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 My Miracle Adele Williams 9781533241719
"My Miracle" is exactly what the title implies. I was scheduled for back surgery for two herniated discs which were causing me excruciating pain when events took place that are far beyond the rational. Each step is documented in this inspirational true story which may open your hearts and minds to the fact that there is so much more to this world than what we see. There are small everyday...
cena: 181
My Miracle
 Psychic Sunrise: Life of Adele Williams, Psychic Medium Adele Williams Debra Davis 9781481256056
"Psychic Sunrise" is a fascinating memoir for anyone who wants to be entertained or chooses to enhance their knowledge concerning clairvoyance and paranormal activities. Adele Williams' life adventures as a psychic healer, medium, and medical intuitive are told with a playful yet serious delivery, giving insight into health challenges, relationships, soul purpose and spirit contact. Mesmerizing...
cena: 517
Psychic Sunrise: Life of Adele Williams, Psychic Medium
 What's in a Smile Adele Knight Williams 9781449056384
cena: 498
What's in a Smile
 A Sister's Silver Lining: A Story of Adoption, Crohns Disease, and Prophetic Dreams Jane Lamonta Litsey Adele Williams Debra Davis 9781532940477
"A Sister's Silver Lining" is a true and heartwarming story. LaMonta Jane Litsey considers herself a Yell County girl, having lived most of her life in Dardanelle, Arkansas. Her adopted family: the Merritts and Lanes play a large part in creating a warm environment which enables her to have a quality life. Dana Merritt, her uncle, was well-known in these parts, having been mayor for twenty five...
cena: 277
A Sister's Silver Lining: A Story of Adoption, Crohns Disease, and Prophetic Dreams
 One in a Trillion D. Ann Davis Adele Williams Elizabeth Vatovec 9781483927640
The one wish nearly everyone has had at one time or another is to have the wisdom of age and the physical prowess of youth. This is the story of a young girl born into this life with the ability to recall all of her previous lives. With this gift Trillion is commandeered to work behind the scenes to change the course of history and stop the downward spiral of a once great nation. Sam and Tia...
cena: 349
One in a Trillion