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 Trillos / Precipicios / Concurrencias - Pathways / Precipices / Spectators Alfredo Zaldivar Margaret Randall 9780990804789 Red Mountain Press
Poetry. Latino/Latina Studies. LGBTQIA Studies. Translated from the Spanish by Margaret Randall. Edited by Susan Gardner. "In these poems we accompany the man to distant cities and into his own island history. His lines are crafted in layers of looking, listening, feeling. Wild surges of breath are reigned in with just the right degree of control, so that these pathways and precipices rarely lead...
cena: 590
Trillos / Precipicios / Concurrencias - Pathways / Precipices / Spectators
 Stripped Verses Anthony Crowley 9781544935379 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Anthony Crowley's Stripped Verses is a poetry collection themed around naturism, nature. The collection also focuses on body positivity, confidence and social acceptance. Includes, the award-winning verse 'Solar Angel'. Sit back and be taken on a journey of self discovery Three of the included verses also appeared in international magazines. "Solar Angel" and "Dancing Under Waterfalls" was...
cena: 218
Stripped Verses
 The Blacksmith Alejandro Mark Amiama 9781530120246 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 327
The Blacksmith
 Deep Orgasmic Love 2 Scott Holmes 9781545079874 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 350
Deep Orgasmic Love 2
 Seasons of Change: A Gift to You Mr J. B. Frost 9781542355629 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Speaking of life; "It's all about the experiences" has long been a favorite line of mine from the "Grumpy Old Men" movie series. I started out life as a wanderer, going through numerous foster homes, juvenile detention facilities, children's home, etc... so it seems only fitting that once released from that system, I had to keep moving, so I spent several years, hitchhiking all over America;...
cena: 374
Seasons of Change: A Gift to You
 The Beautifully Broken: The Truth Kiara Felix 9781366514769 Blurb
Kiara Felix is a young author writing about her journey with pain from her first love and speaks on overcoming young heart break.
cena: 447
The Beautifully Broken: The Truth
 Happy Birthday Daddy Jessica N. Cromer 9781545129449 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 305
Happy Birthday Daddy
 We Who Are Young Robert Dickerson 9781543423235 Xlibris
cena: 496
We Who Are Young
 An Appeal to Reveal Poetic Ideal: 2nd Edition Volume II Robert Sanders 9781490779713 Trafford Publishing

Separated into 10 subject matters, the book contains numerous poems and short stories reflecting how my life experiences and the hundreds of books I have read. The subjects are relevant to everyone; Passing, Man, Wisdom, Time, Personal, History, Life, Woman, Metaphysics, and Religion.

cena: 954
An Appeal to Reveal Poetic Ideal: 2nd Edition Volume II
 Sappho: One Hundred Lyrics Bliss Carman 9781545137727 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 278
Sappho: One Hundred Lyrics
 Drunk on Madness Dalton Defrank 9781524529628 Xlibris

First off, I feel that for this work in particular, it is vitally important that I explain what this book is and why I chose to write it at this time in my life. Growing up as a person with bipolar disorder, I developed an extreme fear of my emotions. They controlled me. They drove me into a solitary despair. Thankfully, many people helped me over the years.

I decided to write this book...

cena: 423
Drunk on Madness
 Dirty Pussy: Love=crazy A. Lewis 9781545254028 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Private rhythmic, poetic thoughts from a dirty, broken, estrogen filled mind. Raw, vulgar, literary art from start to finish. Words that truly paint a picture of the turmoil relationships create, exonerating my personal pain by releasing them onto pages. Highlighting the blur between sex and love and the crazy impact it has on the heart. When you fall apart, make art.
cena: 305
Dirty Pussy: Love=crazy
 Louder Than Hearts: Poems Zeina Hashem Beck 9780872332348 Bauhan Pub
A contemporary woman makes complex negotiations with history and culture in a voice equally strong, discerning, God-soaked, and edgy--creating music out of personal longing and cultural tragedy. Hashem Beck's poems offer a lens through which to see life in the Middle East. They are timeless explorations of love, loss, and the poet's attempt to understand her own experience in the context of world...
cena: 405
Louder Than Hearts: Poems
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