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 Playing with Power - Book 5 Adele Huxley 9781503214910
The conclusion to the Playing with Power series is here Everything Lauren has worked for has led to this. MyBFC is on the brink of launching and Lauren has to decide if she is willing to leave New York City to make it a reality. Someone isn't happy with the choices she's making. With a violent and invasive stalker tracking her every move and her relationship with Landon up in the air, Lauren...
cena: 301
Playing with Power - Book 5
 Playing with Power - Book 2 Adele Huxley 9781503213425
The twists and turns continue Heartbroken and lonely, Lauren only wants to focus on work so a work trip to the Bay Area is the perfect break. Throwing herself into her new fashion concept is the only way she can get over Nick...that is, until she meets entrepreneur Landon DeWitt. Sexy, confident, hugely successful and a powerful player in the industry, Lauren is shocked when he invites her to...
cena: 301
Playing with Power - Book 2
 Playing with Power - Book 4 Adele Huxley 9781503214118
This penultimate book will leave you panting Lauren starts to question how well she really knows Landon DeWitt. Can she truly trust this handsome businessman, especially after the stunt he pulled with Sahra? How can she be sure he'll always work in her best interests? During a whirlwind weekend trip to San Francisco, Lauren and Landon take the time to really get to know each other... After a...
cena: 301
Playing with Power - Book 4
 Trust Falls Adele Huxley 9781540623478
cena: 397
Trust Falls
 Playing with Power - Book 1: New Adult Office Romance Adele Huxley 9781502945082
This is a story about a smart, ambitious girl and the men who help her achieve her dreams...or dare to stand in her way. Fresh out of college, Lauren Kemp is a country girl who moved to New York City with big dreams. She knows she must fight for the success and respect she deserves in the male-dominated tech industry but as the backbone of the fashion startup StyleSpur, Lauren feels she's in the...
cena: 301
Playing with Power - Book 1: New Adult Office Romance
 Playing with Power - Book 3 Adele Huxley 9781503213548
The wickedly smart and steamy series continues Will success come at a price? Lauren is struggling with double the workload but slowly, her dreams are coming true. With Landon's help, My Best Friend's Closet is now a reality Landon gives her a big surprise by arriving in New York unannounced, showing up to the StyleSpur offices posing as a potential investor. The connection between them is...
cena: 301
Playing with Power - Book 3
 Caught by the Blizzard Adele Huxley 9781503322516
This winter thriller is scorching hot and the sleepy mountain town of Tellure Hollow won't ever be the same. When Liz Croyden lost her mother to breast cancer, she knew she had to protect her father from experiencing that kind of pain ever again. Liz's proactive surgery was one of the most difficult things she's ever done. Bravery may be soul-deep but now all people see is a young, beautiful girl...
cena: 325
Caught by the Blizzard
 Devoted to the Blizzard Adele Huxley 9781514873731
WARNING: Alpine skiing is hazardous and involves the risk of physical injury or death. Liz and Bryan know struggle. Drugs, death, betrayal. Three years after they met and fought for their survival, the pair face their greatest challenge yet... a deranged, anonymous stalker. Liz wants to make a name for herself, become someone other than The Blizzard's fiancee. Their wedding has been put on hold,...
cena: 397
Devoted to the Blizzard