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Brave Duck
 Beth's Story, 1914 Adele Whitby 9781481406321
Find out what secrets lurk within the walls of Chatswood Manor in this in this first book of a historical fiction mystery series that explores a family's secrets throughout generations.

The Chatswood family tree has many branches--and even more secrets. It's the summer of 1914 in England, and Beth Etheridge, great-granddaughter of the original Elizabeth Chatswood, can't wait for her twelfth...

cena: 427
Beth's Story, 1914
 The Hedgerow Handbook: Recipes, Remedies and Rituals Adele Nozedar 9780224086714
Illustrated in full-colour throughout, this is the perfect to British hedgerows and their plants - and what to do with them.
cena: 442
The Hedgerow Handbook: Recipes, Remedies and Rituals
 Anna: Ein Roman Aus Der Nachsten Vergangenheit Adele Schopenhauer 9781482721225

Adele Schopenhauer: Anna. "Ein Roman aus der nachsten Vergangenheit"

Edition Holzinger. Taschenbuch

Berliner Ausgabe, 2015, 4. Auflage

Vollstandiger, durchgesehener Neusatz mit einer Biographie der Autorin bearbeitet und eingerichtet von Michael Holzinger

Erstdruck: Leipzig (F. A.Brockhaus) 1845.

Textgrundlage sind die Ausgaben: Adele Schopenhauer: Anna. Ein Roman aus der...

cena: 517
Anna: Ein Roman Aus Der Nachsten Vergangenheit
 Where I Want to Be Adele Griffin 9780142409480
As children, sisters Jane and Lily were inseparable. But as Lily grew up, older sister Jane wanted to forever stay in the makebelieve worlds they had created when they were young. For Jane, the line between fantasy and reality had always been blurred. Then tragedy strikes, and Lily is forced to take on the role of the big sister. But will she be able to carry on and live her life in real time...
cena: 221
Where I Want to Be
 An Aphrodisiac Cookbook: What to Cook to Charm for One Evening. Complete Guide, Tips & Tricks, Essential Top Recipes to Spice Up Your Sex Life Adele Baker 9781974002535
Purchasing this book, you get unique aphrodisiac recipes and ideas you can do in your daily routine to add a spark to your feelings and reignite a fading passion Discover the book An Aphrodisiac Cookbook: What to cook to charm for one evening. Complete Guide, Tips & Tricks, Essential TOP recipes to Spice Up Your Sex Life.

Please note Two options of the...

cena: 206
An Aphrodisiac Cookbook: What to Cook to Charm for One Evening. Complete Guide, Tips & Tricks, Essential Top Recipes to Spice Up Your Sex Life
 Recent Progress in Acoustics and Vibrations: Volume II Adele Raymond 9781632383952
Acoustics and vibrations have fundamental challenges which can result in multiple and intense applications. The purpose of this book is to facilitate the learning and experimenting process of researchers and practitioners by providing useful and updated information, discoveries, theories, practices and researches in the fields of acoustics and vibrations. This book will serve its readers with...
cena: 4014
Recent Progress in Acoustics and Vibrations: Volume II
 REDRESS Adele Hartley 9781905636099
Presents a nightmare scenario: a man so tortured by the brutal killing of his own wife that he seeks consolation - redress - in the idea of a new partner who has experienced the same awful grief as himself.
cena: 380
 Happy Endings Adele Geras 9781589881150

Aspiring thespians will find much to relish in this engrossing depiction of the grit and glamour of the theater. Publishers Weekly

A satisfying glimpse of what it s really like to be on stage. Kirkus

Sixteen-year-old Mel expects a dull summer until she is cast in a youth production of Chekhov s Three Sisters. When rehearsals begin the director tells them,...

cena: 266
Happy Endings
 Mareska Et Oscar; Tome Second Adele Daminois 9781375142908

Nineteenth Century Collections Online: European Literature, 1790-1840: The Corvey Collection includes the full-text of more than 9,500 English, French and German titles. The collection is sourced from the remarkable library of Victor Amadeus, whose Castle Corvey collection was one of the most spectacular discoveries of the late 1970s. The Corvey Collection comprises one of the most important...

cena: 517
Mareska Et Oscar; Tome Second
 Kate's Story, 1914 Adele Whitby 9780606357890
There are more family secrets waiting to be discovered at Vandermeer Manor in America in the second book of a historical fiction mystery series.
It's the end of June in 1914, and Beth Etheridge is traveling from her home in England's Chatswood Manor all the way to America, to visit her cousin Kate at Vandermeer Manor in Rhode Island. The girls are thrilled to be united, especially because...
cena: 405
Kate's Story, 1914
 21 Revolutions Adele Patrick 9780952227335

A stunning coffee table book of artists' and writers' creative responses to a unique collection of artifacts from the women's movement and social history spanning more than a century--includes Denise Mina, A. L. Kennedy, Louise Welsh, Janice Galloway, and more

In collaboration with the Glasgow Women's Library, "21 Revolutions" pairs 21 artists and writers with one item each from the...

cena: 815
21 Revolutions
 Vincent and the Night Adele Enersen 9780803741065
In the tradition of Harold and the Purple Crayon, an inventive and charming bedtime story that blends whimsical art and sweet photographic touches.

Vincent is a very clever boy. So when the night rolls in like a warm blanket, he unravels it and begins to play. The threads of the night become a violin, an elephant, and even a pirate ship--anything to delay bedtime. But in the end, even...

cena: 411
Vincent and the Night
 Befriending the Beloved Disciple Adele Reinhartz 9780826414465

Adele Reinhartz has been studying and teaching the Gospel of John for many years. Earlier, she chose to ignore the love/hate relationship that the book provokes in her, a Jew, and took refuge in an "objective" historical-critical approach. At this stage her relationship to the Gospel was not so much a friendship as a business relationship. No longer willing to ignore the negative portrayal of...

cena: 745
Befriending the Beloved Disciple
 Oxford Reading Tree Treetops Greatest Stories: Oxford Adele Geras 9780198305903
The town of Hamelin is full of rats! Only the Pied Piper can get rid of this plague, but will he take away more than the town bargained for? TreeTops Greatest Stories is a series of timeless classics for children aged 711. Its much-loved stories, beautiful artwork and careful levelling make it easy to select books that children will love.
cena: 237
Oxford Reading Tree Treetops Greatest Stories: Oxford