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 'Drag' Harlan Charles Alden Seltzer 9781545014868 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 405
'Drag' Harlan
 Luminara Alexandra N. Goldsteiner 9783744801904 Books on Demand
cena: 525
 Be an Interplanetary Spy: Rebel Spy Len Neufeld Alex Nino 9781596875487 Ibooks for Young Readers
More than an app You make the decisions YOU ARE THE HERO OF YOUR OWN SCIENCE FICTION ADVENTURE Can you get past an angry alien guard dog? Or capture Valeeta, the notorious Rebel Spy? You work for the Interplanetary Spy Center, a far-reaching organization devoted to stopping crime and terrorism in the galaxy. While you are on your mission, you will take your orders from the Interplanetary Spy...
cena: 317
Be an Interplanetary Spy: Rebel Spy
Who would not be interested in the story of a man who showed tremendous potential as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ, failed spectacularly and then was transformed by the drawing love of the Savior to become a great preacher, church leader and shepherd of the Lord's ¬ock? That is the story of Peter, and in this warm devotional commentary William VanDoodewaard brings the letters Peter wrote...
cena: 341
Wcs 1 & 2 Peter: Feed My Sheep
cena: 594
 The Fall of (Grayson) Rome E. P. Paul 9781524650391 Authorhouse

Grayson Rome is just your average girl, even though she has seven siblings, is the daughter of a diplomat, and has lived in almost more countries than there are in the European Union. It's not exactly an easy life, and it doesn't get any easier when she meets Nate. But when Nate's long-lost mom is found to have survived a plane crash, conspiracies rise and trouble brews for the families, and...

cena: 364
The Fall of (Grayson) Rome
Blank journal with a work of art on the cover Life is art, and what better way to chronicle the goings-on in your life than in our Art of Life Journal showcasing a famous work of art. There are 150 pages for journal entries. Each page is printed on 60# stock, and is lightly lined and embellished. The cover is printed on 10pt stock, and is laminated for increased durability.
cena: 209
"Interior the Rape" by Edgar Degas - 1869: Journal (Blank / Lined)
 Mother of the Groom Shelly Lawson 9781523217311 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Samantha is back home in Texas, across the country from her fiance Jacob. Now, she faces a whole new set of choices that need to be made: How to tell her family she's engaged, planning a wedding, and family issues galore. Can she hack it as her illness and family expectations mount?
cena: 527
Mother of the Groom
 Symbols A Universal Language Piercy, Joseph 9781782437697
Symbols shows just how much importance has been attached to the smallest and simplest of ideas, with over forty of the most significant symbols from religion, politics and popular culture down the centuries.
cena: 278
Symbols A Universal Language
 Little Stars: What I Like - The Seaside Liz Lennon 9781445147673 Hachette Kids Franklin Watts
Using simple words and colourful photographs, this book helps young children find out about a day at the seaside. A perfect way to explore and discuss a child's world, the text is ideal for sharing or reading out loud. Notes for parents or caregivers are also included.
It is part of the Little Stars series, which introduce first concepts in a friendly and engaging way.
cena: 158
Little Stars: What I Like - The Seaside
 Gull Glenn Patterson 9781784971779 Head Of Zeus

It was one of the most bizarre episodes in the history of the Troubles in Northern Ireland: the construction, during the war's most savage phase, of a factory in West Belfast to make a luxury sports car with gull-wing doors. Huge subsidies were provided by the British government. The first car rolled off the line during the appalling hunger strikes of 1981. The prime mover and central...

cena: 278
 Impossible Zoo Leo Ruickbie 9781472136442 Constable & Robinson

Here you will find the things that once made the woods wild and the nights to be feared; that made ancient map-makers write, 'Here be Dragons'.

The Impossible Zoo is a biology of the supernatural - a study of the life of things that never lived. This world of mermaids and unicorns, now confined to fantasy, but once believed to exist, is a world of...

cena: 488
Impossible Zoo
 The Monroe Decision Patrick Clark 9781633934566 Koehler Books

When US covert operative Aaron Monroe is given the assignment to eliminate two high profile ISIS leaders, he discovers dozens of children locked in rooms in the basement of a European villa. He enlists the help of Sarah, his socialite girlfriend, and together they uncover a pipeline that supplies child brides and terrorist recruits to ISIS. Just when he is about to close the...

cena: 666
The Monroe Decision
 The Shaman's Son Jane Glatt 9781928025696 Tyche Books Ltd.

Aric Rawlings is the first man in the Riverman village to inherit Shaman powers in generations. Still trying to control his new gifts, Aric and his lover, Faelin, a true Conjurer, must work together to combat their new enemy, Burrage, another true Conjurer.

Burrage has the spell and the ability to complete the curse placed on the Rivermen. With the people of the Bridge turned against...

cena: 331
The Shaman's Son
cena: 609
 Kaffe Fassett's Adventures in Color (Adult Coloring Book): 36 Coloring Plates, 10 Inspiring Tutorials Kaffe Fassett 9781419724336 Abrams Noterie
Kaffe Fassett has inspired thousands of people around the globe with his colorful work in fabric, knitting, needlepoint, patchwork, painting, and mosaic. He is widely acknowledged as a visionary in the use of color and pattern. With his coloring book, Fassett shares 36 pieces of his own beautifully rendered line art plus 10 color tutorials complete with samples he created himself. Inspired by his...
cena: 398
Kaffe Fassett's Adventures in Color (Adult Coloring Book): 36 Coloring Plates, 10 Inspiring Tutorials
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