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 Portrait of the Panama Canal: Celebrating Its History and Expansion William Friar George R. Goethals 9781943328673 Graphic Arts Books

This classic from William Friar about the Panama Canal has been completely updated and revised in time for the opening of the expanded locks. This engaging collection of contemporary and archival photographs is illuminated by Friar's lively and informative text.

Though the dream began as early as 1513 when Vasco Nunez de Balboa first crossed the isthmus and saw the Pacific Ocean, it was...

cena: 473
Portrait of the Panama Canal: Celebrating Its History and Expansion
cena: 796
Österreich 2018
 Uganda Palaver Michael Fitzalan 9781447811862
Preparations for a coronation lead to a family visiting Uganda. The family, travelling to Africa as a group for the first time, know that adventures and disasters await. It is not what life throws at you but how you deal with it that counts. This is a humorous and warm account of a family's frustration and bewilderment. From being stranded in Lake Victoria with no fuel to being buffeted in a...
cena: 436
Uganda Palaver
 Zwei Im Sarek Klaus Heyne 9783839134092 Books on Demand
2003 - zwei Freunde, naturverbunden und die Freiheit in den Weiten des Nordlandes suchend, begeben sich auf eine Wanderung durch den Nationalpark Sarek in Schwedisch-Lappland. Die Trekkingtour uber 120 km mit Zelt und Rucksack fernab der Zivilisation," auf der die fur einen 3-wochigen Aufenthalt notwendige Ausrustung - insbesondere Verpflegung - schweisstreibend auf dem Rucken durchs Gelande...
cena: 300
Zwei Im Sarek
 English-Greek Phrasebook and 250-Word Dictionary Andrey Taranov 9781784924133 T&p Books

English-Greek phrasebook and 250-word mini dictionary

The collection of "Everything Will Be Okay" travel phrasebooks published by T&P Books is designed for people traveling abroad for tourism and business. The phrasebooks contain what matters most - the essentials for basic communication. This is an indispensable set of phrases to "survive" while abroad. Some of the topics included in the...

cena: 230
English-Greek Phrasebook and 250-Word Dictionary
Das ausführliche DuMont Reise-Handbuch beschreibt Südengland flächendeckend, gegliedert nach Reiseregionen. Es legt einen deutlichen Schwerpunkt auf die besonders sehenswerten Städte und Landschaften. Mit Tipps und Adressen Ort für Ort, umfangreichen Hintergrundinformationen sowie einer Extra-Reisekarte.
cena: 689
DuMont Reise-Handbuch Reiseführer Südengland
 Charming Small Hotel Guides: Germany Fiona Duncan   9780993094651 Duncan Petersen Publishing
The only independently-inspected English-language accommodation guide to small and charming hotels in Germany. No hotel pays to be in the guide.The redesigned cover emphasizes the broad appeal of the guide - covering traditional and contemporary places to stay in Germany. Every main hotel selection has two colour photographs. Highly selective: every entry is more than just a bed for the night:...
cena: 605
Charming Small Hotel Guides: Germany
 No Man's Land and Other Places - Travelogues of Lapland, Yugoslavia and the Anatolian Kingdom Muriel Bol 9781781331408 Rethink Press Limited
Muriel Bol's voyages through war torn Lapland and Norway begin in 1951, and are followed by several weeks in communist Yugoslavia during the era of Marshal Tito. The third journey is the most arduous, and at times precarious, as Muriel makes her way along the coast of the Anatolian Kingdom in the autumn of 1954. Muriel's travelogues provide an insight into a past era of travel and exploration....
cena: 509
No Man's Land and Other Places - Travelogues of Lapland, Yugoslavia and the Anatolian Kingdom
 First Class & More Alexander Koenig 9783842331068 Books on Demand
cena: 1142
First Class & More
 Sprachfuhrer Deutsch-Franzosisch Und Mini-Worterbuch Mit 250 Wortern Andrey Taranov 9781784924775 T&p Books

