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Dětská literatura

 Sleepy Time Poems Carolyn Dismuke 9780615567952 Carolyn Dismuke
cena: 496
Sleepy Time Poems
 Exo Fonda Lee 9780545933438 Scholastic Press
It's been a century of peace since Earth became a colony of an alien race with far reaches into the galaxy. Some die-hard extremists still oppose their rule on Earth, but Donovan Reyes isn't one of them. His dad holds the prestigious position of Prime Liaison in the collaborationist government, and Donovan's high social standing along with his exocel (a remarkable alien technology fused to his...
cena: 480
 Licky the Giraffe Shelley Stewart 9781542963961 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 275
Licky the Giraffe
 The Cheetah Fact and Picture Book: Fun Facts for Kids about Cheetahs Gina McIntyre 9781544670324 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Turn & Learn presents: The Cheetah Fact and Picture Book The Cheetah Fact & Picture Book will allow your child to learn more about this world we live in, with a fun and exciting approach that will trigger their imagination.

We're raising our children in an era where attention spans are continuously decreasing. Turn & Learn provides a fun, and interactive way of keep your children engaged and...

cena: 373
The Cheetah Fact and Picture Book: Fun Facts for Kids about Cheetahs
 Secondary Biology  Dickson, Billy|||Moffat, Graham|||Leckie & Leckie 9780008204518
Bring biology to life with this exciting new resource for S1-S3 classrooms!
cena: 634
Secondary Biology
 Tide Pool Secrets Narelle Oliver Narelle Oliver 9780763691592 Candlewick Press (MA)
Lift the flaps and discover the many hidden creatures of the tide pool.

At first glance, there's nothing much to see . . . but tide pools are full of secrets. What creatures can be found nestling among the rocks and hiding in the seaweed? Dive into these mysterious seashore habitats and learn how to spot the creatures concealed within. With big, easy-to-lift flaps and a glossary of the...

cena: 505
Tide Pool Secrets
 Outward Blonde Trish Cook 9780996488747 Adaptive Books

Sixteen-year-old Lizzie Finkelstein is a hard-partying socialite who lives a charmed life with her mother in Manhattan. After a public drunken escapade results in both an arrest and an embarrassing viral video online, Lizzie s parents stage a late night intervention. Lizzie finds herself whisked away to Utah to learn a lesson or two about taking responsibility at Camp Smiley, a wilderness...

cena: 284
Outward Blonde
 O Lucifírkovi Jan Kameníček 9788090513723 0
O tom, co se stane, když se malému čertíkovi Lucifírkovi nedaří činit zlo. Nová moderní pohádka spisovatele Jana Kameníčka, která vypráví o hodném Lucifírkovi, který se rozhodl proti svému osudu bojovat a pomáhat lidem.
cena: 321
O Lucifírkovi
 Silly Jokes for Kids: Laugh Out Loud Fun Jokes(jokes, Funny Jokes, Jokes for Kids, Best Jokes, Funny Book, Joke, Riddles, Quiz Peter Brown Alex Addo Lexdo Publications 9781544684499 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Laughter is the best medicine Q. Why did the robbers take a bath before they stole from the bank. A. They wanted a clean getaway Q. Why did the picture go to jail. A. Because he was framed Q. What music are balloons scared of. A. Pop Music The laughter won't stop with Silly Jokes For Kids. With hundreds of one liner jokes and animal jokes this book is sure to have kids rolling on the floor These...
cena: 219
Silly Jokes for Kids: Laugh Out Loud Fun Jokes(jokes, Funny Jokes, Jokes for Kids, Best Jokes, Funny Book, Joke, Riddles, Quiz
 My Daddy Is Amazing Jay Gertelman Darya Shchegoleva 9781542710367 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 296
My Daddy Is Amazing
Introduces the diversity of plant life on our planet. Fun facts about plants are presented alongside an introduction to basic science concepts, such as classifying living things in it. It features algae, moss, and plants with flowers and cones.
cena: 320
Plant Classification
 Mlb Mad Libs Michael T. Riley 9780451534019 Price Stern Sloan
Take me out to the NOUN with Mad Libs

MLB Mad Libs includes 21 original stories based on the superstars, teams, superstitions, and history of the MLB. It's the perfect between-innings activity for fans of all ages.

cena: 161
Mlb Mad Libs
 Heidi Johanna Spyri 9780425289020 Puffin Books
Color your bookshelf with Puffin+Pantone A collection of classic novels paired with their perfect color match.

Introducing a bold, bright new take on your favorite books. A collection that celebrates color and literature at once

Can Heidi find her way back to the purple mounatins of Switzerland to be with her grandfather again?

At the age of five, little orphan Heidi...

cena: 284
 Easter Coloring Book for Kids Plus Activities: Fun Easter Gift or Basket Stuffer for Boys & Girls Kids Coloring Books 9781544693927 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Help your child celebrate the joy of Easter with this high-quality Easter coloring book for children

With 25 pages of Easter themed coloring pages and activities, this Easter coloring book will quickly become a holiday favorite.

This coloring & Easter activity book for kids features:

  • Lots of whimsical Easter images to...
cena: 219
Easter Coloring Book for Kids Plus Activities: Fun Easter Gift or Basket Stuffer for Boys & Girls
 Princess Malorove and Other Short Stories Marina Dobrosavljevic 9781544100616 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 296
Princess Malorove and Other Short Stories
One child, Kelly, is living in the United States; Fatimah is living in war-torn Afghanistan. If two children from both sides of a conflict could write to each other, what would they say? This book tells of war and conflict in Afghanistan over the past ten years through the eyes of two children who are corresponding by letter, as penpals.
cena: 476
Hoping for Peace in Afghanistan
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