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Stolen Child - In-Between: Book Two Adele Degirolamo 9781460265901 FriesenPress - ksika


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Stolen Child - In-Between: Book Two

This is the second novel that belongs to the Stolen Child Tale. This book finds us where book-one has left off and takes us into the Realm of the Space In-Between; the Land of the Selkies and their unusual World where Kashandarhh the Witch s father lives. It is here she travels to warn him of the Sling s arrival back into their land and to ask him to help her bring the Kaafrey Covens together to keep the creature away from finding the last two remaining offspring of the Tuatha DeDanann. Meanwhile, Sibrey who has been able to escape the Tracker who was hunting her, has been taken into the Kingdom of the Sky People, while the Dragon Lords sent to protect her have started to go missing along the edges of their home-land. This tale also introduces you to the Dark-Sidhe Queen, who has taken two of the Dragon Lords prisoner down below in her Dark-World, just as the Dragons themselves start to disappear from the Continent of Water s Deep. "

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Stolen Child - In-Between: Book Two
Kategorie: Beletrie
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Nakladatel: FriesenPress
Jazyk: Anglický
ISBN-13: 9781460265901
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