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 Great Ordeal R Scott Bakker 9781841498317 ORBIT
The highly anticipated new novel in R. Scott Bakker's acclaimed Aspect-Emperor series
cena: 500
Great Ordeal
 Reckless Daughter Barney Hoskyns 9781472124302 Constable & Robinson
An anthology of the most incisive commentary on the extraordinary career of recording artist Joni Mitchell.
cena: 655
Reckless Daughter
 Appeal Simon Brett 9781472118288 Constable & Robinson
The seventh hair-raising adventure featuring the aristocratic brother and sister sleuthing duo!
cena: 654
 The Golden Thread: A Quiet Revolution in Holistic Cancer Care Felicity Biggart 9781785921735 Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Written by the late Pat Pilkington, the co-founder of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre (now Penny Brohn Cancer Care, this book shares 30 years' experience of working holistically for those with cancer. This deeply spiritual work aims to show how we can all find life's meaning and purpose, and come to a true and lasting sense of peace and fulfilment.
cena: 380
The Golden Thread: A Quiet Revolution in Holistic Cancer Care
 Last Pier Roma Tearne 9781910709306 Gallic Books
Abeautiful, atmospheric novel about family, love, loss, and regret by a critically acclaimed author "How deep the summer had bitten into the land that last August, how cruelly it had burnt into earth and grass and air. What had started out as a pastel and water-faded spring turning so unexpectedly into a splintering, shimmering thing. All that had been required was a spark to cause a fire. Why...
cena: 315
Last Pier
 Doing Research Within Communities: Stories and Lessons from Language and Education Field Research Kerry Taylor-Leech Donna Starks  9781138852686 Taylor and Francis

Doing Research within Communities provides an invaluable resource for early career researchers and graduate students new to researching within communities.

Providing practical guidance and support for engaging with a community as a research site, it covers both theoretical and practical issues. Through personal stories of field research, it offers advice and guidance through example rather...

cena: 1827
Doing Research Within Communities: Stories and Lessons from Language and Education Field Research
 Ugliest Dog in the World Bruce Whatley 9780207174278 Harper Collins Childrens Books
This is the story of a very ugly dog.
cena: 254
Ugliest Dog in the World
 In My Own Time Jane Miller 9780349007588 VIRAGO
A thoughtful and invigorating reflection on the modern world from the author of the acclaimed and beloved Crazy Age.
cena: 500
In My Own Time
 Hurrah for Gin Small Notebook Katie Kirby 9781787130722 Quadrille Publishing
The perfect size to fit into a handbag, this 96pp paperback notebook is an indispensable place for notes on the go (or for your toddler to scribble in when you're trying to have a quiet cup of coffee).
cena: 223
Hurrah for Gin Small Notebook
 On Confidence  9780995573673 School of Life
The difference between success and failure often hangs on a fascinatingly small and elusive concept that our standard education system never touches: confidence. This is a guidebook to what confidence consists of, why we lack it - and how we can acquire more of it in our lives.
cena: 427
On Confidence
 Coping with Grief D McKissock 9780733330889 Harper Collins Paperbacks
cena: 317
Coping with Grief
 Socks Nick Sharratt 9780552572217 Random House Children's Books

Laugh your socks off What can YOU see made from SOCKS? Kids (and grown ups ) will love this socktastic celebration of everyone's favorite footwear, with bouncy rhythmic text that's perfect for reading aloud. Look out for sockerels, sockodiles and Goldisocks, and prepare to see your socks in a whole new light.

cena: 254
 Hurrah for Gin Tabbed Notebook Katie Kirby 9781787130753 Quadrille Publishing
Hardback ring bound notebook with 5 tabbed dividers and elastic closure for all the lists of things you may, or may not, get around to doing. Writing the lists will make you feel better though.
cena: 408
Hurrah for Gin Tabbed Notebook
 Vibrant Soul: Colouring Inspired by Rumi  9781847741158 Kube Publishing Ltd
This inspirational adult colouring book will take you on a spiritual journey to a world of swirling darvesh, majestic minarets, intricate floral patterns and wondrous birds. Provoking and uplifting quotes inspired by the eastern master poet, Jalal al-Din Rumi.
cena: 192
Vibrant Soul: Colouring Inspired by Rumi
cena: 439
The White Review Anthology
 Tribal Pop Art Notecard Set Camille Walala 9781787130586 Quadrille Publishing
This set of bold, colorful printed postcards includes 16 postcards in 4 different designs with matching envelopes, gummed into a wallet holder and sealed with an elastic closure. The notecards have sprayed edges for an extra pop of color.
cena: 346
Tribal Pop Art Notecard Set
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