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 The World of Krypton John Byrne 9781401217952 DC Comics
"Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster."
Kniha bude vydaná: 06-03-2018
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The World of Krypton
 Control Andy Diggle Angela Cruickshank Andrea Mutti 9781524102685 Dynamite Entertainment
Detective-Sergeant Kate Burnham isn't making any friends in the Washington, DC Police Department. That makes her the perfect scapegoat when a routine homicide investigation threatens to blow open a criminal conspiracy reaching to the upper echelons of the DC power elite. Either Kate makes it go away, or they make her go away. Cop or criminal, power is all about control, applied top-down from the...
cena: 534
 Chiro Volume 7: The Star Project Hyekyung Baek Hyekyung Baek 9781600099687 NETCOMICS
-The boy burned with rage because he realized all the horrible coincidences in his life had one thing in common...Chiro.-
Dr. Ko seizes control of his younger brother's entertainment empire, and he has diabolical plans for Chiro's and Inan's careers. Meanwhile, Chiro struggles with skyrocketing stardom. Strangers become disturbingly obsessed with him. The paparazzi harass him trying to take...
cena: 336
Chiro Volume 7: The Star Project
 Corto Maltese: In Siberia Hugo Pratt Hugo Pratt 9781631408489 IDW Publishing
Nominated for both the Eisner and Harvey Awards for Best Foreign Language Publication
With this book Pratt leaves behind the short story form he'd used for twenty-one interrelated tales and presents a truly epic graphic novel. In the aftermath of the Russian Revolution and the First World War, Corto Maltese is engaged by the Red Lanterns--a Chinese secret society made up entirely of...
cena: 782
Corto Maltese: In Siberia
 RG Veda Omnibus Volume 2 Clamp                                    Clamp                                    Clamp 9781506700281 Dark Horse Manga
RG Veda, pronounced Rig Veda, is based on the classic Indian saga of the same name. Ashura has now placed trust in Kujaku, known for many lies, to tell the truth and lead them to the fabled Ice Castle in search of Yasha, magicked away in a cloud of butterflies But there are many strange fortresses in the realms of the gods, and the Sky Castle also is a place of darkness, shrouded...
cena: 658
RG Veda Omnibus Volume 2
 Gracie's Odyssey Dee Dee Rivera Cairo Smith 9781329032248
Gracie's Odyssey is a UMG masterpiece This is the story about a young Tamanoa doe named Gracie that lives in a zoo, and has a litter of fawns. One of which is severely undersized, but strong. She learns a hard lesson in zoo life, when her babies are sold to other zoos. But she does not want to let go of the littlest fawn. So she begs the keeper to let her keep him, and he does, but only for a...
cena: 742
Gracie's Odyssey
 Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt, Vol. 6: The Halflings Gem R. a. Salvatore Andrew Dabb Tim Seeley 9781631408656 IDW Publishing
Adapted from the famous book by R.A. Salvatore, The Legend of Drizzt: The Halfling s Gem. At long last, Drizzt D ourden has found a surrogate family to love and stand by through all. However, in the aftermath of the battle for Mithral Hall, Drizzt finds this family in pieces. Bruenor Battlehammer is lost, thought to be dead; Guenwhyvar--his loyal, magical panther--is missing; and...
cena: 534
Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt, Vol. 6: The Halflings Gem
 Episode 4: Quantum Anomalies Leo 9781849183468 Cinebook Ltd
Marie, Alex, Antac and Selkert have gone through another temporal disturbance after Djamila was captured by bizarre sentient cephalopods. The terrible news comes soon after: they ve jumped forward almost a century Horrified, devastated, they nonetheless launch an assault against the cephalopods floating village, hoping that the temporal disturbance struck there too. But even if they find...
cena: 264
Episode 4: Quantum Anomalies
 Kiss Volume One Amy Chu Kewber Baal 9781524102982 Dynamite Entertainment
KISS returns to comics in a futuristic, dark sci-fi adventure written by Amy Chu (Poison Ivy) and illustrated by Kewber Baal (Army of Darkness: Furious Road). In a world without sun and a world without heroes, four young friends embark on a dangerous mission - to uncover the truth about the mysterious Council of Elders and their underground home, the city of Blackwell. But first they need some...
cena: 534
Kiss Volume One
 Wet Moon Book Three (New Edition): Further Realms of Fright Sophie Campbell Sophie Campbell 9781620103296 Oni Press
Cleo Lovedrop isn't sure what to call her relationship with Myrtle. Are they friends? Are they dating? Are they both? But while she's figuring it out, life gets in the way. First there's an incident at a Bella Morte concert, and then her sister, Penny, tells her something completely shocking. And then Cleo's cat goes missing It seems like Myrtle is the only good thing in her life. But there are...
cena: 534
Wet Moon Book Three (New Edition): Further Realms of Fright
 Boundless Jillian Tamaki 9781770462878 Drawn & Quarterly

