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 Wayfarers Katrinka Moore 9781938349744 Pelekinesis
cena: 351
 Dear Boy Emily Berry 9780571284054 0
Dear Boy is the dramatic and inventive debut by Emily Berry. These characterful, intelligent and darkly witty poems explore lives lived strangely in unusual worlds, through a series of deft and seductive soliloquies. In a collection with a taste for ventriloquy and wickedness, and a flair for vocal cross-dressing, the balance of power is always shifting in an unexpected direction - an ingenue...
cena: 372
Dear Boy
 Broad Sympathies in a Narrow World: The Legacy of W.E.B. Du Bois Sandra Staton-Taiwo 9780940713260 Broadside Lotus Press

Broad Sympathies in a Narrow World: The Legacy of W.E.B. Du Bois by Dr. Sandra Staton-Taiwo is a collection of poetic reflections on the public and private life of an American intellectual giant. For more than half of the 20th Century, Dr. W.E.B. Du Bois (1868 - 1963) was a major voice in every significant debate concerning political policies and strategies impacting the lives of...

cena: 554
Broad Sympathies in a Narrow World: The Legacy of W.E.B. Du Bois
 Everyone Knows I Am a Haunting Shivanee Ramlochan 9781845233631 Peepal Tree Press
cena: 341
Everyone Knows I Am a Haunting
 Dreaming of France Kerry Tepperman Campbell 9781421837840 Blue Light Press
cena: 423
Dreaming of France
 Dead Boy Jason Morphew 9781944682903 Spuyten Duyvil
cena: 425
Dead Boy
 Even Now the Embers Djelloul Marbrook 9781909849280 Leaky Boot Press

Even now the embers is a singular, sustained act of recollection, a kind of learning to walk on hot coals.

Djelloul Marbrook was born in Algiers and grew up in New York. He served in the U.S. Navy and for many years was a newspaper reporter and editor (Providence Journal, Elmira Star-Gazette, Baltimore Sun, Winston-Salem Journal, Washington Star, among others). His awards...

cena: 424
Even Now the Embers
 The Divining Pool Amanda Merritt 9780995654167 Wundor Editions
Amanda Merritt's work looks fearlessly into the darkest recesses of the human heart and finds a terrible beauty within it. Merritt recently completed her poetry MFA at St. Andrew's where she was mentored by Don Paterson. The Divining Pool is her debut collection of poetry.
cena: 342
The Divining Pool
 Velocipede Laura Wiseman 9781622881314 Stephen F. Austin University Press
New from Laura Madeline Wiseman is this stunningly crafted collection of poetry about a ride, with a magical, imaginative opening sequence "Your first bike was a hot pink Schwinn with a banana seat, a basket with flowers, yellow tassels fluttering...." If you follow Wiseman on social media, you surely know that she is a long-distance cyclist and participate in multi-day bike rides such as...
cena: 528
 4ever on the Throne: Longevity of My Legacy Darius L. Land 9781540663405 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
A book of poetry based off of actual true events. Things people may be going through or can relate to that range from Love, Depression/Suicide thoughts, Incarceration, the LGBT community, Death of a loved 1, etc.
cena: 521
4ever on the Throne: Longevity of My Legacy
 Il Bernard Brunstein 9782322156467 Books on Demand
cena: 253
cena: 425
Fogera Poems
 Wide Road to the Edge of the World: 310 Haiku and One Long Essay: -A Windswept Spirit- Jack Grapes 9781539336136 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
"This is a fabulous book. An authoritative, scholarly history and an impassioned look at the poet's growth and development. It's so pleasing to get the poet's biography in this medium- both the Mrs. Aime classroom sequences and the details of his life in 301 poems. I'm especially moved by the later poems and their sense of mortality, which Grapes seems to be taking with equanimity- sadness, but...
cena: 666
Wide Road to the Edge of the World: 310 Haiku and One Long Essay: -A Windswept Spirit-
 Die 7 Todsunden Und Ihre Folgen Wolfgang Bohlk 9783710328985 United P.C. Verlag
cena: 956
Die 7 Todsunden Und Ihre Folgen
 Gaudeamus Joseph Victor Von Scheffel 9783743710917 Hofenberg
cena: 326
 Le Lais Francois Villon 9781976133435 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 190
Le Lais
 Lovevolves Amalia B. Gratteri 9780692554456 Blurb
LovEvolves is a poetic journey into love. It will take you through the emotions you experience when you first discover love, when you lose it, and when you find yourself discovering it again. This isn't just a poetry book; it's a deeper look into our selves and the lessons that come with our experiences. It's a reminder to love with all we have and to love ourselves even deeper. As we learn, love...
cena: 613
 I Fall to Rise Again: Words of Inspiration and Courage Jonathan Musvosvi 9781524678173 Authorhouse

In this book, Jonathan penned one-minute nuggets to inspire positive thinking. If you need healing for some emotional pain, the pages of this book abound with soothing messages. This book will lift your spirit when you are downcast and will inspire your walk with God.

cena: 960
I Fall to Rise Again: Words of Inspiration and Courage
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