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 The Game Changer Chicke Fitzgerald 9781683504962 Morgan James Publishing
The Game Changer is a business parable about innovation and business transformation, wrapping time honored principles in an engaging, fictional tale. It reveals the narrative behind a technology company founded by a game changing CEO/inventor that has reluctantly taken in funding, and nearly misses the gift of being able to grow at a much faster pace.

He and his team initially feel the...

cena: 442
The Game Changer
 In My Own Time Jane Miller 9780349007588 VIRAGO
A thoughtful and invigorating reflection on the modern world from the author of the acclaimed and beloved Crazy Age.
cena: 488
In My Own Time
 Jane Eyre Charlotte Bronte 9780571337095 Faber & Faber
Plain' orphan Jane Eyre is not expected to amount to much. A pleasant existence as a governess is all she is supposed to hope for - but Jane desperately wants more. And an appointment at the gothic mansion of Thornfield offers her more than she could ever dream of - including a chance at real love. But when tragedy strikes, she will have to use all her bravery, spirit and resolve to overcome her...
cena: 278
Jane Eyre
 Altar of Blood Anthony Riches 9781444732054 HODDER & STOUGHTON
The ninth novel in the thrilling Empire sequence leads Centurion Marcus Aquila and the Tungrians to the site of one of Rome's most disastrous defeats.
cena: 308
Altar of Blood
 Emily Sparkes and the Disco Disaster Ruth Fitzgerald 9780349001876 Little, Brown Young Readers
Join Emily Sparkes for laugh-out-loud observations about life, parents and how to handle the grossest boys in the universe Perfect for fans of Cathy Cassidy and Dork Diaries. The first Emily book has been shortlisted for the Scholastic Laugh Out Loud Book Award (The Lollies).

'Lots of fun and a really cool read ' - Cathy Cassidy

Unfortunately for Emily Sparkes, life has...

cena: 248
Emily Sparkes and the Disco Disaster
 Accession Livi Michael 9780241977637 PENGUIN GROUP
Margaret Beaufort and Margaret of Anjou--two women who have fought to the bitter end to see their sons take the English throne. But with her son Edward killed in battle, and imprisoned herself, what next for Margaret of Anjou? And will Margaret Beaufort live to see Richard III deposed, and her son Henry Tudor finally ascend the throne? In this powerful and dramatic conclusion to Livi Michael's...
cena: 308
 Socks Nick Sharratt 9780552572217 Random House Children's Books

Laugh your socks off What can YOU see made from SOCKS? Kids (and grown ups ) will love this socktastic celebration of everyone's favorite footwear, with bouncy rhythmic text that's perfect for reading aloud. Look out for sockerels, sockodiles and Goldisocks, and prepare to see your socks in a whole new light.

cena: 248
 In Another Country, and Besides M. P. Jacobs 9781683505310 Morgan James Fiction
Set throughout 1950's Europe, Harry Hoffman is introduced as a handsome man with expensive tastes and no money.

Driven by his fears, all he wants is to leave his dark past behind. Yet, after a short trip to Venice, it starts over again and he struggles to stay one step ahead of himself and the inspector. There he meets Cleo Tremonte who offers him an unexpected love affair and a chance to...

cena: 397
In Another Country, and Besides
 Ugliest Dog in the World Bruce Whatley 9780207174278 Harper Collins Childrens Books
This is the story of a very ugly dog.
cena: 248
Ugliest Dog in the World
 Quarter Past Two on A Wednesday Afternoon Linda Newbery 9780552773829 BLACK SWAN

At quarter past two on a hot summer afternoon, Anna's beautiful, headstrong older sister Rose disappears. And Anna was the last person to see her. Their parents, Rose's friends, the police--noone can find where Rose has gone or who might have taken her. Twenty years later, Rose is still missing. Anna is the only one who still believes she might be alive, and unable to take control of her own...

cena: 308
Quarter Past Two on A Wednesday Afternoon
 Ethos: Rise of Malcolm Aaron Dworkin 9781683505358 Morgan James Fiction
David is a forty-eight-year-old divorced accountant from Flint, Michigan, who finds himself drawn suddenly and without warning through the use of a virtual reality game into a world five hundred years in the future: the Planet Ethos. Flint, Michigan still exists on Ethos, but it is a city rocked by colliding and seemingly contradictory forces. Advanced biotechnology coexists with avian species...
Kniha bude vydaná: 06-02-2018
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Ethos: Rise of Malcolm
 Clinical Psychology: A Very Short Introduction Susan Llewelyn Katie Aafjes-Va 9780198753896 Oxford University Press, USA
Clinical psychology makes a significant contribution to mental health care across the world. The essence of the discipline is the creative application of the knowledge base of psychology to the unique, personal experiences of individuals who are facing difficulties or changes in their lives. Rather than addressing such experiences as primarily a medical, political or legal problem, clinical...
cena: 254
Clinical Psychology: A Very Short Introduction
 Malice of Waves Mark Douglas Home 9781405923613 PENGUIN GROUP

Five years ago, 14-year-old Max Wheeler disappeared from a remote Scottish island. None of the six police and private investigations since have shed any light on what happened. Unable to let go, Max's family call in Cal McGill--known as "The Sea Detective"--hoping he'll force the sea to give up its secrets. Yet Cal finds he is an outsider to a broken family, and an unwelcome stranger in a...

cena: 278
Malice of Waves
 The Sun in Her Eyes Paige Toon 9781471138416 SIMON & SCHUSTER
Sunday Times bestselling author Paige Toon delivers a sensational story set on the picturesque Australian coast, a bittersweet love story about the life-changing events of the past that we can never quite shake.

Blinding sunshine... A bend in the road...What became of the little girl with the sun in her eyes?

Amber was three when a car crash stole her mother's life. She...

cena: 278
The Sun in Her Eyes
 Hurrah for Gin Small Notebook Katie Kirby 9781787130722 Quadrille Publishing
The perfect size to fit into a handbag, this 96pp paperback notebook is an indispensable place for notes on the go (or for your toddler to scribble in when you're trying to have a quiet cup of coffee).
cena: 218
Hurrah for Gin Small Notebook
 Country of Refuge Lucy Popescu 9781783522682 Cornerstone

Compiled and edited by human rights activist and writer Lucy Popescu, this powerful collection of short fiction, memoir, poetry and essays explores what it really means to be a refugee: to flee from conflict, poverty and terror; to have to leave your home and family behind; and to undertake a perilous journey, only to arrive on less than welcoming shores.These writings are a testament to the...

cena: 308
Country of Refuge
 The Lost Astronaut: Search for the Golden Thread D. J. Coning 9781683505471 Morgan James Fiction
Jag has a recurring dream that terrifies him. It foretells of the impending destruction of Earth and the horrific fate of humankind. Raised by his grandparents on a Midwestern farm, Jag is selected as one of twelve prodigy students enrolled in the first-ever Space University on board the International Space Station, where he competes against fellow classmates to create an invention that will...
cena: 442
The Lost Astronaut: Search for the Golden Thread
 Public Law and Commercial Regulation   9781849463126 Hart Publishing
cena: 2892
Public Law and Commercial Regulation
 Deep in the Shadow of the Fallen: The Legacy of Zyanthia - Book Three Chantelle Griffin 9780994392183 Chantelle Griffin
Kniha bude vydaná: 19-01-2018
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Deep in the Shadow of the Fallen: The Legacy of Zyanthia - Book Three
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