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 Reflections of the Heart: A Collection of Poems Dewell H. Byrd 9781425101398 Trafford Publishing
Reflections of the Heart is the author's view of...
The Wonder And Beauty Of Familiar Things. Love, life, nature and folklore are examined in a variety of poetic venues which bring the reader closer to enjoyment of the everyday aspects of his/her own life.
Dewell's First book Moments in Time, 2004, sold out in three months.
His poetry has recently been published in,
cena: 493
Reflections of the Heart: A Collection of Poems
 From My Heart, Soul, and Mind: A Collection of Poems Heather E. Linton 9781425997939 Authorhouse
From My Heart, Soul, and Mind was written in a two year span, initializing with the death of my closest friend. This book is dedicated to him. This collection of poems shows a great variation of emotions - love, grief, soul-searching awe, and simple happiness. I believe the collection, in comparison to Changing Sky, gives a rounded story of a young adult fighting with fate.
cena: 363
From My Heart, Soul, and Mind: A Collection of Poems
 At Liberty in Fierce Attachment Elizabeth Anne Socolow 9781482686500 Createspace
In this volume, award-winning poet Elizabeth Socolow gives expression to the dislocation of a woman poet in her early forties-giving her sons to the world after having lost her marriage and its ready companionship of family life. In these poems the speaker often stands, startled, noticing some change in weather or emotion or expectation. They are especially internal and transitional, personal in...
cena: 277
At Liberty in Fierce Attachment
 Omowale Quintin L. Noble 9781441530721 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 421
 Beyond the Fire Mary Leader 9781848611221 Shearsman Books
Poetry. The work in Mary Leader's third collection, BEYOND THE FIRE, does not conform to any one habitation, nor aesthetic persuasion, nor name. On the contrary, just about every poem invents its own territory and its own terms. Some poems are straightforward narratives, while others repeat spells and castings. Many are figural; some are classical; some even aspire to anonymity. The book is...
cena: 447
Beyond the Fire
 Ungereimtheiten G. Nther Butscher 9783837010879 Books on Demand
cena: 553
 Willy Nilly - Just for Laughs Silly Lilly 9781460255742 FriesenPress
What you see is what you get, Cartoons with rhymes you won't forget. Some make you laugh, some make you ponder, And others just leave you a way down yonder. So spend some time to peruse this book, And take your time, have a good hard look. For certain, - you will get a unique surprise, 'Cause the wiles of WILLY will open your eyes.
cena: 676
Willy Nilly - Just for Laughs
 Meg Bennunk a Remeny Valentina Wells 9783710326691 United P.C. Verlag
cena: 660
Meg Bennunk a Remeny
 The Pond: Poems from Ueno Park and Shinobazu Pond Wayne Pounds 9781467971027 Createspace
Poems from Tokyo's Ueno Park and its temple complex, including Shinobazu Pond.The book ends with a coda mocking official Japanese attitudes toward the Fukushima tsunami and attendant nuclear disaster.
cena: 167
The Pond: Poems from Ueno Park and Shinobazu Pond
 A Gift from Up Above Kathleen Brenda Laird 9781425108632 Trafford Publishing
cena: 386
A Gift from Up Above
 Ambiguity Aj Saxon 9781430302872 Lulu Press
Ambiguity is the second volume of poetry from the Contemporary Poet Guild. A web based writing group with a primary focus on poetry. We vary as much in style as we do in personality and lifestyle. This unique mix of people has allowed us to be one of the most dynamic poetry groups on the Internet. Contained within this eclectic anthology you will find tales of love, romance, war, fantasy,...
cena: 206
 Poetry in a Divided World: The Clark Lectures 1985 Henry Gifford 9780521069342 Cambridge University Press
This book comprises four lectures presented at Trinity College in 1985 concerned with the function and status of poetry in the twentieth century.
cena: 1015
Poetry in a Divided World: The Clark Lectures 1985
 In the Heart of Forever Carena De 9781483662435 Xlibris Corporation
cena: 517
In the Heart of Forever
 This Beautiful Love MR Khary H. Tolliver 9781493671342 Createspace
The poems in my latest book "This Beautiful Love" are all love poems from my poem journal. They are all poems about deep passionate love, love that's being faithful, honest and true. Love that most couples who have this kind of love can relate to.
cena: 277
This Beautiful Love
 Waking Entropy: Poems Jacob S. Garcia 9781497484146 Createspace
cena: 277
Waking Entropy: Poems
 Ein Bersprungener Tag Niko Papadakis 9783833492204 Books on Demand
Es traf mich schon Als ein Freund zu mir sagte -- Du bist reifer geworden -- Ich wusste, irgendetwas hatte sich verndert Und da erkannte ich, Dass ich meine Jugend verlor.
cena: 313
Ein Bersprungener Tag
 Barefoot in the Brain: Collected Poems Steve Kelly 9781517006662 Createspace
The fifth collection of poetry on life the universe and everything by Steve Kelly.
cena: 349
Barefoot in the Brain: Collected Poems
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