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 MILLI Bau: Silk Road MILLI Bau 9783735603890 Kerber Verlag
cena: 1113
MILLI Bau: Silk Road
cena: 1060
The Opera: Volume VI
 Alessandra D'Urso & Alessandra Borghese: Jubileum Alessandra D'Urso Alessandra Borghese 9783958292581 Steidl Dap
Jubileum is an artistic reportage of the 2015-16 Jubilee of Mercy, the celebration of the Catholic Holy Year proclaimed by Pope Francis and centered around St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. The Jubilee, held every 25 to 50 years since first instigated by Boniface VIII in 1300, is a time of universal pardon, where pilgrims head to Rome to renew their faith.
Alessandra d'Urso and Alessandra...
cena: 791
Alessandra D'Urso & Alessandra Borghese: Jubileum
 Lee Friedlander: Chain Link Lee Friedlander 9783958292598 Steidl Dap
Lee Friedlander is celebrated for his ability to weave disparate elements from ordinary life into uncanny images of great formal complexity and visual wit. And few things have attracted his attention--or been more unpredictable in their effect--than the humble chain link fence.
Erected to delineate space, form protective barriers and bring order to chaos, the fences in Friedlander's pictures...
cena: 1060
Lee Friedlander: Chain Link
 One Breath Lisa Kristine 9780983920526 Goff Books
One Breath is a book of humanistic portraits that span our planet, reminding us of the basic truth that we are all one people, all connected. No matter what ethnicity, nationality, or beliefs we hold, we all partake in the miracle of our first breath at birth, the adventure of life, and the mystery of death.

This book journeys through the heart of humanity. Lisa Kristine's portraits...

cena: 1175
One Breath
 Here / Still / Now Paul D'Amato 9783868287820 Kehrer Verlag
cena: 1056
Here / Still / Now
 Gianluca Galtrucco: For Your Consideration Gianluca Galtrucco 9783775743440 Hatje Cantz
cena: 1382
Gianluca Galtrucco: For Your Consideration
 Thomas Ruff: Interieurs Thomas Ruff 9783960980797 Walther Konig Verlag
cena: 1245
Thomas Ruff: Interieurs
 Death, Image, Memory: The Genocide in Rwanda and Its Aftermath in Photography and Documentary Film Piotr Cieplak 9781137579874 Palgrave MacMillan
This book explores how photography and documentary film have participated in the representation of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda and its aftermath.
cena: 2426
Death, Image, Memory: The Genocide in Rwanda and Its Aftermath in Photography and Documentary Film
 Secret Loughton Michael Foley 9781445674445 Amberley Publishing
Explore the secret history of the town that grew up in the middle of a forest through a fascinating selection of stories, facts and photographs.
cena: 487
Secret Loughton
 Petri Juntunen: At the Heart of It All Petri Juntunen 9783775743556 Hatje Cantz
cena: 1086
Petri Juntunen: At the Heart of It All
 Mute: Thoughts about Forgotten History in Singapore Aik Beng Chia Li Li Chung Kenneth Tay 9789814779685 Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte L
From a series of five volumes by the Exactly Foundation, which commissions leading photographers to create works that stimulate discussion of social concerns in Singapore
cena: 457
Mute: Thoughts about Forgotten History in Singapore
 The 50 Francis Street Photographer Suzanne Behan 9781473661691 Hachette Ireland
The 50 Francis Street Photographer is a fascinating social history and celebration of the people and places in the photographs of Dubliner John Walsh.
cena: 577
The 50 Francis Street Photographer
 Glitterati: Shooting Fashion, Fame & Fortune Robert Rosen 9781742579368 New Holland Publishers
Glitterati is the extraordinary collection of Robert Rosen's photographs of iconic celebrities, stars, artists, fashion and society through the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000-2015, photographed in London, Paris, New York, Milan & Sydney.
cena: 936
Glitterati: Shooting Fashion, Fame & Fortune
 Maxime Ballesteros: Les Absents Maxime Ballesteros 9783775743563 Hatje Cantz
cena: 1011
Maxime Ballesteros: Les Absents
cena: 1328
Francesco Neri: Trophy and Treasure
 Impossible Photography: Surreal Pictures That Challenge Our Perception Agata Toromanoff 9781908233110 Eken Press
Surreal Pictures That Challenge Our Perception.
cena: 577
Impossible Photography: Surreal Pictures That Challenge Our Perception
 David Gaberle: Metropolight David Gaberle 9788074372285 Kant
cena: 541
David Gaberle: Metropolight
 Dorset in Photographs Matthew Pinner 9781445676920 Amberley Publishing
An image-led journey around the coast of Dorset.
cena: 547
Dorset in Photographs
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