Sprachfuhrer Deutsch-Franzosisch und Mini-Worterbuch mit 250 Wortern

Die Sammlung Alles wird gut von T&P Books ist fur Menschen, die fur Tourismus und Geschaftsreisen ins Ausland reisen. Die Sprachfuhrer beinhalten, was am wichtigsten ist - die Grundlagen fur eine grundlegende Kommunikation. Dies ist eine unverzichtbare Reihe von Satzen um zu uberleben, wahrend Sie im Ausland sind. Dieser...

cena: 230
Sprachfuhrer Deutsch-Franzosisch Und Mini-Worterbuch Mit 250 Wortern
 Trevor's Travels: In Southern California Trevor Summons 9781491785829 iUniverse
"The great world traveler and writer Trevor Summons has decided to settle down in Southern California and conduct all his subsequent literary expeditions here. Summons is now the region's tour guide of choice. He leads readers not only on visits to the well-known attractions, but also on journeys of discovery to hidden locations that are even more fascinating. This collection of some of his best...
cena: 541
Trevor's Travels: In Southern California
 Norn Lup? - A Journey of Railways, Roads and Wats Rachel Beswetherick 9781291324259
In memory of prisoners of war from WWII, siblings Rachel and Luke embarked on a 325km walk from Ban Pong to Sangkhla Buri in Thailand. Shadowing the footsteps of the F Force's treacherous forced march during the construction of the infamous Death Railway, and guided only by simple, and sometimes out of date, maps and curious locals, Rachel and Luke took whatever route was necessary. They walked...
cena: 451
Norn Lup? - A Journey of Railways, Roads and Wats
Gießen, im letzten Krieg zu 70 Prozent zerstört, ist heute eine moderne Stadt und das Kultur-, Wirtschafts- und Verwaltungszentrum Mittelhessens. Inmitten einer herrlichen Landschaft lässt es sich hier gut arbeiten und leben. Alles, was eine fortschrittliche Stadt auszeichnet, ist vorhanden: Fachschulen und Universität, Gewerbe und Industrie, moderne Wohnviertel und Einkaufszentren, Museen...
cena: 288
Gießen: Dtsch.-Engl.-Französ.
 Nocturne: A Journey in Search of Moonlight James Attlee 9780226000466 University of Chicago Press

"Nobody who has not taken one can imagine the beauty of a walk through Rome by full moon," wrote Goethe in 1787. Sadly, the imagination is all we have today: in Rome, as in every other modern city, moonlight has been banished, replaced by the twenty-four-hour glow of streetlights in a world that never sleeps. Moonlight, for most of us, is no more.

So James Attlee set out to find it....

cena: 427
Nocturne: A Journey in Search of Moonlight
 In Namibia Ada Rosman-Kleinjan 9783842368859 Books on Demand
cena: 627
In Namibia
 Oh, These Crazy Immigrants MS Helga Tucque 9780986640735 Helga Tucque
They leave war ravaged Germany in search of peace and prosperity. After a long journey to, and across Canada, they arrive in the city of Edmonton, Alberta. There they start their new life with $200.00 in their pocket. With many wrong notions, their life brings surprises and problems, which they learn to overcome. For lack of money Kurt builds a car out of two wrecks. They call it: "Bonzo." With...
cena: 190
Oh, These Crazy Immigrants
 Are We There Yet? Dallas: A Guide to Family Travel and Activities in Dallas, Texas Georgette Driscoll Doris Kidby John Driscoll 9780996973007 Little Green Apples
What are we going to do today? This book has the answer and will definitely become a family favorite. Are We There Yet? Dallas provides both travelers and locals with 200+ Dallas attractions perfect for the whole family. All the practical information you need is provided, including prices and hours of operation. The Best of the Big D chapter includes over 100+ Free or Great Deals and best by age,...
cena: 325
Are We There Yet? Dallas: A Guide to Family Travel and Activities in Dallas, Texas
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