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 Global Game: Sport, Culture, Development and Foreign Policy: Culture Report Eunic Yearbook 2016 William Billows Sebastian Korber 9783958291980 Steidl/Institute for Foreign Cultural Relatio
Can sport be a strategic instrument in foreign cultural policy? Can global sport still be a role model for civil society and achieve wider development goals? All these questions and more are addressed in this volume.
cena: 448
Global Game: Sport, Culture, Development and Foreign Policy: Culture Report Eunic Yearbook 2016
 The Garden Photography Workshop: Expert Tips and Techniques for Capturing the Essence of Your Garden Andrea Jones 9781604696691 Timber Press (OR)
Learn to take better garden photos

One of the most rewarding aspects of gardening is sharing its beauty, both physically with those who visit and virtually with those who only see it on a screen. But capturing a garden's true essence is difficult, and often the moments worth sharing are ephemeral. In The Garden Photography Workshop, internationally known garden...
cena: 589
The Garden Photography Workshop: Expert Tips and Techniques for Capturing the Essence of Your Garden
 Street Photography Tom Young 9781320745352 Blurb
Tom Young is a street photographer based in Edmonton, Canada. Street photography is a type of photography that features subjects in candid, unrehearsed situations within public places. He is a member of OBSERVE, an international photography collective. Spanning four continents they are united by a common fascination with watching and documenting the diverse humanity that surrounds us. While...
cena: 352
Street Photography
 Frozen in Time: Photographs Sarah Butler Alison Morley Vicki Goldberg 9781943876280 Glitterati
An exquisite photographic narrative chronicling a turbulent mother-daughter relationship in the serene setting of a beautiful but decrepit Maine home, Frozen in Time is at once beautiful and heart-wrenching. Sarah C. Butler's luminous photographs tell a poignant story of coming to terms with a difficult mother in a way that is both intimately personal and universally relatable.Drawn to reconnect...
cena: 1801
Frozen in Time: Photographs
 Just in Time Jon Vismans 9781320671064 Blurb
During the dictatorship of Salazar, Angela and her husband fled from Portugal tot France. On a flea market we found agenda (1985) and faded photographs. We were able to locate the abandoned house.
cena: 737
Just in Time
 Adventures in Ink 2 Tom Williams 9781367718852 Blurb
Book Of Sketches by the artist that brought you "Bloody Plum"
cena: 155
Adventures in Ink 2
 Ricardo Martin Chema Conesa Juantxo Egana 9788416248520 La Fabrica Dap
Basque photographer Ricardo Martin (1882-1936) captured his home city San Sebastian in the midst of the Belle Epoque, snapping portraits of Sorolla, Chaplin, Azorin, Unamuno and Pio Baroja, among others. This publication includes his sports-related work as well as photographs from the Hispano-Moroccan war.
cena: 532
Ricardo Martin
 How to Start a Photography Business Tracy Dorr 9781682031285 Amherst Media
Ready to turn your passion for photography into a viable business and profit while doing what you love? In this book, award-winning portrait and wedding photographer Tracy Dorr (from Williamsville, NY) shows you how to visualize your perfect business and execute the necessary steps, one at a time, to reach your every goal.
You ll learn how to choose a specialty that suits you and gain...
cena: 930
How to Start a Photography Business
 One Wedding: Dubai Brett Florens 9781682031841 Amherst Media
cena: 930
One Wedding: Dubai
 An Unseen Oxford Peter David Grant 9781367387843 Blurb
An Unseen Oxford is an ongoing documentary photography project based in and around the City of Oxford. It aims to look behind the known or seen, and find people and activities which most residents and visitors wouldn't notice or realise they were there. Its goal is to remind us of the things we so easily take for granted.
cena: 473
An Unseen Oxford
 Photography and Germany Andres Mario Zervigon 9781780237480 Reaktion Books
The idea of photography in Germany evokes everything from the pioneering modernist pictures of the Weimar era to the colossal digital prints that define art photography today. But it also recalls horrifying documents of wartime atrocities and the relentless surveillance of East German citizens. Photography and Germany broadens these perceptions by examining the medium s multi-faceted...
cena: 722
Photography and Germany
 Someone's Idol Osamu Matsuo 9784865050653 Nippan Ips
SOMEONE'S IDOL is the second book from Sasebo project, launched by photographer Osamu Matsuo in 2007 to rediscover the city and deliver its attraction through photographs. In this book he introduces freewheeling night life in two famous bar districts which have developed too much considering the size of the city. Capturing portraits of multinational female workers, military men and local...
cena: 1095
Someone's Idol
 The Art of Selling Portrait Photography: In-Person Sales Techniques to Maximize Customer Satisfaction and Profits Christie Mumm 9781682032329 Amherst Media
Photographers who provide digital files instead of professionally finished prints and albums are not just missing out on income, they are limiting the ways they can serve their clients and giving up control of the quality of the finished product. This has a ripple effects that can negatively affect the long-term viability of the business. As Christie Mumm shows in this book, failing to sell...
cena: 625
The Art of Selling Portrait Photography: In-Person Sales Techniques to Maximize Customer Satisfaction and Profits
 Yes Yes We're Magicians Jonah Samson 9781927958865 Figure 1 Publishing
Yes Yes We're Magicians is a compilation of anonymous, vintage black-and-white photographs mostly found on eBay from the personal collection of the Canadian artist, collector and writer Jonah Samson. Titled after a line from Samuel Beckett s play, Waiting for Godot, the dominant mood of the book recalls Beckett s take on human existence as tragicomic. Samson, too, reflects on the absurdity...
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Yes Yes We're Magicians
 Arbus, Friedlander, Winogrand Sarah Hermanson Meister 9780870709555 Museum of Modern Art
In the past decade a new generation of photographers has directed the documentary approach toward more personal ends. Their aim has been not to reform life, but to know it. --John Szarkowski
In 1967, The Museum of Modern Art presented New Documents, a landmark exhibition organized by John Szarkowski that brought together a selection of works by three photographers whose...
cena: 1096
Arbus, Friedlander, Winogrand
 Robert Haas: Framing Two Worlds Robert Haas 9783775741996 Hatje Cantz Publishers
From portraits of major figures such as Albert Einstein and Arturo Toscanini to studies of everyday life and society in Vienna between the two world wars and street photography in New York, the oeuvre of the Austrian-American photographer Robert Haas (1898-1997) encompasses numerous themes and unites the views of two continents. His artistic career began in the milieu of 1920s Viennese modernism;...
cena: 994
Robert Haas: Framing Two Worlds
 Buzzing at the Sill Peter Va 9783868287363 Kehrer Verlag

