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Dětská literatura

 Children of Sirphan D. M. Wiltshire 9780995036734 Deanna Wiltshire
Nightmares come alive as Liora and her companions face their greatest fears to find their way back to reality. The last of the snow has melted away to the spring rains when Liora's visions of the white-haired girl returns. Tormented by the death of her people and conflicted with trying to find her place among strangers, she must figure out who she is before she can figure out who she must become....
cena: 292
Children of Sirphan
 Pride and Prejudice Pauline Francis 9781783225941 ReadZone Books Limited
cena: 249
Pride and Prejudice
 The Frog in the Well Alvin Tresselt Roger Duvoisin 9781681370965 New York Review of Books
By Caldecott Medal winners Alvin Tresselt and Roger Duvoisin, The Frog in the Well is the charming tale of a brave frog who beats his fears and explores the world

Once upon a time there was a frog who lived at the bottom of a well. The well was the frog's whole world, until the day the well ran dry and the bugs began to disappear. What was happening to the world, the frog...

cena: 400
The Frog in the Well
 Mrs. Doyles Daughter Brenda Nichole Estrada 9781542411424 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Follow Daphne Doyle on her first day of fourth grade. Faking a broken leg, Head gear, and a trip to the dentist are the least of her worries.
cena: 233
Mrs. Doyles Daughter
 The Boy That Wanted Clean Teeth Glenn Bank Violeta Honasan Batsuuri Haltar 9781943417230 B-Bright Publishing
A little story by a dentist, hoping to promote good oral hygiene. Educate children and their parents on the proper method of brushing. A boy tries to learn how to brush and is visited by someone special to teach him.
cena: 282
The Boy That Wanted Clean Teeth
 Elena Tajemnica Avaloru 0 9788328122277 Egmont
Od wielu lat zła czarownica rządzi odległym królestwem Avaloru, a jego prawdziwa władczyni, księżniczka Elena, jest uwięziona w amulecie księżniczki Zosi! Kiedy sekretna biblioteka wskazuje Zosi książkę "Zaginiona księżniczka Avaloru", dziewczynka przekonuje się, że jej amulet jest naprawdę wyjątkowy! Teraz Zosia musi wyruszyć do tajemniczej krainy i...
cena: 151
Elena Tajemnica Avaloru
 OE Wants It to Be Friday/ OE Quiere Que Sea Viernes: A True Story Promoting Inclusion and Self-Determination/Una Histoia Que Promueve La Inclusion y L Jo Meserve Mach Vera Lynne Stroup-Rentier Mary Birdsell 9781944764500 Finding My Way Books

OE is counting down the days until Friday. It's her favorite day of the week. Each day she has fun, but she knows she will have fabulous fun on Friday. She can't wait for her special time with Dad and her coach, Austin.

Finding My Way Books honor children with special needs or disabilities by sharing their stories. OE and Austin have cerebral palsy. They...

cena: 282
OE Wants It to Be Friday/ OE Quiere Que Sea Viernes: A True Story Promoting Inclusion and Self-Determination/Una Histoia Que Promueve La Inclusion y L
 Disney Sara Green 9781618912473 Pilot
cena: 233
 A Most Perfect Day Janina Rusiecki Tegan Pratt 9780996419321 Mushmato, Ltd.
cena: 282
A Most Perfect Day
This new edition has new photography and fresh new recipes. Inspired by the author's son, leaving for university, who was clueless in the kitchen. What was needed was an easily attainable taste of home, and pictures with every recipe! Joy helps to take the chore out of cooking, giving students a taste of success and making the experience fun.
cena: 310
Vegetarian Nosh for Students A Fun Student Cookbook  - Photo with Every Recipe - Vegetarian Society Approved
 Fresh-Picked Poetry: A Day at the Farmers' Market Michelle Schaub Amy Huntington 9781580895477 Charlesbridge Publishing
This collection of poems takes young readers to a day at an urban farmers' market. Who to see, what to eat, and how produce is grown--it's all so exciting, fresh, and delicious. Readers are invited to peruse the stands and inspect vendors' wares with poems like "Farmer Greg's Free-Range Eggs," "Summer Checklist," and "Necessary Mess."

Bright and vibrant, this is the perfect guide for little...

cena: 434
Fresh-Picked Poetry: A Day at the Farmers' Market
 Hangin' with Mimi! Sally Helmick North 9781542440578 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
A really cute, sweet and simple book about how much fun it is hanging out with Mimi... "Hangin' out with Mimi is a special kind of fun. We do all kinds of crazy things, like dancing in the sun Sometimes we chase the butterflies, and run around the park. Or hide beneath the blankets when it's really, really dark. Sometimes we bake some cookies... or some other crazy food. We act a little silly...
cena: 282
Hangin' with Mimi!
 Sternenstaub Geschichten Heidrun Paulgen 9783739249100 Books on Demand
Der Titel umfasst eine Sammlung von sechzehn lustigen, zauberhaften und spannenden Kindergeschichten zum Vorlesen oder selber lesen ab 6 Jahren.
cena: 402
Sternenstaub Geschichten
 Samochwała Brzechwa Jan 9788375704099 Liwona
Książeczka kartonowa dla najmłodszych ze znanym wierszem Jana Brzechwy
cena: 24
 Is It Big or Is It Small? an Opposites Book about Sizes for Kids - Baby & Toddler Size & Shape Books Baby Professor   9781683267843 Baby Professor
Teaching opposites is a magnificent technique of learning new vocabulary and spelling. The use of pictures along with words makes this educational book as descriptive as possible. You can teach opposites in many ways but one of the most effective is the use of this highly descriptive educational book. So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy today
cena: 244
Is It Big or Is It Small? an Opposites Book about Sizes for Kids - Baby & Toddler Size & Shape Books
 Whiskers and His Broken Paw Amir Zebib 9782955861332 Dina Al-Hidiq Zebib

Whiskers was a grumpy kitten. He got upset easily and felt grumpy most of the time. He loved playing with his friends, but what will happen when his grumpiness becomes too annoying for others around him? What do you think he will do?
-A must-read for every child -

cena: 666
Whiskers and His Broken Paw
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