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 Appeal Simon Brett 9781472118288 Constable & Robinson
The seventh hair-raising adventure featuring the aristocratic brother and sister sleuthing duo!
cena: 638
 Great Ordeal R Scott Bakker 9781841498317 ORBIT
The highly anticipated new novel in R. Scott Bakker's acclaimed Aspect-Emperor series
cena: 488
Great Ordeal
 Reckless Daughter Barney Hoskyns 9781472124302 Constable & Robinson
An anthology of the most incisive commentary on the extraordinary career of recording artist Joni Mitchell.
cena: 638
Reckless Daughter
 The Golden Thread: A Quiet Revolution in Holistic Cancer Care Felicity Biggart 9781785921735 Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Written by the late Pat Pilkington, the co-founder of the Bristol Cancer Help Centre (now Penny Brohn Cancer Care, this book shares 30 years' experience of working holistically for those with cancer. This deeply spiritual work aims to show how we can all find life's meaning and purpose, and come to a true and lasting sense of peace and fulfilment.
cena: 378
The Golden Thread: A Quiet Revolution in Holistic Cancer Care
 The Last Pier Roma Tearne 9781910709306 Gallic Books
Abeautiful, atmospheric novel about family, love, loss, and regret by a critically acclaimed author "How deep the summer had bitten into the land that last August, how cruelly it had burnt into earth and grass and air. What had started out as a pastel and water-faded spring turning so unexpectedly into a splintering, shimmering thing. All that had been required was a spark to cause a fire. Why...
cena: 308
The Last Pier
 Doing Research Within Communities: Stories and Lessons from Language and Education Field Research Kerry Taylor-Leech Donna Starks  9781138852686 Taylor and Francis

Doing Research within Communities provides an invaluable resource for early career researchers and graduate students new to researching within communities.

Providing practical guidance and support for engaging with a community as a research site, it covers both theoretical and practical issues. Through personal stories of field research, it offers advice and guidance through example rather...

cena: 1823
Doing Research Within Communities: Stories and Lessons from Language and Education Field Research
 Outside Insight: Navigating a World Drowning in External Data Jorn Lyseggen 9780241273722 PENGUIN GROUP
The world today is drowning in data. There is a treasure trove of valuable and underutilized insights that can be gleaned from information companies and people leave behind on the internet - our 'digital breadcrumbs' - from job postings, to online news, social media, online ad spend and more.

As a result, we're at the cusp of a major shift in the way businesses are managed and governed -...

cena: 638
Outside Insight: Navigating a World Drowning in External Data
 Dalston Monsterzz Dilraj Mann Sam Arthur 9781910620359 Nobrow Press
In Dilraj Mann's long awaited graphic novel debut, all eyes turn to East London, where freakish monsters and megalomanical property developers are competing to see who can destroy it first. The only thing that stands in the way of the apocalypse?

Hipsters, hotties, and nerds. It's time to throw down--and look sharp as hell while doing so.

cena: 488
Dalston Monsterzz
 Practical Landscape Painting: Materials, Technique & Project David Hollis 9781782402800 Ivy Press
Watercolour is such a rewarding medium for the artist that its well worth mastering it offers both portability and gorgeous, rich, mutable colours. This is the perfect introduction for anyone whos thought about painting in watercolour but isnt sure where to start. Unintimidating and accessible, it will help you to get the pictures in your head onto the page without losing anything in the...
cena: 278
Practical Landscape Painting: Materials, Technique & Project
 Our Special World: My Family Liz Lennon 9781445148960 Hachette Kids Franklin Watts
What is your family like? This book explores different sorts of families and what they like to do. It's a fantastic book to explore a 'Families' theme in an early years setting and includes topics such as Mums and Dads, brothers and sisters, grandparents, caring for each other and animal families.

Our Special World
is a series of books offering a simple text and photographs...
cena: 368
Our Special World: My Family
 Dreher Carvings: Five Generations of Gemstone Animals from Idar-Oberstein Wilhelm Lindemann Will Larson Ekkehard Schneider 9783897905078 Arnoldsche Verlagsanstalt GmbH
Features the carvings of master engravers Gerd and Patrick Dreher - 114 gemstone animals, each one made from an individual gemstone.
cena: 1331
Dreher Carvings: Five Generations of Gemstone Animals from Idar-Oberstein
 I Heart Unicorns: Keep Calm and Colour In! Anastasia Catris 9781409177722 Trapeze
A colouring book on the hottest trend of the moment, unicorns.
cena: 187
I Heart Unicorns: Keep Calm and Colour In!
 This Little Art  9781910695456 Fitzcarraldo Editions
Part-essay and part-memoir, THIS LITTLE ART is a manifesto for the practice of literary translation. Taking her experience translating Roland Barthes' lectures at the College de France as her starting point, Kate Briggs offers a portrait of translation as a compelling, complex and formative activity.
cena: 428
This Little Art
 Sally Kelly Paperback Notebooks Sally Kelly 9781787130890 Quadrille Publishing
This set of two 48pp saddle stitched notebooks, one lined and one blank, features colored pages, colored thread stitching on the spine, and come bellybanded together.
cena: 278
Sally Kelly Paperback Notebooks
 The Restorer  9781925355024 Text Publishing Company
cena: 368
The Restorer
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