Buzzing at the Sillis Peter van Agtmael's exploration of the United States in the shadow of the post 9/11 wars. A sequel to his critically acclaimed Disco Night Sept. 11, it begins on a dusk flight over an anonymous landscape, moving unsentimentally- and sometimes surreally- into images of race, class, war, memory, torture, nationalism, family, and place. The images have a...

cena: 1096
Buzzing at the Sill
 Amy Blakemore: People, Cars and Buildings, Sculptures, Flowers, and Junk Amy Blakemore 9781933619613 Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
Over the past three decades, Houston-based Amy Blakemore (born 1958) has created a rich body of photographic still lifes, portraits and everyday vignettes. A champion of the worn, the awkward and the plain, Blakemore wrests beauty from the commonplace.
cena: 284
Amy Blakemore: People, Cars and Buildings, Sculptures, Flowers, and Junk
 Anouk Kruithof: Automagic Anouk Kruithof 9788416282524 Rm
Automagic is a book by Dutch visual artist Anouk Kruithof (born 1981) containing images from her -automatic archive- taken with iPhones and small digital cameras over the past 12 years. Spread out across nine books made of different papers, the sculptural volume is an exploration of image reproduction today.
cena: 3123
Anouk Kruithof: Automagic
 Palm Maison Lite. 002 Fablzeal Co Ltd 9784906994106 Fablzeal Co., Ltd
Palm maison lite is another series offered by FABLZEAL. Since they are always focusing on photographs for fashion magazine "Palm masion" they decided to make new series on photography only. Combining story-rich themes and beautiful images, this visual book series will appeal to anyone with an interest in photography, fashion and art.
cena: 625
Palm Maison Lite. 002
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