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 What's Your Dog Telling You? Australia's Best-Known Dog Communicator Explains Your Dog's Behaviour Martin McKenna 9780733329364 HC 360
The book to own if you want to know EXACTLY what your dog is thinking - and why your dog sometimes behaves strangely. Martin 'The Dog Man' McKenna translates the language of dog and shares simple, ingenious ways to improve your dog's behaviour. After helping thousands of people improve their dogs' behaviour, Martin 'The Dog Man' McKenna believes the real problem is the same as it's always been -...
cena: 312
What's Your Dog Telling You? Australia's Best-Known Dog Communicator Explains Your Dog's Behaviour
 Cook with Love: The Pete Evans Collection Evans, Pete 9781760527723
Cook with Love brings together 150 of Pete Evans's favorite recipes from a lifelong love affair with food. This beautifully designed volume features chapters devoted to tasty breakfasts, lazy lunches, family feasts, the barbecue, seafood, and more. Like all Pete's dishes, the recipes are simple, unfussy, and utterly delicious; and Pete brings plenty of tips for novice and experienced cooks...
cena: 616
Cook with Love: The Pete Evans Collection
 Secret Cotswolds Hazeldine, Sue 9781445664125 Secret
The Area of Outstanding National Beauty known as the Cotswolds is famous for its range of rolling green hills and quaint English towns and villages, filled with honey-coloured stone cottages and hosting bustling weekend markets. This beautiful vast expanse stretches across five counties in southern England and has a rich history that reaches right back to the Neolithic Age. Join Sue Hazeldine as...
cena: 494
Secret Cotswolds
 Steve Backshall's Venom Steve Backshall 9781472930262 Bloomsbury Natural History
cena: 494
Steve Backshall's Venom
 Stitch People: A 20-Project Guide to Modern Embroidery Techniques Dixey, Jo 9781782215622
Learn to embroider project by project with Royal School of Needlework (RSN) trained, professional embroiderer Jo Dixey.

Sure--coloring books are enjoyable and great for stress relief, but what if you want more? More creativity, more mindfulness and more fun? There are myriad crafts that can give you all of these and embroidery, or stitching, is one of them. Tap into your creative side...

cena: 433
Stitch People: A 20-Project Guide to Modern Embroidery Techniques
 One Breath Lisa Kristine 9780983920526 Goff Books
One Breath is a book of humanistic portraits that span our planet, reminding us of the basic truth that we are all one people, all connected. No matter what ethnicity, nationality, or beliefs we hold, we all partake in the miracle of our first breath at birth, the adventure of life, and the mystery of death.

This book journeys through the heart of humanity. Lisa Kristine's portraits...

cena: 1181
One Breath
 The Apprentice of Split Crow Lane: The Story of the Carr's Hill Murder Housham, Jane 9781786481603
The investigation into a Gateshead child murder reveals the Victorians - their classes, their justice and their scandals - as never before
cena: 342
The Apprentice of Split Crow Lane: The Story of the Carr's Hill Murder
 Anja Putensen: The Heath Anja Putensen 9783735603159 Kerber Verlag
cena: 580
Anja Putensen: The Heath
 Gianluca Galtrucco: For Your Consideration Gianluca Galtrucco 9783775743440 Hatje Cantz
cena: 1393
Gianluca Galtrucco: For Your Consideration
cena: 376
Home-Grown Tastes Better
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