charakter stanowi pewne novum dla świeżo upieczonych studentów. Zawiera treści, które często początkowo wydają się trudne, gdyż są odmienne od tych nauczanych w szkole, ale po zrozumieniu okazują się...
cena: 245
Wstęp do matematyki
 Volume 1 of Feng's Mathematics Xu Feng 9781542493680 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The Volume 1 is a tribute to the twin theorems: Anhua-Diophantus Theorem and Beal Theorem.
cena: 429
Volume 1 of Feng's Mathematics
 Reprezentacje widokowe brył do wizualizacji i wizualnej identyfikacji Mokrzycki Wojciech 9788380901940 Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Kardynała Stefana Wy
Opracowanie dotyczy metod reprezentacji brył i generowania ich modeli widokowych. W szczególności opisano: deskryptory kształtu, obrazy gaussowskie, modele grafowe aspektowe dla różnych przestrzeni widokowych i różnych rozmieszczeń punktów widokowych w tych przestrzeniach oraz obu rodzajów rzutowań.
cena: 157
Reprezentacje widokowe brył do wizualizacji i wizualnej identyfikacji
 Finite Elemente: Eine Einfuhrung Fur Ingenieure Klaus Knothe Heribert Wessels 9783662493519 Springer Vieweg
Das nunmehr in funfter Auflage vorliegende Standardwerk fur Ingenieure in der Praxis und fur Studierende der Ingenieurwissenschaften hat sich als geeignetes Lehrbuch zur Einfuhrung in die Methode der finiten Elemente und Vertiefung des Wissens erwiesen. Das Werk liefert das notwendige Fachwissen fur Ingenieure in der Industrie und erleichtert damit das Verstandnis fur strukturmechanische...
cena: 1727
Finite Elemente: Eine Einfuhrung Fur Ingenieure
 Differential Equations with Mathematical Modelling and Analog Programming Bernard Chinedu Nkemjika 9781540697769 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Differential equation with its use in mathematical modeling of systems and analog programming is made simple in this book.
cena: 296
Differential Equations with Mathematical Modelling and Analog Programming
Reports on Mathematical Physics publish papers in theoretical physics which present a rigorous mathematical approach to problems of quantum and classical mechanics and field theories, relativity and gravitation, statistical physics, thermodynamics, mathematical foundations of physical theories, etc. Preferred are papers using modern methods of functional analysis, probability theory, differential...
cena: 1279
Reports on Mathematical Physics 79/1 2017
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