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 Selkirk and Melrose Through Time Jack Gillon 9781445673004 Amberley Publishing
This fascinating selection of photographs shows how the towns of Selkirk & Melrose have changed and developed over the last century.
cena: 500
Selkirk and Melrose Through Time
 One Breath Lisa Kristine 9780983920526 Goff Books
One Breath is a book of humanistic portraits that span our planet, reminding us of the basic truth that we are all one people, all connected. No matter what ethnicity, nationality, or beliefs we hold, we all partake in the miracle of our first breath at birth, the adventure of life, and the mystery of death.

This book journeys through the heart of humanity. Lisa Kristine's portraits...

cena: 1180
One Breath
cena: 1132
Jan Tove: Faraway/Nearby
 Steve Backshall's Venom Steve Backshall 9781472930262 Bloomsbury Natural History
cena: 500
Steve Backshall's Venom
 David Gaberle: Metropolight David Gaberle 9788074372285 Kant
cena: 542
David Gaberle: Metropolight
 Death, Image, Memory: The Genocide in Rwanda and Its Aftermath in Photography and Documentary Film Piotr Cieplak 9781137579874 Palgrave MacMillan
This book explores how photography and documentary film have participated in the representation of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and its aftermath.
cena: 2496
Death, Image, Memory: The Genocide in Rwanda and Its Aftermath in Photography and Documentary Film
 Global Game: Sport, Culture, Development and Foreign Policy: Culture Report Eunic Yearbook 2016 William Billows Sebastian Korber 9783958291980 Steidl/Institute for Foreign Cultural Relatio
Can sport be a strategic instrument in foreign cultural policy? Can global sport still be a role model for civil society and achieve wider development goals? All these questions and more are addressed in this volume.
cena: 448
Global Game: Sport, Culture, Development and Foreign Policy: Culture Report Eunic Yearbook 2016
 Head Shots of Hand Models Oli Kellett 9781910566077 Hoxton Mini Press

These models are the stars of the biggest advertising campaigns around. They adorn huge billboards. Some are insured for seven figure sums. Some are classed as supermodels, but you've never seen their faces--until now. Each model is shown peeling a banana alongside a full-face portrait coupled with a quote about life as a hand model.

Oli Kellett is a professional portrait and...

cena: 380
Head Shots of Hand Models
 Figure/Ground Daniel Buzzo 9781364412241 Blurb
Celebrated Danish architect Steen Eiler Rasmussen wrote of the urban city scape "At the meeting with the sky a luminous figure is drawn." From British artist and photographer Daniel Buzzo, this book is the first of a series of photo studies of people and the built environment. Shot in Hong Kong over 14 days in January 2016, the book features 40 full colour images over 60 pages re-imagining the...
cena: 1231
 Carli Hermes  9789089897039 Lannoo Publishers (Acc)
- A collection of exclusive groundbreaking photography from Carli Hermes Dutch photographer Carli Hermes has been working all over the world as a groundbreaking photographer for over 25 years now. This book features Carli's classics including his work for brands like Martini, Swatch, Levi's, Mexx, G-Star, Nike, WE, Philips, Sony, BMW, Suitsupply and Mercedes Benz, and it has Carli's personal...
cena: 1564
Carli Hermes
 Pieter Hugo: 1994 Pieter Hugo 9783791382739 Prestel Publishing
Brilliant South African photographer Pieter Hugo reflects on a generation of Africans born in an era of unprecedented freedom and in the wake of unspeakable violence. Celebrated for his often unsettling but arresting images, especially from his native continent, Pieter Hugo is a photographer with a passion for revealing the truth, no matter how painful or disturbing it may be. In this book, he...
cena: 1117
Pieter Hugo: 1994
 Risking Life and Lens: A Photographic Memoir Helen M. Stummer 9781439914571 Temple University Press

For more than forty years, Helen M. Stummer has captured images depicting the dignity, humanity, and suffering of people living in conditions of poverty. Her efforts taught her to understand firsthand the resilience of people living in insufferable conditions. In her inspiring memoir, Risking Life and Lens, Stummer recounts her experiences as a socially-concerned documentary...

cena: 876
Risking Life and Lens: A Photographic Memoir
 Ricardo Martin Chema Conesa Juantxo Egana 9788416248520 La Fabrica Dap
Basque photographer Ricardo Martin (1882-1936) captured his home city San Sebastian in the midst of the Belle Epoque, snapping portraits of Sorolla, Chaplin, Azorin, Unamuno and Pio Baroja, among others. This publication includes his sports-related work as well as photographs from the Hispano-Moroccan war.
cena: 518
Ricardo Martin
 Underwater Photography: A Pictorial Guide to Shooting Great Pictures Larry Gates 9781682031322 Amherst Media
Beginning underwater photographers may be surprised to find that there are numerous toolsfrom fully automated cameras, to smart phone cameras, to sophisticated DSLRsthat can be used to create incredible underwater photographs. In this book, author Larry Gates (of Aberdeen, South Dakota) dives in to the topic of underwater photography and teaches the skills beginning photographers need to explore...
cena: 905
Underwater Photography: A Pictorial Guide to Shooting Great Pictures
 Fukushima: Return to  9781908211484 Carpet Bombing Culture
For the first time since the catasophic events caused the world's worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl, residents were given permission to return to their homes. Rebecca Bathory was one of the few outsiders granted permission to photograph in the exclusion zone - to capture for future generations this dark yet hopeful moment in their history.
cena: 653
Fukushima: Return to
 Fresh Sybil Sylvester Charles McNair 9781943876440 Glitterati
Southern floral artist Sybil Sylvester does more than arrange flowers; she uses inventive ideas and fresh plants to illuminate her surroundings. Many of her plants come straight from her own garden, revealing a natural sense of connection that is evident throughout the pages of Fresh. This stunning book presents Sybil's most effervescent and distinctive floral designs, organized by season, plus...
cena: 1180
 Random Shots of Light Jan Knopp 9781364595111 Blurb
Ab book about one of the most untold public objects of civilization: Streetlights by daylight. The swiss art director Jan Knopp shoots Portraits of streetlights during the day. Objects of civilization that you only see during the day - when they are not in use. And at night you can't see their body form because you're blinded by their light.
cena: 560
Random Shots of Light
 Aurora Borealis Andy Long 9781682032084 Amherst Media
Award-winning photographer and accomplished instructor Andy Long provides a comprehensive guide to photographing the Aurora Borealis. It, readers will learn everything they need to know about photographing this phenomenon--along with some very special techniques designed to help kick their image-making up to the next level. Long covers all the details from simply understanding the aurora and...
cena: 608
Aurora Borealis
 Bruce Sargeant 2018 Bruce Sargeant 9783959852876 Bruno Gmuender
The art of Bruce Sargeant was long undiscovered. New York-based artist Mark Beard has devoted the last two decades to exploring and amassing the work of Bruce Sargeant, a painter who idealized and celebrated the beauty of the male form. His subtly-toned oil paintings of young men at sport and leisure are reminiscent of classic figure painting, highlighting his beaux arts training, yet their...
cena: 593
Bruce Sargeant 2018
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