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 Dust on a Bowl of Roses Adele Vincent 9781490766225
An old-fashioned murder mystery with Hestercombe, a beautiful - and real - English garden as backdrop. The central character is a newly widowed middle-aged woman who has spent her married life traveling the world with her diplomat husband and now returns to an England that has changed much in her absence. As she ponders her future, she gets pulled into the vagaries of village life, its...
cena: 570
Dust on a Bowl of Roses
 Love is a Journey: a Short Story Collection  Parks, Adele 9781472240514
Love Is A Journey is an enthralling short story collection about the changing face of love from Adele Parks, Sunday Times bestselling author of The State We're In.
cena: 278
Love is a Journey: a Short Story Collection
 Husbands Adele Parks 9780755394258
Bella secretly married her childhood sweetheart, Stevie, over a decade ago. When it all unravelled Bella simply got up and left - and the secret remained a secret. Years later, Bella meets Philip and she can't resist him. Only hitch is, she's still married to Stevie.
cena: 278
 Lydie: Ou, La Creole; Tome Troisieme Adele Daminois 9781375142083

Nineteenth Century Collections Online: European Literature, 1790-1840: The Corvey Collection includes the full-text of more than 9,500 English, French and German titles. The collection is sourced from the remarkable library of Victor Amadeus, whose Castle Corvey collection was one of the most spectacular discoveries of the late 1970s. The Corvey Collection comprises one of the most important...

cena: 515
Lydie: Ou, La Creole; Tome Troisieme
 The Bells of Helstoneleight Adele Wilke 9783710332302
cena: 1163
The Bells of Helstoneleight
 Crackpot Adele Wiseman 9780803297531
Hoda is a prostitute, but that is not the most important fact about her. Earthy, bawdy, vulnerable, and big-hearted, she is the daughter of an impoverished Jewish couple who emigrated from Russia to Canada to escape persecution. Growing up in a ghetto of Winnipeg, she experiences cruelty and bigotry early and fights back with humor and anger, which is something to behold as her young body takes...
cena: 463
 Trust Falls Adele Huxley 9781540623478
cena: 397
Trust Falls
 Stuck! Adele Geras 9780007516377

Jack is trying to get his cat, Max, down from the top of a tree. But as a thunder storm hits, it is soon Jack who needs to be rescued. This dramatic narrative is written by award-winning author Adele Geras.

Collins Big Cat Phonics Progress books are specifically designed for struggling readers, giving them age-appropriate texts that they can read, building their confidence and fostering...

cena: 186
 Kate's Story, 1914 Adele Whitby 9781481406352
There are more family secrets waiting to be discovered at Vandermeer Manor in America in the second book of a historical fiction mystery series.

It's the end of June in 1914, and Beth Etheridge is traveling from her home in England's Chatswood Manor all the way to America, to visit her cousin Kate at Vandermeer Manor in Rhode Island. The girls are thrilled to be united, especially because...

cena: 425
Kate's Story, 1914
 Kay's Story, 1934 Adele Whitby 9781481427555
In this stunning conclusion to the Chatswood family's story, the first story arc of the Secrets of the Manor series, a mysterious benefactor helps the Vandermeers during the Great Depression--and readers finally discover the family's biggest secret

The Great Depression is raging across America and even the Vandermeers have fallen on hard times. In an attempt to stay afloat, Kay and her...

cena: 197
Kay's Story, 1934
 How to Talk to Kids So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids W Adele Faber 9781848123090
This is a sensible, lucid guide to practical and effective communication with your children. Using logical approaches to common problems, Faber and Mazlish demonstrate how to improve relationships with children, to make them less stressful and more rewarding.
cena: 428
How to Talk to Kids So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids W
 Recent Progress in Acoustics and Vibrations: Volume II Adele Raymond 9781632383952
Acoustics and vibrations have fundamental challenges which can result in multiple and intense applications. The purpose of this book is to facilitate the learning and experimenting process of researchers and practitioners by providing useful and updated information, discoveries, theories, practices and researches in the fields of acoustics and vibrations. This book will serve its readers with...
cena: 3574
Recent Progress in Acoustics and Vibrations: Volume II
 Stranger in My Home: I Thought She Was My Daughter. I Was Wrong.  Parks, Adele 9781472205520
The Number One eBook Bestseller, The Stranger In My Home, is the compelling new novel from Adele Parks, which begins with a knock on the door that will change a family's life completely...
cena: 278
Stranger in My Home: I Thought She Was My Daughter. I Was Wrong.
 Brave How I Rebuilt My Life After Love Turned to Hate Bellis, Adele 9780008182090
Control. Jealousy. Isolation. Blame. Anger. Violence. The inspiring true story of a young woman who suffered a terrifyingly abusive relationship culminating in a horrific acid attack from the man who claimed to love her.
cena: 278
Brave How I Rebuilt My Life After Love Turned to Hate
 Katherine's Story, 1848 Adele Whitby 9780606360951
cena: 430
Katherine's Story, 1848
 Wild about Northeastern Birds: A Youth's Guide Adele Porter 9781591932581
Kids are naturally curious, and Wild About Northeastern Birds can help satisfy that curiosity while fostering a love of nature. Large photographs allow for simple bird identification, while the easy-to-use format - arranged by habitat and size - is filled with fun facts for kids and wildlife fans of all ages. In the backyard, at a city park or on a road trip, you'll reach for Wild About...
cena: 447
Wild about Northeastern Birds: A Youth's Guide
 Stolen Child - The Beginning: Book One Adele Degirolamo 9781460265871
The Fey worlds are very much alive among us, even though we may have forgotten their existence, and know very little about them. This is the journey, of one of those distant homeworlds, which the fey have inhabited since the dawn of time and begins to tell the tale one thousand years after King Balor tried to eliminate the offspring of his daughter Eithne, simply because it was scribed he would...
cena: 724
Stolen Child - The Beginning: Book One