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Dětská literatura

 Disconnected Sara Davis Sara Davis 9781523394241 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Journey into Kyler's dark word where deception and defeat become synonymous with normal. Just how far can the human mind be pushed before it breaks? Who should decide Kyler's fate but himself? But it's not that simple, no, it never is that simple. Who you are is predetermined; how dare anyone be presumptuous enough to change? How dare Kyler think he can change? He should understand, better than...
cena: 404
 Summer of the Sharks Sally Streib 9780971110410 Seaway Books
Twelve-year-old twins Eric and Susan are off on wild another adventure with Aunt Sally and Uncle Merle in Summer of the Sharks, Volume 2 of the Treasures by the Sea series by author Sally Streib. When Aunt Sally is asked to conduct a reef study on the remote island of Eleuthera, Bahamas, she invites the twins to join her. Susan is excited. She can't wait to discover new creatures under the sea....
cena: 355
Summer of the Sharks
 Falcon's Prey Kristina Coia Aria Press 9780595413324 iUniverse
For years, the two kingdoms of Delmaa and Prantarr coexist peacefully. But when months of unprecedented rainfall cause a landslide of mud and rock to close the only route of commerce between the two countries, that peace is shattered. With war erupting between the nations, Princess Cristiana "Ana" of Prantarr and her brother must flee for their lives over a range of treacherous mountains to the...
cena: 314
Falcon's Prey
 Baby's Very First Touchy-feely Christmas Book   9781409516972 0
A Christmas book for babies containing high-contrast illustrations that are easy for babies to focus on, as well as touchy-feely patches to bring the pictures to life.
cena: 249
Baby's Very First Touchy-feely Christmas Book
 GCSE Maths Edexcel Linear Practice Papers - Foundation Richard Parsons 9781847620378 0
GCSE Maths Edexcel Linear 2011 Practice Papers - Foundation
cena: 218
GCSE Maths Edexcel Linear Practice Papers - Foundation
 The Elder Brothers and the Dragon's Portal C. J. Elgert 9781462014668
The adventure continues for Jamie and Nicky as they realise that travelling back in time may be the only way to save the valley from being once again destroyed by Ostrogoth and his warlocks and more importantly stopping someone very close to them from dying. But first, they have to find the Dragons Portal and a spell to open it.

Jamie and Nicky see first hand the destruction and misery the...

cena: 480
The Elder Brothers and the Dragon's Portal
 Journey to My Heart: Twelve Element Clans Margaux Maes Margaux Maes 9781467902106 Createspace
What if the cats your heart belongs to are on your father's 'To Kill' checklist? Silaine has never gotten along with her father. In fact, she never gets along with anyone. Being the alpha's only daughter in a Clan like Shadow Clan has only ever presented her with the problem of hordes of males waiting for her to pick a mate. And that is not what she wants. All she really wants is power. But when...
cena: 527
Journey to My Heart: Twelve Element Clans
 Many Kinds of Unforgettable Renata F. Barcelos 9781500497460 Createspace
Anna Oshiro Morning-Goodwin and William Butler grew up together. Ever since they met, at the tender age of 5, they have been inseparable. Now at 15, their friendship is blossoming into something deeper; something that makes them both excited and scared. Life, however, plays its tricks. William's father wants to return to Ireland, and Anna receives some disturbing news from her godmother and...
cena: 185
Many Kinds of Unforgettable
 The Seven Dragons and Other Stories Edith Nesbit 9781598189643 Aegypan

Included are such memorable stories as -The Book of Beasts, - (where young Lionel is crowned king, but accidentally releases a dangerous fire dragon on his kingdom and must find a way to return the dragon to the magic book from whence it came), -The Island of the Nine Whirlpools- (featuring a princess and her true love, Nigel, who find the way -- via love and mathematics -- to free her from...

cena: 350
The Seven Dragons and Other Stories
There are lots of benefits to reading wordless books! Literacy is not simply about decoding words, but also involves understanding subtext and the ability to make inferences, so learning how to 'read' stories beyond literal text is very important.Wordless boks have to tell the story without text, so they are the perfect tool for enhancing reading comprehension.1. Narrate the action: The first and...
cena: 375
Animal Friends
"Jelly Baby" is a children's novel set around a little wisp of a boy barely the size of the AK47 each child must bear in a camp for boy soldiers during Sierra Leone's civil war. The book's impact on a journalist and critic elicited a call for it to be on the school desk of every child in the world.
cena: 283
Jelly Baby: A Novel about Boy Soldiers
 Liberty Frye and the Witches of Hessen J. L. McCreedy 9780988236912 Penelope Pipp Publishing
Liberty Frye and the Witches of Hessen is a "magical, fantastical tale with a touch of humor -- brilliant McCreedy's novel is a great fun read for adults as well as children." (The Kindle Book Review) -- The average ten-year-old girl seldom travels far from home. She doesn't worry about being kidnapped by witches or imprisoned in medieval castles where children meet their unspeakable demise. She...
cena: 294
Liberty Frye and the Witches of Hessen
 Off the Wall Paul Kijinski 9781523275625 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
OFF THE WALL is the second novel in the Double-Twins Mystery Series, featuring two sets of boy-girl twins: Mark and Mandy Cousineau from Ohio, and Alex and Aggie Burke from North Dakota.
The sudden death of 92-year-old Arabella Hoffer is accepted by her Cleveland Heights family and friends as a natural event, but the Double-Twins know better. They know because Arabella herself is apparently...
cena: 209
Off the Wall
 The Shadow Mage: The Beginning C. D. S Kent Eriksson Krzysztof Zxkurlatowski 9781515182481 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Shadow magic. The rumored magic of the underworld. None have been born with this forbidden type since the last of them and all but one family were killed off during the war 200 years ago. Now a child has been born with gifts that cannot hope to be contained or even trained. Threatening the power-structure of the world, this innocent child was thrown away from society, took on an assumed name, and...
cena: 273
The Shadow Mage: The Beginning
 Cadet Gray: Stories of Morgan Park Military Academy James M. Vesely 9780595416806 iUniverse
Early morning formations and close-order drill, Saturday afternoon football games and the pure hell of being a plebe. Spit-shined shoes and polished brass, flying flags and fluttering guidons. Sunday parades, full-dress balls, and the never-ending grind of studies. The joy of cars and girls and dreams of youth. And above all, the exciting, confusing, always uncertain adventure of growing up and...
cena: 535
Cadet Gray: Stories of Morgan Park Military Academy
 Chunky Set: Valentine Roger Priddy   9781783412976 Priddy Books
cena: 159
Chunky Set: Valentine
Travel the world in this delightful sticker book. With over 300 stickers to add to the pictures, you can visit the Australian outback, cruise along a canal in Venice, fly onto a tropical island and take a trip through the Amazon rainforest, as well as experience many other adventurous journeys.
cena: 249
Travel Sticker Book
 KS3 English Practice Papers - Levels 4-7 Richard Parsons 9781847621757 0
KS3 English Practice Papers - Levels 4-7
cena: 218
KS3 English Practice Papers - Levels 4-7
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