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 Collective Amnesia Koleka Putuma 9780620735087 Uhlanga

How many abortions have fallen out of your mouth
while counting the men in your life?

Madness sits at the dinner table, too,
saying grace with one eye open.


This highly-anticipated debut collection from one of the country's most acclaimed young voices marks a massive shift in South African poetry....

cena: 481
Collective Amnesia
 Last Year Jerusalem: Shabbas Poems for the Goy Avraham B. Zorea 9781542567657 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Last Year Jerusalem is a book of poetry that focuses on a middle aged man's memory and relationship to his youthful experience in Israel as a Hasidic Jew living in a village. The family returned to the US as Christians. Part One is entitled Shabbas Poems for the Goy These are 21 poems regarding life in the village and memories of it today. Part Two is the long poem of 26 Cantos describing the...
cena: 398
Last Year Jerusalem: Shabbas Poems for the Goy
 The Hymn: Song of the Soul Anonymous 9780994644411 IVVIIMMIX
cena: 220
The Hymn: Song of the Soul
 Night Prayers Nammy Kasaraneni 9781365866067
cena: 202
Night Prayers
 Charmides and Other Poems Oscar Wilde G-Ph Ballin 9781542599702 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
This volume was first published in 1913 Wilde's Poems, a selection of which is given in this volume, were first published in volume form in 1881, and were reprinted four times before the end of 1882. A new Edition with additional poems, including Ravenna, The Sphinx, and The Ballad of Reading Goal, was first published (limited issues on hand-made paper and Japanese vellum) by Methuen & Co. in...
cena: 293
Charmides and Other Poems
 Bearing the Cast Skip Renker 9780998640426 Saint Julian Press, Inc.
cena: 346
Bearing the Cast
 My Little Blue Notebook Hannah Carey 9781387113224
A self-help poetry book that goes through the story of love, heartbreak, and healing.
cena: 447
My Little Blue Notebook
 Nirvastra Ram Goutam 9781618135803 Ebooks2go
"Nirvastra," poetical, is an original literary work created by Ram Goutam, has various aspects and moods from Life-voyage, Different shades of Society, Culture and Nature.
cena: 254
 What I've Learned Andrew Taranta 9781364387327 Blurb
cena: 763
What I've Learned
 The Waiting Room Christine Strevinsky 9781635341058 Finishing Line Press
cena: 397
The Waiting Room
 The Poetry of Aphra Behn - Volume I Aphra Behn 9781785437885 Portable Poetry
Aphra Behn was a prolific and well established writer but facts about her remain scant and difficult to confirm. What can safely be said though is that Aphra Behn is now regarded as a key English playwright and a major figure in Restoration theatre. Aphra was born into the rising tensions to the English Civil War. Obviously a time of much division and difficulty as the King and Parliament, and...
cena: 278
The Poetry of Aphra Behn - Volume I
 Artemis 2017 Nikki Giovanni Starroot                                 Tricia Scott 9781515417064 Wilder Publications
cena: 844
Artemis 2017
 Axis Book 1: 'Areal' A. J. Carruthers 9781922181329 Vagabond Press

With AXIS Book 1: 'Areal', the inaugural part of carruthers' long poem project, each 'axis' cuts, layers, folds, and accumulates language in two columns. One side often plays the support role, an 'accompaniment' for the other side. Elsewhere they merge, intersect, cross, or even obliterate each other. Book 1 is the first test of this structure, a laying out of fields, of poetic...

cena: 679
Axis Book 1: 'Areal'
 Every Kinda Lady: Monologues in Poetry (Volume 1) Nzima 9781537415918 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The "Every Kinda Lady" monologues are a compilation of fearlessly written poems, quotes, and stories. The "Her Story" narrative is told in an unedited, provocative, candid, and fresh way, while revealing the innermost heartfelt vulnerable truths, quiet thoughts, outspoken voices, and experiences. Immediately, readers will find themselves thinking, talking and writing about their own stories. The...
cena: 446
Every Kinda Lady: Monologues in Poetry (Volume 1)
 The Most Foreign Country Alejandra Pizarnik Yvette Siegert 9781937027605 Ugly Duckling Presse
Poetry. Translated from the Spanish by Yvette Siegert. First published in 1955 and now translated for the first time into English, THE MOST FOREIGN COUNTRY is Alejandra Pizarnik's debut collection. Here, the nineteen year old poet begins to explore the themes that will shape and define her vision: the solitude of the poetic self, the longing for artistic depth, and the tenuous nearness of death....
cena: 375
The Most Foreign Country
 First of Many Stacey McFadden 9781543428773 Xlibris

I had nine poems published. They are the following: ?One of Those Days? featured in Eternal Portraits, ?Perfect First Date? featured in the Best Poem and Poet of 2005, ?Around the Way? featured in Immortal Verses, ?Coach J.? featured in the International Who's Who in Poetry, ?Play Day in the Community? featured in Songs of Honor, ?Never Know? featured in Centres of Expression, ?Finding a Way?...

cena: 519
First of Many
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