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 Cattle Problems Explained: Thirty Original Essays on Cattle Diseases J. W. Clarke Jackson Chambers 9781548698355 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
This special reprint edition of "Cattle Problems Explained " was written by J.W. Clarke in 1880 and delves into the subject of cattle diseases and conditions and how to care for your herd. Some of the topics covered include History of Hand-Milking and Udder Growth, Formation and Color of Milk, Duration of Yield in Milk Cows, Selecting Milk Cows, Breeds of Cattle for the Western Ranges, Training,...
cena: 518
Cattle Problems Explained: Thirty Original Essays on Cattle Diseases
 Carlos Cazalis: Sangre de Reyes Carlos Cazalis 9788416282753 Rm
Spanish-Mexican photographer Carlos Cazalis (born 1969) followed the matador Jose Tomas through three countries to create this cinematic volume on modern-day bullfighting. Blood of Kings cycles through the exhilarating and dangerous world of a controversial professional bullfighter through eloquent photographs.
cena: 950
Carlos Cazalis: Sangre de Reyes
 Latex Mask Making: A Workshop with Russ Adams Russ Adams 9781542729642 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
LATEX MASK MAKING: A Workshop with Russ Adams In this how-to workshop series, by special effects artist and creature designer Russ Adams, you will learn the latex mask making process used by professional mask makers and Hollywood designers. This book includes in depth step-by-step tutorials from concept to finished mask. In addition to this latex rubber mask making process, you will learn how to...
cena: 398
Latex Mask Making: A Workshop with Russ Adams
 Milkweed: Journal/Planner Mary Hirose 9781548724337 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Before I knew the importance of this plant, my grandmother and I would make ornaments out of the empty dried pods, and since this was in the 70s, of course we spray painted the pods gold, before additional embellishments. Since then I've discovered that the pods are edible, have similar properties to goose down, and that the milkweed plant is so important to pollinators and especially monarchs....
cena: 218
Milkweed: Journal/Planner
 Barbara Hulanicki's Fashion Illustration Workbook Barbara Hulanicki   9781910787342 Unicorn Publishing Group
The heart of Swingin London in the 1960s was fashion and at the heart of that fashion scene was Barbara Hulanicki s BIBA label. The day she opened her first store, in Kensington, she sold her entire stock within an hour, and the excitement only built from there. By 1973, BIBA had a whole department store, and its tights cuts, skinny sleeves, and earth tones were the essence of fashionable women s...
cena: 381
Barbara Hulanicki's Fashion Illustration Workbook
 Mehitza Myriam Tangi 9789652298997 Gefen Books

Artist Myriam Tangi set off on a quest: to explore the psychological, spiritual, and emotional facets of the mehitza. This physical structure, separating between men and women during Jewish prayer services, has elicited much debate, but its profound influence on the prayers and thoughts of the women behind it demands deeper understanding. How does the separation between men and women...

cena: 1210
 Raising Chickens: How to Build a Chicken COOP in 5 Easy Steps Nolan Day 9781548730659 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Raising Chickens How to Build a Chicken Coop in 5 Easy Steps

Keeping chickens has become increasing common - not simply does one get yourself a standard supply of free-range eggs, you also have the pleasure and the joy of keeping chickens. However, you know all the benefits that come with raising chickens, but the question is "where do I keep them?" Well, you could venture out and buy a...

cena: 253
Raising Chickens: How to Build a Chicken COOP in 5 Easy Steps
 My Dog's Journal M. M. Graham 9781548744885 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
My dog's journal is a great way for loving owners to records events in their dog's life. Fill your journal with writing journal entries, adding photographs, drawings, sketches, stickers or memes. Book size 7 x 10 inches. This journal has profile pages for up to 4 dogs, so your pack can share it too The rest of the journal has Titled themed blank pages so that you can work on whatever page theme...
cena: 230
My Dog's Journal
cena: 206
Yellow-Crowned Amazon Notebook
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