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Dětská literatura

 The Knight Who Took All Day James Mayhew 9781912050451 Graffeg
In a faraway land lives a foolish knight, who longs to impress a golden-haired princess with his marvelous talents. When a terrible fire-breathing dragon arrives and threatens to destroy the kingdom, the knight begins to prepare for battle. But will he be ready in time? Unfortunately, this is The Knight Who Took All Day, and a hilarious cautionary tale about the dangers of showing off...
cena: 342
The Knight Who Took All Day
 3D Jungle Animal Masks Wintercroft, Steve 9781783122639
Wintercroft masks have caught the imagination of creative people and festival-goers around the globe. These masks have been used everywhere from music videos and fashion shoots to theatre productions and political campaigns. A Parrot, Elephant, Tiger and Monkey are included in this title.
cena: 312
3D Jungle Animal Masks
 Squishy McFluff Seaside Rescue! Pip Jones 9780571320684 FABER CHILDREN'S BOOKS
Ava danced round her room,
Shouting: "Hip hip hooray
It's holiday time
And we're going today "

Ava is excited to be going on holiday to the seaside. But with Squishy McFluff, the mischievous invisible cat coming along things are bound to get very, very silly...

cena: 251
Squishy McFluff Seaside Rescue!
 This Is a Very Silly Book Khushnaz Lala 9789352641161 Harper Kids
cena: 251
This Is a Very Silly Book
 Indian Culture Duhig, Holly 9781786371997 World Cultures
cena: 433
Indian Culture
 Emily Sparkes and the Backstage Blunder: Book 4 Ruth Fitzgerald 9780349001883 Little, Brown Young Readers
Join Emily Sparkes for laugh-out-loud observations about life, parents and how to handle the grossest boys in the universe Perfect for fans of Cathy Cassidy and Dork Diaries, the first Emily book has been shortlisted for the Scholastic Laugh Out Loud Book Award (The Lollies).

'Lots of fun and a really cool read ' - Cathy Cassidy

It's school play season and Emily...
cena: 251
Emily Sparkes and the Backstage Blunder: Book 4
 Tales of Troy and Greece Lang, Andrew 9780571333509
The roars of the hungry Minotaur came nearer and nearer - his feet could be heard thundering along the echoing floor of the labyrinth . . .

Meet the original heroes of Greece as they battle the mythical creatures that have inspired imaginations for thousands of years, from the Minotaur to Cyclops.

Written by a Homeric expert, this condensed retelling of the Greek legends brings...

cena: 251
Tales of Troy and Greece
 A Magical Venice Story: The Mermaid's Sister: Book 2 Holly Webb 9781408327647 Hachette Kids Orchard Books
An enchanting tale of magic, mermaids and adventure - from bestselling author, Holly Webb.
cena: 251
A Magical Venice Story: The Mermaid's Sister: Book 2
 The Memory Thief Bryce Moore 9781945293511 Adaptive Books
cena: 266
The Memory Thief
 The Butterfly Dance Barton, Suzanne 9781408864845
cena: 403
The Butterfly Dance
 The Snow Leopard Jackie Morris 9781912050475 Graffeg
As the Snow Leopard's earthly life begins to wane, she searches for a pure and incorruptible soul to pass her knowledge and power to in order that the hidden valley can remain safe. For the Mergich Realm, the sacred and secret place guarded by spirits in animal form, is under threat from those from outside who would seek to exploit its riches. A tale of magic and myth set amongst the Himalayan...
cena: 586
The Snow Leopard
 Clare's Goodbye Libby Gleeson Anna Pignataro 9781760127527 Little Hare Books
We all have our own way of saying goodbye. Libby Gleeson tells a poignant story about moving house and coming to terms with change. Evocative illustrations by acclaimed illustrator Anna Pignataro perfectly capture the range of emotions felt in saying goodbye to a much-loved house.
cena: 373
Clare's Goodbye
 Jurassic World Special Edition: From DNA to Indominus Rex! Rowlands, Caroline 9781783122660
Features a view of the Jurassic Park trilogy and Jurassic World, and presents genetically engineered, terror-inspiring dinosaurs from the whole series. This guide includes new profiles for Tyrannosaurus rex, Indominus rex and Velociraptor, as well as other favourites from the original films. It also uses the advanced Augmented Reality.
cena: 342
Jurassic World Special Edition: From DNA to Indominus Rex!
 Myth Raiders: Claw of the Sphinx: Book 2 A J Hunter 9780349124346 Little, Brown Young Readers
Beware the claws of the sphinx...

Geology-mad Sam and her American cousin Trey are the Chosen Ones, destined to save the world from destruction by gathering together the scattered fragments of The Warrior's Shield. They've already rescued one section of the enchanted shield from the terrifying Medusa, and now learn that the second piece is being guarded by a fearsome sphinx - a creature with...

cena: 220
Myth Raiders: Claw of the Sphinx: Book 2
 Unpacked: Germany Clive Gifford 9780750291682 Wayland
Grab your suitcase and prepare to explore Germany: its major cities, culture, way of life, food, language, and history. Find out about German fashion, music, popular culture and sport, as well as quirky facts and bite-sized information on Germany's customs and everyday life.
cena: 312
Unpacked: Germany
 Here to Help: Dentist Blount, Rachel 9781445139975 Here to Help
What's it like to do a job where you help people every day? Follow each of our professionals for a day and find out!
cena: 281
Here to Help: Dentist
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