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 But Seriously - audiobook John McEnroe 9781478957225 Blackstone Audiobooks
But Seriously is provocative and legendary tennis star and expert commentator/analyst John McEnroe's long-awaited follow-up to his last bestseller.Over a decade after his #1 bestselling book You Cannot Be Serious, John McEnroe is finally back and ready to talk once again. Since his hit book, he's maintained a huge presence announcing at tennis's majors, has guest starred in TV shows like 30 Rock...
cena: 2127
But Seriously - audiobook
 Doctor Who: Death Among the Stars: 12th Doctor Audio Original Steve Lyons 9781785298059 BBC Books
An original audio story featuring the Twelfth Doctor, as played on TV by Peter Capaldi. On one of Jupiter's moons, the Doctor finds an alien base and a stranded abductee. Morton Beck is determined to protect Earth from a hostile universe--and he'll kill anyone who tries to stop him.
cena: 379
Doctor Who: Death Among the Stars: 12th Doctor Audio Original
cena: 243
Levers - audiobook
cena: 266
Pulleys - audiobook
cena: 243
Ramps - audiobook
cena: 243
Screws - audiobook
 Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor Tales: 10th Doctor Novels - audiobook Jacqueline Rayner Paul Magrs Adjoa Andoh 9781785296208 BBC Books
Freema Agyeman, Reggie Yates, Adjoah Andoh and Will Thorp are the readers of these eight original novels featuring the 10th Doctor and Martha, as played on TV by David Tennant and Freema Agyeman. The titles are Sting of the Zygons by Stephen Cole; The Last Dodo by Jacqueline Rayner; Wooden Heart by Martin Day; Forever Autumn by Mark Morris; Wetworld by Mark Michalowski; Sick Building by Paul...
cena: 1278
Doctor Who: Tenth Doctor Tales: 10th Doctor Novels - audiobook
 How to Train Your Highlander - audiobook Christy English Heather Wilds 9781541401969 Tantor Audio
A foolproof plan to avoid marriage: 1. Always carry at least three blades. 2. Ride circles around any man. 3. Never get caught in a handsome duke's arms. Wild Highlander Mary Elizabeth Waters is living on borrowed time. She's managed to dodge the marriage banns up to now, but even Englishmen can only be put off for so long . . . and there's one in particular who has her in his sights. Harold...
cena: 1071
How to Train Your Highlander - audiobook
 How Not to Run A B&B - audiobook Bobby Hutchinson Randye Kaye 9781541452039 Tantor Audio
Bobby Hutchinson, a bestselling Harlequin writer, decides to open a B&B in Vancouver, B.C., when sales of romance novels falter. Despite never having stayed in a B&B and knowing absolutely nothing about running one, she jumps right in. Strange people from nearby and halfway around the world arrive at her home with their stories and struggles, not to mention their baggage, psychological and...
cena: 612
How Not to Run A B&B - audiobook
 Quo Vadis - audiobook Sienkiewicz Henryk 9788379278268 Heraclon
Quo Vadis. Wykwintny diament historyczny przedstawiający prześladowanie chrześcijan w ostatnich latach panowania Nerona. Świat chrześcijan w kontrze do topiącego się w rozpuście Rzymu.

Głównym wątkiem powieści jest miłość Winicjusza i Ligii. Należą oni do dwóch odrębnych światów. Winicjusz jest patrycjuszem rzymskim, Ligia zakładniczką pochodzącą z plemienia Ligów,...
cena: 151
Quo Vadis - audiobook
 Different: The Story of an Outside-The-Box Kid and the Mom Who Loved Him - audiobook Sally Clarkson Nathan Clarkson Virginia Wolf 9781515963776 Tantor Audio
Nathan was different and Sally knew it. From his early childhood, Nathan was bursting with creativity and uncontainable energy, struggling not only with learning issues but also with anxiety and OCD. He saw the world through his own unique lens-one that often caused him to be labeled as -bad, - -troubled, - or someone in need of -fixing.- Bravely choosing to listen to her motherly intuition...
cena: 612
Different: The Story of an Outside-The-Box Kid and the Mom Who Loved Him - audiobook
There are good moms and bad moms--and then there are hot-mess moms. Introducing Ashley Keller, career girl turned stay-at-home mom who's trying to navigate the world of Pinterest-perfect, Facebook-fantastic and Instagram-impressive mommies but failing miserably.When Ashley gets the opportunity to participate in the "Motherhood Better" bootcamp run by the mommy-blog-empire maven she idolizes, she...
cena: 841
Confessions of a Domestic Failure - audiobook
What is fascism? By focusing on the concrete: what the fascists did rather than what they said, the esteemed historian Robert O. Paxton answers this question for the first time. From the first violent uniformed bands beating up "enemies of the state," through Mussolini's rise to power, to Germany's fascist radicalization in World War II, Paxton shows clearly why fascists came to power in some...
cena: 840
The Anatomy of Fascism - audiobook
Four New York City women push the boundaries of convention to live life according to their own rules. The novel that inspired the acclaimed Rebecca Miller film Maggie's Plan, starring Julianne Moore, Ethan Hawke, and Greta GerwigNew Yorkers Isabel, Anna, Beth, and Maggie aren't afraid of having it all. And they do: satisfying careers, children they love, adoring men, and one another. So what...
cena: 841
The End of Men - audiobook
In Kingdom of Olives and Ash, Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman, two of today's most renowned novelists and essayists, have teamed up with the Israeli NGO Breaking the Silence--an organization comprised of former Israeli soldiers who served in the occupied territories and saw firsthand the injustice there--and a host of illustrious writers to tell the stories of the people on the ground in the...
cena: 1415
Kingdom of Olives and Ash: Writers Confront the Occupation - audiobook
On September 15, 2008, the world of Greenwich, Connecticut, is shaken. When the investment bank Weiss & Partners is shuttered, CEO Bob D'Amico must fend off allegations of malfeasance, as well as the judgment and resentment of his community. As panic builds, five women in his life must scramble to negotiate power on their own terms and ask themselves what--if anything--is worth saving.In the...
cena: 1071
Our Little Racket - audiobook
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