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 Pina Bausch: The Biography Marion Mayer 9781783199891 OBERON BOOKS

The first-ever biography in English of Pina Bausch: perhaps the most influential performer and choreographer of the twentieth century. Bausch was notoriously shy about discussing her work, yet Mayer's accessible account penetrates the mystique and mythology surrounding Pina's life. As well as illuminating her personal life and her work ethic, it also takes stock of Bausch's legacy and the...

cena: 555
Pina Bausch: The Biography
 Came Back to Show You I Could Fly Robin Klein Simmone Howell 9781925498318 Text Classics

Winner of the CBCA Book of the Year 1990 and the Human Rights Award for Literature 1989. Seymour is lonely and on the run from a gang of kids when he meets Angie--much older, confident, cool, and alluring. Seymour is captivated. But Angie has a secret that threatens to destroy her. A powerful account of an unlikely friendship and of addiction.

cena: 312
Came Back to Show You I Could Fly
 Letters from My Sister Alice Peterson 9781786480620 Quercus Publishing
Originally published as Look the World in the Eye, this is a wonderfully funny and moving novel from the bestselling Alice Peterson.
cena: 281
Letters from My Sister
 100 Desserts to Die for: Quick, Easy, Delicious Recipes for the Ultimate Classics Trish Deseine 9781743366943 MURDOCH BOOKS
Indulge in life's greatest pleasures with over 100 recipes for desserts, cakes and sweet treats in Trish Deseine's book 100 Desserts to Die For.
cena: 616
100 Desserts to Die for: Quick, Easy, Delicious Recipes for the Ultimate Classics
 Little Steamroller Graham Greene & Edward Ardizzone 9781782952848 RED FOX BOOKS

Every day the Little Steamroller works at London Airport clearing the runways for the aeroplanes and every day the people on the gate make fun of him. But they do not know of the time that this little steamroller defeated the Black Hand Gang--the infamous smuggling gang. This is his story. The Little Steamroller is one of the four titles in the Little Train series. First published in...

cena: 281
Little Steamroller
 Hurrah for Gin Small Notebook Katie Kirby 9781787130722 Quadrille Publishing
The perfect size to fit into a handbag, this 96pp paperback notebook is an indispensable place for notes on the go (or for your toddler to scribble in when you're trying to have a quiet cup of coffee).
cena: 220
Hurrah for Gin Small Notebook
 Our Special World: My Family Liz Lennon 9781445148960 Hachette Kids Franklin Watts
What is your family like? This book explores different sorts of families and what they like to do. It's a fantastic book to explore a 'Families' theme in an early years setting and includes topics such as Mums and Dads, brothers and sisters, grandparents, caring for each other and animal families.

Our Special World
is a series of books offering a simple text and photographs...
cena: 373
Our Special World: My Family
cena: 373
Miguel Rio Branco: Mechanics of Women
 Edward I's Conquest of Wales Sean Davies 9781473861664 Pen & Sword Books
The first scholarly account of the English conquest of Wales to be published for 100 years
cena: 799
Edward I's Conquest of Wales
cena: 433
The White Review Anthology
 Notes from the Velvet Underground: The Life of Lou Reed Howard Sounes 9781784160074 BLACK SWAN
Lou Reed, who died in 2013, was best known to the general public as the grumpy New Yorker in black who sang 'Walk on the Wild Side'. In this biography, the author examines his life and work, from birth to death, including his time as the leader of The Velvet Underground - one of the most important bands in rock'n'roll.
cena: 342
Notes from the Velvet Underground: The Life of Lou Reed
 Summer Giggles Anthology (W.T)   9781471146220 SIMON & SCHUSTER CHILDREN'S
"These eight silly tales for summer from top children's writers are huge fun," (The Times) and will "guarantee smiles all around" (Sunday Express).

Get ready to laugh your socks off with this brilliant collection of hilarious short stories from bestselling authors including Steve Cole, David Solomons, Joanna Nadin, Jeremy Strong, William Sutcliffe, Steven Butler, Candy Harper,...

cena: 251
Summer Giggles Anthology (W.T)
 Practical Calligraphy: Materials, Technique & Projects George Thomson 9781782402794 Ivy Press
Calligraphy can seem rather daunting, but theres no need to study for years if you just want to produce beautiful decorative lettering good enough to enhance your gifts and personal stationery. A friendly and approachable how-to guide, everything you need is in Practical Calligraphy.
cena: 281
Practical Calligraphy: Materials, Technique & Projects
 All in the Blue Unclouded Weather Robin Klein Amie Kaufman 9781925498325 Text Classics

"Fresh, humorous, offbeat."--School Library Journal

The first book in the trilogy about the four Melling sisters, growing up in an Australian country town in the postwar years. Although life is hard for the family and the sisters have their tiffs, this is a warm and funny story of loyalty and affection.

cena: 312
All in the Blue Unclouded Weather
 Mary Rose Geoffrey Girard 9781945293504 Adaptive Books

Mary Rose Moreland and Simon Blake are the perfect couple: successful young professionals in Philadelphia, attractive, madly in love, and ready to start a life together. When they travel to England for Simon to ask her parents' permission to marry Mary Rose, he learns an unsettling secret: Mary Rose disappeared when she was a little girl while the family was vacationing on a remote Scottish...

cena: 335
Mary Rose
 Hurrah for Gin Tabbed Journal Katie Kirby 9781787130753 Quadrille Publishing
Hardback ring bound notebook with 5 tabbed dividers and elastic closure for all the lists of things you may, or may not, get around to doing. Writing the lists will make you feel better though.
cena: 403
Hurrah for Gin Tabbed Journal
 Tribal Pop Art Organizer Camille Walala 9781787130593 Quadrille Publishing
Stay organized with this 128pp flexibound, lined A5 notebook with elastic closure and 6 die-cut pockets to store invitations, business cards or tickets.
cena: 342
Tribal Pop Art Organizer
 Practical Landscape Painting: Materials, Technique & Project David Hollis 9781782402800 Ivy Press
Watercolour is such a rewarding medium for the artist that its well worth mastering it offers both portability and gorgeous, rich, mutable colours. This is the perfect introduction for anyone whos thought about painting in watercolour but isnt sure where to start. Unintimidating and accessible, it will help you to get the pictures in your head onto the page without losing anything in the...
cena: 281
Practical Landscape Painting: Materials, Technique & Project
 Science Museum Fridge Magnets Science Museum 9781787130616
Part of the periodic table inspired stationery range, this set contains 118 magnetic tiles featuring all the periodic elements plus a handful of helpful punctuation symbols to enable you to spell out a huge number of?everyday words. Get a reaction by creating fun messages on your fridge while you're waiting for the kettle to boil.
cena: 282
Science Museum Fridge Magnets
 Dresses of Red and Gold Robin Klein Fiona Wood 9781925498332 Text Classics

"Touching, poignant, fresh and engaging."--Bulletin

The Melling sisters and their mother are preparing for a wedding. As a bridesmaid, Cathy will wear a beautiful dress. She hates the whole idea, but it's Vivienne's dream. This second book follows the sisters' rivalries and longings as they grow up.

cena: 312
Dresses of Red and Gold
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