The cartoonist of This One Summer and SuperMutant Magic Academy explores the virtual and IRL world of contemporary women via a lens both surreal and wry

Jenny becomes obsessed with a strange "mirror Facebook," which presents an alternate, possibly better, version of herself. Helen finds her clothes growing baggy, her shoes looser, and as she shrinks away to...

cena: 584
 Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth Uncensored John Wagner Pat Mills Brian Bolland 9781781085691 2000 AD
The complete story collected in paperback for the very first time, with a brand new cover from comics legend Mick McMahon.
Mega-City One, 2100. This post-apocalyptic city of the future is blighted by overcrowding, poverty and misery. With each of the 400 million citizens a potential criminal, order is maintained by future lawmen known as the Judges who have the power to act as judge, jury and...
cena: 658
Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth Uncensored
 Batman/Superman Vol. 6 Peter J. Tomasi Various 9781401268190 DC Comics
Superman is facing his end. The Final Days of Superman is here. Batman and Superman are working to prepare the world for the loss of the Last Son of Krypton, but nothing will truly prepare the planet for what is to come. The super heroes will find friends and foes as they traverse Earth in a desperate last attempt to save Superman.
cena: 782
Batman/Superman Vol. 6
 Daredevil by Ed Brubaker & Michael Lark Omnibus Vol. 2 Ed Brubaker Greg Rucka Ande Parks 9781302908591 Marvel Comics
Longtime DD fans will not be disappointed as the critically acclaimed, award-winning creative team of Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark leave their mark on one of comics' most enduring legends For the past few years, Matt Murdock's life has been teetering on the edge of destruction. Now, pushed beyond the limit, he finds himself behind the eight ball with no clear way out, the people he calls friends...
cena: 1896
Daredevil by Ed Brubaker & Michael Lark Omnibus Vol. 2
 The Legion of Regrettable Supervillains: Oddball Criminals from Comic Book History Jon Morris 9781594749322 Quirk Books
Meet the lesser of all evils
Every hero needs a villain. But not all villains are dangerous some are incompetent, comical, or just . . . weird. In his follow-up to The League of Regrettable Superheroes, author Jon Morris presents over a hundred of the strangest, most stupefying supervillains to ever see print in comics. Meet D-list rogues like Brickbat (choice of weapon:...
cena: 657
The Legion of Regrettable Supervillains: Oddball Criminals from Comic Book History
 New World: An Anthology of Sci-Fi and Fantasy C. Spike Trotman 9780970873170 Iron Circus Comics

Combining twenty-four different science fiction and fantasy stories by twenty-four different creative teams, this anthology comic focuses on culture clash, exploring what happens when difference civilizations, worlds, and species meet. These are stories of discovery, conflict, communication, misunderstanding, and exploitation. It revels in the wonder of the new, but reminds us that one...

cena: 782
New World: An Anthology of Sci-Fi and Fantasy
 Nailbiter Volume 6: The Bloody Truth Joshua Williamson Mike Henderson 9781534301559 Image Comics
Sixteen of the world's worst serial killers were all born and raised in the same small town.
For years people have tried to solve the mystery of -Why this town?- And now the truth is finally revealed... but at what cost?
The bloody tale of horror from creators JOSHUA WILLIAMSON and MIKE HENDERSON continues
Fans of Wytches, Outcast and The Walking Dead will enjoy this thriller drama ...
cena: 411
Nailbiter Volume 6: The Bloody Truth
 Divinity III: Stalinverse Matt Kindt Trevor Hairsine 9781682151914 Valiant Entertainment LLC
Earth has a new god. The world you know is gone. Welcome to the Stalinverse, comrade.
Welcome to the year 2017...where the Soviet Union has spent decades as the world's reigning superpower and the Iron Curtain now encircles a planet riddled with war, strife, and oppression. Freedom is a thing of the past in the Stalinverse... So why can't Russian intelligence officer Colin King shake the...
cena: 411
Divinity III: Stalinverse
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