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 The Ultimate Book of Crosswords Arcturus Publishing 9781784282745
If you are a crossword enthusiast then this is the ultimate compilation for you. Over 350 pages of puzzles in a giant of a book, this will keep you amused, challenged, and entertained for many hours. With a range of difficulty levels this is a great gift for anyone who enjoys a good puzzle book to keep the mind engaged.
cena: 424
The Ultimate Book of Crosswords
 Mandala Coloring Book: Over 70 Fabulous Designs to Color in Arcturus Publishing 9780785831242

Take your coloring to a whole new spiritual level with the Mandala Coloring Book. A mandala is a Hindhu and Buddhist symbol representing the universe. Each mandala consists of a symmetrical series of serene concentric circles revolving around a center core. Resembling elaborate sundials and kaleidoscopic designs alike, the mandalas use repetitive elements like diamonds, stars, triangles...

cena: 220
Mandala Coloring Book: Over 70 Fabulous Designs to Color in
 Sudoku Arcturus Publishing 9781785999185
cena: 266
 Color by Numbers - Flowers Arcturus Publishing 9780785834106

Rediscover the joy that is coloring by number with these fulfilling floral scenes. Be inspired by the wide wealth of beautiful imagery that Mother Nature provides. With a diverse selection of natural subjects, you can explore and relax into a world of colorful bliss.

cena: 266
Color by Numbers - Flowers
 Pocket Wordsearch Arcturus Publishing 9781784283933
This collection is packed with more than 150 puzzles in a handy and easily portable format for puzzling fun on the go
cena: 220
Pocket Wordsearch
 The Bumper Book of Wordsearch Arcturus Publishing 9781788287241
Kniha bude vydaná: 01-04-2018
Můžete teď knihu objednat se slevou 5%. Odešleme ji ihned po vydání.
The Bumper Book of Wordsearch
 Tattoo Coloring Book 3: A Fascinating Collection of Dynamic Art to Color Arcturus Publishing 9780785833741

With more than 70 outlines of great tattoo designs, this coloring book means that you can express your artistic impulses without having to succumb to the needle. Fun and exotic, these drawings will keep you occupied for hours and provide the perfect opportunity to produce your own amazing tattoo artwork with colored pencils or pens.

cena: 220
Tattoo Coloring Book 3: A Fascinating Collection of Dynamic Art to Color
 Large Print Crosswords: Easy to Read Puzzles Arcturus Publishing 9781784284879
This beautifully designed book is packed with 300 sudoku puzzles in a pretty, flexi bound package.
cena: 333
Large Print Crosswords: Easy to Read Puzzles
 Wordsearch  Arcturus Publishing 9781788282826
cena: 248
 Pocket Puzzles Sudoku Arcturus Publishing 9781785991219
This wonderful collection of sudokus is perfect for popping in your pocket or bag, yet is packed with over 150 puzzles for hours of entertaining and challenging fun.
cena: 219
Pocket Puzzles Sudoku
 Whizz Kidz Wordsearch Arcturus Publishing 9781784282301
Test your knowledge of all things wordy with this puzzle-tastic book Jam-packed with fun wordsearches to complete, it's guaranteed to keep puzzle whizzes ages 7 and up entertained for hours.
cena: 265
Whizz Kidz Wordsearch
 The Spectacular Christmas Activity Book Arcturus Publishing 9781784048242
This delightful seasonal puzzle and activity book has everything you need to keep 7-10 year olds entertained during the festive season. It is packed with games, puzzles, word searches. It even features creative ideas for making original gifts, alongside traditional recipes for Christmas foods such as mince pies
cena: 424
The Spectacular Christmas Activity Book
 Super-Cool Science Experiments Arcturus Publishing 9781784048136
Have you ever built a solar still or a created a cola fountain? Super-Cool Science Experiments is brimming with more than 100 exciting experiments that kids aged 8 and up can perform at home. It encourages children s natural curiosity through fun, practical experiments they'll be learning without even knowing it Activities include making an erupting mini-volcano, constructing a periscope, and...
cena: 424
Super-Cool Science Experiments
 Wordsearch Arcturus Publishing 9781784285654

This collection of wordsearch puzzles features a sleek foil cover that makes this a fashionable accessory as well as a challenging wordsearch book.

cena: 266
 Wordsearch: With Over 500 Puzzles Arcturus Publishing 9781784282813
A fabulous collection of wordsearch puzzles for the word game enthusiast. Over 500 puzzles in this pocket format book, ideal for travelling, to entertain with hours of challenging and fun puzzles. Sure to offer the puzzle aficionado the word find challenge they are looking for.
cena: 220
Wordsearch: With Over 500 Puzzles
 Dot-to-Dot Calm  Arcturus Publishing 9781784286286
cena: 188
Dot-to-Dot Calm
 Fairies Coloring Book: Charming Pictures of the Sprites from Folklore Arcturus Publishing 9780785830405

Calling kids and art lovers of all ages: get creative and make the fairies in this beautiful coloring book come to life by adding your own color and detail Use the imaginative outlines in this book to produce your own beautiful works of art featuring magical fairies with colored pencils.

Each delightful scenario is guaranteed to bring out your creative instincts, enabling you to...

cena: 220
Fairies Coloring Book: Charming Pictures of the Sprites from Folklore
 Meditation Dot-To-Dot Arcturus Publishing 9781784288679
Kniha bude vydaná: 01-03-2018
Můžete teď knihu objednat se slevou 5%. Odešleme ji ihned po vydání.
Meditation Dot-To-Dot