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 Inside a Heart Dudley (Chris) Christian 9781988861036 Pause for Poetry
Thank you for your interest in my ramblings I DO hope I have in some small yet significant way caused you to think back to a happier day, a time, a friend or even just a place whereat YOU were Happy. I have penned over 2000 tidbits, which I am so grateful to have you share. These were my Help and Salvation thru many of my most bitter days and served to keep me sane and hopeful that I a life and...
cena: 748
Inside a Heart
 Maikro: Haiku & Microfiction Milo James Fowler 9781542302432 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Maikro collects 112 haiku and 47 works of microfiction, most falling in the speculative fiction realm (science fiction, fantasy, horror) with a few literary pieces tossed into the mix: slick sea stones glimmer golden leviathan sinks night soars on gulls' wings wise elder wordsmyth telling tales of earth that was blue skies in our minds Fallen Angel Leathery wings tangled, she falls from heaven's...
cena: 182
Maikro: Haiku & Microfiction
 My Soul Dancing Into Poetry Jocasta a. Pascual 9781504377096 Balboa Press
cena: 748
My Soul Dancing Into Poetry
 Wenn Das Seh(e)N-Sucht Ines Placzeck 9783958404632 Novum Verlag
cena: 664
Wenn Das Seh(e)N-Sucht
 Irons in the Fire Nor Hall 9781581771602 Barrytown Limited

This book is described by Nor Hall as -a praise-piece to duplicitous metal-artful and harrowing-and to its handlers.- Part One, -Irons in the Fire, - is a prose character sketch of iron and iron workers, -the people who work iron and can't keep their hands off it.- These are strangely passionate people (the real -Iron Johns- and -Janes- ) with -a compulsion to adore that binds them in an...

cena: 473
Irons in the Fire
 Poems for Mental and Spiritual Healing Rufus Johnson 9781524673086 Authorhouse
cena: 420
Poems for Mental and Spiritual Healing
 Tiramisu Today Hannie Rouweler 9780244919405
Allerlei thema's komen in deze bundel aan de orde. Liefde, natuur, afscheid, de dichtkunst, eros, kunst.
cena: 324
Tiramisu Today
 O, But in the Library Susan Stevens 9781635340969 Finishing Line Press

The poems in O, But in the Library suggest desirable restraints in amorous and friendly relationships between partners to avoid domination, absolute uniformity, complacency, and loss of privacy and intrigue. In this principle, one's approach or withdrawal to a comfortable measure of intimacy--avoiding both envelopment and remoteness--produces a positive tension that is esteemed in...

cena: 423
O, But in the Library
 Sacred Herb Poems Suba 9780985167288 Sohm Publishing
cena: 350
Sacred Herb Poems
 The Poetry of Francis Thompson - Volume 2:
Francis Thompson was born in Preston on Lancashire in December 18th, 1859. Educated at Ushaw College, near Durham he studied medicine at Owens College in Manchester. However the medical profession held little interest to him but writing did. He moved to London in 1885 but found no success and was quickly reduced to selling matches and newspapers for a living. Ill health offered up opium as a...
cena: 279
The Poetry of Francis Thompson - Volume 2: "For We Are Born in Other's Pain, and Perish in Our Own."
 Death and Empathy: My Sister Web Joan M. Howard 9781542906319 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 279
Death and Empathy: My Sister Web
 The Catamount Sarah Van Arsdale 9780998134864 Little Nomad / Nomadic Press
cena: 279
The Catamount
 Echoes and Illusions E. M. Uzoamaka 9781543223880 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 351
Echoes and Illusions
 Tupelo Honey & Other Tales Joy Leftow 9781365840197
Primarily a poet and performance poet, I coined the term, ""Bluetry"" to define my art. Bluetry grew out of people approaching me after readings to either compliment me or complain my poems were too sad. I also write, paint, crochet, draw and make jewelry. My drive to write, create and share, defines my art. I write because I have no choice. My performances are an extension of my art, evolving...
cena: 393
Tupelo Honey & Other Tales
 Rabbit Hole Sabne Raznik 9781544146102 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 424
Rabbit Hole
 Hermead Volume 6 Surazeus Astarius 9781387098194
Hermead of Surazeus is an epic poem in pentameter blank verse about the greatest philosophers and scientists who contributed to the growth of civilization. Volume 6 contains in 20,674 lines of blank verse the following episodes: Globe Of Krates, Astrolabe Of Hipparkhos, and Hedonism Of Philodemos.
cena: 994
Hermead Volume 6
 Jumping Doubt: Finding Hope in a World of Faults Marc C. Ness 9780692829417 Equine Press
For equestrians in the competitive jumping world, little attention is given to the individual esoteric side of the sport. Their personal experience has not received adequate expression as it relates to success in the ring. The essential, yet little-explored themes of psychological interaction and spiritual insight are brought to light in this moving expression of the jumper's experience. This...
cena: 278
Jumping Doubt: Finding Hope in a World of Faults
 My Very Own Words: 15 Original Poems Derrinique Elliott 9781490782973 Trafford Publishing
cena: 428
My Very Own Words: 15 Original Poems
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