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Dětská literatura

 Brighty's Special Gift Dee Wallain Wendy J. La 9781681310145 Meryton Press

In the early days of the universe where it is cold and dark with zillions of stars, Brighty feels completely alone. He has no one to play with or talk to. The other stars taunt, torment and bully him because he is strange and different from them. Brighty is hurt by their teasing. He thinks he cannot take it anymore; he loses all hope. After crying out in the big, black darkness for...

cena: 362
Brighty's Special Gift
 Deep Waters W. W. Jacobs 9781374976511 Pinnacle Press

This work has been selected by scholars as being culturally important and is part of the knowledge base of civilization as we know it.

This work is in the public domain in the United States of America, and possibly other nations. Within the United States, you may freely copy and distribute this work, as no entity (individual or corporate) has a copyright on the body of the...

cena: 786
Deep Waters
 Everything You Should Know about: Dolphins Faster Learning Facts Anne Richards 9781973963530 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Are your children curious about Dolphins? Would they like to know how big they are? Have they learnt how high a dolphin can jump or what the dolphin pod looks like? Inside this book, your children will begin a journey that will satisfy their curiosity by answering questions like these and...

cena: 331
Everything You Should Know about: Dolphins Faster Learning Facts
 Mick Harte Was Here Barbara Park 9781524718275 Yearling Books
An award-winning, heartrending young middle grade novel from Barbara Park--the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Junie B. Jones series--just right for readers of Frindle, Love That Dog, The Lemonade War, and other classic young middle grade favorites.

Kids aren't supposed to die.

Phoebe's brother, Mick, was one of the...

cena: 419
Mick Harte Was Here
 Fifty Famous Stories Retold: Illustrated James Baldwin 9781542376815 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Fifty Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin. Includes fifty legendary tales depicting certain romantic episodes in the lives of well-known heroes and famous men, or in the history of a people. Children naturally take a deep interest in such stories. The reading of them will not only give pleasure but will lay the foundation for broader literary studies, as nearly all are the subjects of frequent...
cena: 170
Fifty Famous Stories Retold: Illustrated
 Classic Designs: Ornaments of the Past Coloring Book Jupiter Kids   9781683266662 Jupiter Kids
The more coloring you get done, the more artistic and imaginative you become, too. How? Well, before you even begin to fill a page with colors, you will first need to imagine what the resulting image is going to be. And then, you slowly work to complete that image using the right mix of colors. Wouldn't this be a fun experience that your child can do at home? Color today
cena: 278
Classic Designs: Ornaments of the Past Coloring Book
 Spain Joyce L. Markovics 9781684022519 Bearport Publishing
cena: 702
That's the question we asked twenty kids, ages 2-10, half of them boys and half of them girls. Some of the answers are what you might expect: to be able to fly (5), to be super fast (2), to become invisible (3). But they also would like to be shapeshifters, to control things with their minds, and to be able to walk through walls Prepare to be surprised and entertained as you read the adventures...
cena: 185
Super Kids!
 Violet and the Hidden Treasure Harriet Whitehorn 9781471118975 SIMON & SCHUSTER CHILDREN'S
Meet Violet Remy-Robinson, an amateur Sherlock Holmes in the making in this captivating new series, perfect for fans of Chris Riddell and Robin Stevens's Wells & Wong mysteries.

Violet has spent her holidays exploring India with Godmother Celeste, including visiting Celeste's good friend the Maharajah and meeting his very special cockatoo. But when she returns home, Violet gets a surprise...

cena: 249
Violet and the Hidden Treasure
 The Divinity of Anila Cloud S. Riser Brea Essex 9781542391634 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
--My name is Anila. Up until a few days ago, I thought I was just like every other teenage girl. Seriously, life was awesome. I was popular, had great grades, and was on my way to getting a scholarship to one of the top universities in the state. Then my boyfriend decided to go crazy on me, and I end up in a car with some other guy who claims magic is real. Crazy, is what I say. Pretty sure he's...
cena: 380
The Divinity of Anila
 The Little Black Sheep Elizabeth Shaw 9781847179180 O'Brien Press
This charming book tells the adventures of an outcast little black sheep: how he saved the whole flock in a snowstorm, put Polo the bossy sheepdog in his place - and gave the shepherd a great idea! A story about being different, and becoming a hero. Panda 6
cena: 219
The Little Black Sheep
 Disney Frozen  0 9781474869539 Little Treasures
Follow Anna and Elsa in this adorable Little Treasures book, Disney's Frozen.
cena: 159
Disney Frozen
 How Many Fingers, How Many Toes? Counting to Ten One by One Counting Book - Baby & Toddler Counting Books Baby Professor   9781683266754 Baby Professor
When a child first learns to count, he/she would use the resources already available - the hands and toes. This book institutionalizes that form of learning by making it a formal strategy. Counting is all about mastery of number sequences. Over time, you provide more challenges by increasing the objects to be counted and/or by randomly picking numbers to test familiarization of figures. Grab a...
cena: 244
How Many Fingers, How Many Toes? Counting to Ten One by One Counting Book - Baby & Toddler Counting Books
 Sockz in Paris Erica Willmott 9781911240372 Rowanvale Books Ltd.

Ever wondered where your missing sock goes? You're about to find out

Join Sockz on his adventures as he meets new friends and visits new places.

This time Sockz is off to Paris Sockz is surprised and delighted to meet a lovely lady sock -- but there is a problem... she is only half a sock Will she ever be complete? And will Sockz escape from Madame Rouge?

cena: 228
Sockz in Paris
 I Love Giraffes: Notebook Wild Pages Press 9781546342205 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 209
I Love Giraffes: Notebook
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