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 False Hearts  Lam, Laura 9781447286448
cena: 284
False Hearts
 Space Between the Stars  Corlett, Anne 9781509833528
cena: 439
Space Between the Stars
 Lord of the Darkwood  Hearn, Lian 9781509812837 The Tale of Shikanoko
cena: 284
Lord of the Darkwood
 Dead Man's Steel  Scull, Luke 9781781851616 The Grim Company
Final instalment in The Grim Company Trilogy. The Age of Ruin is near complete: in the far North the Nameless stirs beneath the Spine Mountains and demonspawn push ever southwards; from the West the Fade have returned, vowing to purge the realm of humankind; and an ancient weapon has once again been unleashed to ravage the land.
cena: 315
Dead Man's Steel
 Wall of Storms  Liu, Ken 9781784973278 The Dandelion Dynasty
Kuni Garu, now Emperor of Dara, confronts the challenges of supreme power: both from within and without.
cena: 315
Wall of Storms
 The Evenings: A Winter's Tale Gerard Reve Sam Garrett 9781782273011 Pushkin Press

'I work in an office. I take cards out of a file. Once I have taken them out, I put them back in again. That is it.'

Twenty-three-year-old Frits - office worker, daydreamer, teller of inappropriate jokes - finds life absurd and inexplicable. He lives with his parents, who drive him mad. He has terrible, disturbing dreams...

cena: 342
The Evenings: A Winter's Tale
 Modern World  Swainston, Steph 9781473221826 Gollancz S.F.
In the third of the Castle novels, Steph Swainston takes the reader ever deeper into a world of beauty and terror...
cena: 315
Modern World
 Fallen Masters John Edward 9780765332844 Tor Books
cena: 563
Fallen Masters
 Devil's Playground Stav Sherez 9780571312351 FABER & FABER
In his debut novel, Stav Sherez - author of the best-selling Carrigan & Miller detective series - explores a history of terror and mass murder rooted in Europe's murky past.

In a forgotten corner of a rain-lashed park in Amsterdam, the body of a tramp is found. The scarring on his body suggests he may be the latest victim of a serial killer terrorizing the city, but the police can find no...

cena: 284
Devil's Playground
 No Present Like Time  Swainston, Steph 9781473221833 Gollancz S.F.
The phenomenal follow-up to Steph Swainston's acclaimed The Year of Our War moves us effortlessly into new waters.
cena: 315
No Present Like Time
 Year of Our War  Swainston, Steph 9781473221840 Gollancz S.F.
The most exciting, original and important new fantasy novel to be published since China Mieville's PERDIDO STREET STATION. A breathtakingly skilful debut.
cena: 315
Year of Our War
 Eternity Gate  Harding, Traci 9780732292690 Time Keeper Trilogy
cena: 315
Eternity Gate
 Black Sun Light My Way  Spurrier, Jo 9780732292553 Children of the Black Sun
cena: 315
Black Sun Light My Way
 Kim Kardashian's Marriage Sam Riviere 9780571321438 FABER & FABER
Sam Riviere's debut, 81 Austerities, began as a blog responding to the spending cuts, and went on in publication to win the 2012 Forward Prize for Best First Collection. A sequel of sorts, the 72 poems in Kim Kardashian's Marriage mark out equally sharpened lines of public and private engagement. Kim Kardashian's 2011 marriage lasted for 72 days, and was seen by some as illustrative...
cena: 377
Kim Kardashian's Marriage
 From Darkest Skies  Peters, Sam 9781473214750
FROM DARKEST SKIES is a high-concept science fiction thriller wrapped around a love story, a man's search for the truth about his dead wife, and his relationship with the artificial intelligence he has built to replace her. Set in a future where the aliens came, waged war, and then vanished again, this is a striking new voice in science fiction.
cena: 500
From Darkest Skies
 Starborn  Hounsom, Lucy 9781509841684 The Worldmaker Trilogy
cena: 284
 Red Moth Sam Eastland 9780571278480 FABER & FABER
The 4th book in the Inspector Pekkala series As Hitler's forces smash into Soviet territory, annihilating the Red Army divisions in its path, a lone German scout plane is forced down. Contained within the briefcase of its passenger is the seemingly inconsequential painting of a hyalophoria cecropia, otherwise known as a red moth.

Military Intelligence dismisses the picture as...

cena: 284
Red Moth
 In the Dark: Tales of Terror by E. Nesbit (HarperCollins Chillers) E. Nesbit Hugh Lamb Hugh Lamb 9780008249014 HarperCollins
Edith Nesbit's natural gift for storytelling has brought her worldwide renown as a classic children's author. But beyond her beloved children's stories lay a darker side to her imagination, revealed here in her chilling tales of the supernatural.
cena: 315
In the Dark: Tales of Terror by E. Nesbit (HarperCollins Chillers)
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