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 Waders of Europe  Gejl, Lars 9781472947055
cena: 1333
Waders of Europe
 Little Guide to Butterflies  0 9781787130340
Enter the secret world of?the butterfly with this handy pocket guide. Beautifully illustrated throughout, The Little Guide to Butterflies offers a modern reference to identifying these glorious insects.

Featuring 40 of the most distinctive butterflies from around the world, this book is the perfect companion for anyone looking to reconnect with nature, whether that's when out walking...

cena: 284
Little Guide to Butterflies
 Dancing with Trees ECO-Tales from the British Isles Galbraith, Allison 9780750978873
The oral storytelling traditions of the British Isles have connected people to the land and to their plant and animal neighbors for centuries. This collection brings together story wisdom from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland that speaks to the heart of humanity's relationship with nature. Whether it's traditional stories about native birds and animals or tales of living in harmony with the...
Kniha bude vydaná: 01-08-2018
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Dancing with Trees ECO-Tales from the British Isles
 Tail Talk the Secret Language of Dogs: Over 50 Ways to Read Sophie Collins 9781782402916 Ivy Press
Your dogs ears, eyes, head, mouth and teeth, back, legs and tail all work in concert to convey his mood so why is it sometimes so difficult to understand what hes saying? Tail Talk to the rescue This handy guide teaches you the canine body-language alphabet, letter by letter, and then galvanizes your knowledge in a handy phrasebook that displays the various parts speaking together. A refreshing...
cena: 284
Tail Talk the Secret Language of Dogs: Over 50 Ways to Read
 Kennel Club's Illustrated Breed Standards: The Official Guide to Registered Breeds  The Kennel Club 9781785035265

The Kennel Club's Breed Standards form the basis for judging dogs at all licensed breed shows. This fully revised edition of the authoritative guide outlines the descriptive "standards" for each of the 201 pure breeds of dog now recognized by the Kennel Club. The book has been completely updated by a panel of experts to incorporate the latest standards for all breeds in each of the principal...

cena: 1426
Kennel Club's Illustrated Breed Standards: The Official Guide to Registered Breeds
 Get Fit with Your Dog 20 Ways to Active Health Together Sullivan, Karen 9781782404682
20 ways to active health together

Get Fit with Your Dog does what it says on the tin. It is a blueprint for health, for you and your dog. With canine and human obesity in the UK and USA running at an all-time high of 40 and 30 percent, respectively, and exercise by both species in steady decline, it's time for some informed action. This book tells you all you...
Get Fit with Your Dog 20 Ways to Active Health Together
 Wonder Dogs True Stories of Canine Courage Holt, Ben 9781849539975
Daisy, the tiny Dachshund who put her life on the line to save her humans from a bear. Charco, the veteran sniffer dog who has saved countless human lives, and yet still keeps his tail wagging. Delta, the dog who died trying to protect her young owner from a volcano--after already having saved his life three times. It's a truth universally acknowledged that dogs are pretty great. And when it...
cena: 315
Wonder Dogs True Stories of Canine Courage
 Sweet, Wild Note What We Hear When the Birds Sing Smyth, Richard 9781783963140
Birdsong is woven into culture, emotions, and landscape. It is the soundtrack to our world, shaping experiences of place and belonging. We have tried to capture this fleeting, ephemeral beauty, and the feelings it inspires, for millennia. In this rich and insightful account, Richard Smyth asks what it is about birdsong that we so love, exploring the myriad ways in which it has influenced...
cena: 500
Sweet, Wild Note What We Hear When the Birds Sing
 Super Cats True Tales of Extraordinary Felines Morgan, Ashley 9781849539982
Emily, the feline that survived an epic journey across the Atlantic trapped in a shipping container from America to France. Scarlett, the brave mother that went into a burning building five times to rescue her kittens. Oscar, the care-home cat that predicts when residents are about to pass on and comforts them in their final hours. Whether they're testing the boundaries of their nine lives or...
cena: 315
Super Cats True Tales of Extraordinary Felines
 Where Poppies Blow  Lewis-Stempel, John 9781780224916
The natural history of the Western Front during the First World War by the award-winning author of Meadowland.
cena: 346
Where Poppies Blow
 Recreating an Age of Reptiles  Witton, Mark P. 9781785003349
Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals pose vast problems for the artist. How do you go about recreating the anatomy and behavior of a creature we've never seen? How can we restore landscapes long lost to time? And where does the boundary between paleontology--the science of understanding fossils--and artistic license lie? In this outstanding book, Mark Witton shares his detailed paintings and...
cena: 562
Recreating an Age of Reptiles
 What's Your Dog Telling You? Martin McKenna 9780733329364 HC 360
The book to own if you want to know EXACTLY what your dog is thinking - and why your dog sometimes behaves strangely. Martin 'The Dog Man' McKenna translates the language of dog and shares simple, ingenious ways to improve your dog's behaviour. After helping thousands of people improve their dogs' behaviour, Martin 'The Dog Man' McKenna believes the real problem is the same as it's always been -...
cena: 315
What's Your Dog Telling You?
cena: 206
My Alexandrine Parakeet Notebook
cena: 206
Horses Notebook
 When Honey Dreams Dr Deann K. Stone Mike Borromeo 9781519687845 Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
cena: 398
When Honey Dreams
cena: 206
My Cockatoo Notebook
The early adventures of a young David Attenborough
cena: 500
Adventures of a Young Naturalist The Zoo Quest Expeditions
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