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 Essays in the Art of Writing Robert Louis Rober 9781544180502 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
A collection of essays about writing: "On some technical elements of style in literature," "The morality of the profession of letters," "Books which have influenced me," "A note on realism," "My first book: 'Treasure Island'," "The genesis of 'the master of Ballantrae'" & "Preface to 'the master of Ballantrae'."
cena: 246
Essays in the Art of Writing
 Sketchbook: Pink Watercolor 8x10: Blank Journal with 160 Unlined, Unruled Pages Premise Content 9781544816463 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Express your creativity with this softcover sketchbook. Blank pages with no lines - yours to fill. Perfect for sketches, drawings, notes, to-do lists and more. Ideal for light drawing and sketching with pens and pencils; not for markers or paints. For those who prefer to let pen or pencil roam across a blank page, this is the perfect gift. - Measures 8- x 10- - Softcover book format - White paper...
cena: 375
Sketchbook: Pink Watercolor 8x10: Blank Journal with 160 Unlined, Unruled Pages
 Journal: Moraine Lake, Alberta Original Jo's Journal 9781544171166 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Beautiful Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada. This journal features a photograph on the cover which the artist has captured for you to enjoy. There's 150 lined pages for you to fill with your dreams, thoughts and everything else - it's great for your desk at home, work or on the go. This beautifully designed 6" x 9" notebook will fit right into your lifestyle


cena: 272
Journal: Moraine Lake, Alberta
 The Power of Concentration Theron Q 9781544823508 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
It is of the utmost value to learn how toconcentrate. To make the greatest success of anything you must beable to concentrate your entire thought upon the idea you areworking on. The person that is able to concentrate utilizes allconstructive thoughts and shuts out all destructive ones. Thegreatest man would accomplish nothing if he lacked concentration.
cena: 246
The Power of Concentration
 Femme 13 Notebook N. D. Author Services 9781546307129 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 298
Femme 13 Notebook
'Alice and The White Rabbit' is one of the stationery series: 'Alice in Wonderland Chalkboard Notebook Journals'.

This 6" x 9" notebook has a chic, matte-finish cover featuring an illustration of Alice and the White Rabbit from 'Alice in Wonderland' on a chalkboard background.

The elegant journal consists of 100 ruled pages of cream paper and is a great addition to anyone's...
cena: 208
Alice in Wonderland Chalkboard Journal - Alice and the White Rabbit: 100 Page 6" X 9" Ruled Notebook: Inspirational Journal, Blank Notebook, Blank Jou
 Jennie Gerhardt Theodore Dreiser 9781544823690 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
The life story of a woman who craved affection. Unselfish, sweet, trusting, she is the daughter of poor working people in a Western city. She attracts the attention of one who sits in the seats of the mighty and he plans education and marriage with this girl hungry for love and grateful for recognition. But there comes a tragedy which leaves Jennie to face the world alone, with a dominant...
cena: 558
Jennie Gerhardt
 Watercolor Bouquet Woman Notebook N. D. Author Services 9781546307938 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 298
Watercolor Bouquet Woman Notebook
 Colour Therapy Notebook   9781782435471 MICHAEL O'MARA BOOKS
Within this notebook, there is a lovely balance of pictures to color and pictures to complete, both blank and lined pages, space to doodle repeating patterns or draw a still-life, and space for readers to jot down their thoughts, favorite poems, quotes, and even to-do lists and appointment times. With meditations on calm and musings from well-known poets, artists, and authors, this notebook is...
cena: 285
Colour Therapy Notebook
 Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Cambrioleur Maurice LeBlanc 9781544163468 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Cambrioleur By Maurice Leblanc
cena: 246
Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Cambrioleur
 Journal: Skateboard Helmets: Longboard Racing Helmets Blank Journal Jeff Lucas 9781544825151 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
This is a blank writing journal. It contains 150 pages with lightly lined pages for writing, notes, lists, or ideas for your next book. Colourful cover of longboard racing helmets.
cena: 272
Journal: Skateboard Helmets: Longboard Racing Helmets Blank Journal
 Check in & Check Out Log (Logbook, Journal - 124 Pages 6x9 Inches): Check in & Check Out Logbook (Blue Cover, Medium) Logbook Professionals 9781544152509 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

PERFECT BOUND, GORGEOUS SOFTBACK WITH SPACIOUS RULED PAGES. LOG INTERIOR: Click on the LOOK INSIDE link to view the Log, ensure that you scroll past the Title Page.

Record Page numbers, Subject and Dates.

Customize the Log with columns and headings that would best suit your need.

Thick white acid-free paper reduces the bleed-through of ink.


cena: 298
Check in & Check Out Log (Logbook, Journal - 124 Pages 6x9 Inches): Check in & Check Out Logbook (Blue Cover, Medium)
 Made a Searching and Fearless Moral Inventory of Ourselves.- Journal Miller's Market 9781544829494 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Therefore, we started upon a personal inventory. This was Step Four. A business which takes no regular inventory usually goes broke. Taking a commercial inventory is a fact-finding and a fact-facing process. It is an effort to discover the truth about the stock-in-trade. One object is to disclose damaged or unsalable goods, to get rid of them promptly and without regret. If the owner of the...
cena: 298
Made a Searching and Fearless Moral Inventory of Ourselves.- Journal
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