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Dětská literatura

 Feelings at School/Les Emotions Alecole Mary Birdsell Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier Mary Birdsell 9781944764753 Finding My Way Books
cena: 492
Feelings at School/Les Emotions Alecole
 Faithful Fairy Friends Samantha Buckley 9780999010808 Terran Empire Publishing
cena: 240
Faithful Fairy Friends
 I Could Be a Monkey Mindy Hayes Veranda Kuhar 9781517224271 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Explore the joy of encouraging creativity and self-expression. Be brave. Be adventurous. Be bold. Be anything you want to be.

In a big world filled with so many possibilities and challenges, this book explores the importance of encouraging children to be brave and use their imagination. With vibrant illustrations, I Could Be A Monkey celebrates a simple, loving...

cena: 282
I Could Be a Monkey
 Rumbling Volcanoes and Silly Monkeys Shared Reading Levels 9-11 Dale, Jay 9781474738330 Engage Literacy
Suitable for sharing in the classroom, this collection of carefully-levelled poems, rhymes and songs are sure to delight your very youngest readers. With vibrant illustrations and fun, rhyming text, it helps children experience different genres on lots of different topics.
cena: 680
Rumbling Volcanoes and Silly Monkeys Shared Reading Levels 9-11
 i-SPY Holiday Sticker Book What Can You Spot? i-SPY 9780008227944 Collins Michelin i-SPY Guides
Search for interesting things on holiday and when you see then stick a sticker in place with this i-SPY guide. This fun activity book will get kids exploring airports, beaches, countryside, towns and cities in search of i-SPY points. A fun, interactive way to encourage curious children to learn about the world around them.
cena: 128
i-SPY Holiday Sticker Book What Can You Spot?
 Search for the Perfect Snack Chiquanda Tillie Jessica Benjamin Chiquanda Tillie 9780999053607 Tickle Me Purple, LLC
Follow along with Zoey as she sets out to find the perfect, healthy snack.
cena: 405
Search for the Perfect Snack
 The King Frog and His Princess Daughter Donald James Lemley 9781524698768 Authorhouse

No matter who you are or your Royal status, someday you might find yourself seperated from someone you love. Well, when this happens to our stories most beloved King Frog, he finds a way to make sure his Princess Daughter knows how much he misses her and enlightens her onto the bond of love they share, and how it keeps them close, no matter how far apart.

cena: 509
The King Frog and His Princess Daughter
 Annual 2018 With Exclusive Movie Content My Little Pony 9781408351536 My Little Pony
Discover a year of magical My Little Pony fun with the official annual 2018 - including an EXCLUSIVE guide to My Little Pony: The Movie!
cena: 279
Annual 2018 With Exclusive Movie Content
 DK Findout! Sharks DK 9781465457516 DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)

Get up close and personal with all kinds of sharks--from bullhead to cow to carpet sharks--and learn how to identify different types, which is strongest, and so much more with this exciting book full of amazing images, fun quizzes, and incredible information.

Explore everything there is to know about sharks and discover the mysteries of the deep with DK findout Sharks. See a...

cena: 294
DK Findout! Sharks
 Grimelda and the Spooktacular Pet Show Diana Murray Heather Ross 9780062264497 Katherine Tegen Books

From author Diana Murray and illustrator Heather Ross, of Grimelda: The Very Messy Witch, comes a hilarious sequel starring Grimelda that is reminiscent of Norman Bridwell's classic The Witch Next Door. This time Grimelda is on the search for her spell book so she can win first place her local pet show.

With the right spell Grimelda knows she can make...

cena: 434
Grimelda and the Spooktacular Pet Show
 Incredible Incas  Deary, Terry 9781407178660 Horrible Histories
Learn all about the INCREDIBLE INCAS, with all the nasty bits left in. Find out the horrible truth, like how a bucket of stewed pee could make you beautiful, why servants ate the emperor's hair and what happened in their legendary golden temples. Includes a grisly quiz to test your knowledge.
cena: 219
Incredible Incas
 Buddy's Big Vacation: Sub-Buddy Bernardo Cerros 9780998470603 Varion Group LLC
cena: 282
Buddy's Big Vacation: Sub-Buddy
 Franek i jego koparka 0 9788379715626 Jedność
Prezentowana książeczka to niezwykła historia… na czterech kółkach. Tak właśnie! Dzięki niej dzieci będą miały okazję poznać sympatycznego Franka i jego koparkę. Śledzenie fascynujących perypetii naszego pracowitego bohatera to nie lada gratka szczególnie dla małych fanów budowania. Historyjka opowiedziana na kartach tej książeczki jest zaskakująca i zabawna. Tyle w niej...
cena: 60
Franek i jego koparka
 Straight Outta Crongton  Wheatle, Alex 9780349002880 Crongton
From the acclaimed author of Liccle Bit and Crongton Knights, comes another story from the fictional South Crong council estate
cena: 249
Straight Outta Crongton
 Being a Captain Is Hard Work: A Captain No Beard Story Carole P. Roman Bonnie Lemaire 9781947118096 Chelshire, Inc.
Captain No Beard is determined to travel to Dew Rite Volcano. He won't listen when Mongo predicts a storm, or Linus indicates they are headed in the wrong direction. He insists Polly cook in the galley even though the seas are getting rough. What's a crew to do with a stubborn, know-it-all captain?
cena: 294
Being a Captain Is Hard Work: A Captain No Beard Story
 The Lagoon John C. Burt 9781364079352 Blurb
cena: 314
The Lagoon
 Mystery at Shildii Rock (Large Print 16pt) Robert Feagan 9781525244704 ReadHowYouWant
Short-listed for the 2009 Golden Eagle Book Award To the Gwich'in First Nation, Shildii Rock near Fort McPherson in the Northwest Territories is a place of deep mythological significance.When 12-year-old Robin Harris, the son of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, spots someone on the rock staring at him, he just knows something is wrong. Robin and his friend Wayne Reindeer, a Gwichin youth,...
cena: 533
Mystery at Shildii Rock (Large Print 16pt)
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