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 NRSV Giant Print Bible: Volume 7, Gospels Bible 9781316602201
NRSV Giant Print Bible: Volume 7, Gospels
 The New Testament in Today's Greek Version American Bible 9781941448298
cena: 604
The New Testament in Today's Greek Version
 Antibio 2: The Control War Jake Bible 9781925342130
The Sicklands are burning. Coffin Squad, a mix of GenWrecks and GenSOF operators, races from GenWreck base to GenWreck base, only to find death and destruction. The abominations of the Sicklands -the cooties- have systematically destroyed everything they have come across, all in the name of an entity that no one can find- the Other. Now Coffin Squad, with the help of some unlikely allies, must...
cena: 350
Antibio 2: The Control War
The Bloody Conflict is long over. The lands are now controlled by despots, crooked cattle barons, energy hoarders, and anyone with enough might to keep the local folks under control. For Clay Macaulay, none of that matters as he roams the land in a war machine from a time gone by. He wants nothing to do with small desert towns or brutal dictators. He only has his sights set on a new life....
cena: 376
Fighting Iron
 Kaiju Winter Jake Bible 9781925047875
The Yellowstone super volcano has begun to erupt, sending North America into chaos and the rest of the world into panic. People are dangerous and desperate to escape the oncoming mega-eruption, knowing it will plunge the continent, and the world, into a perpetual ashen winter. But no matter how ready humanity is, nothing can prepare them for what comes out of the ash: Kaiju
cena: 376
Kaiju Winter
 Got Jesus Bible Journals 9781544926131
cena: 247
Got Jesus
 One with Our Father: Deeper Life Reflections on the Gospel of John in Word & Song Ken Bible 9781515376835
Look at Jesus, and see the beautiful life that can be yours by simple faith. Jesus was constantly sufficient for all the demands facing Him. He was busy but never stretched thin, threatened but never afraid, pressured from the outside but always at peace. Wouldn't you love to live that way? Remember that Jesus was as human as you or me. His uniqueness was His relationship with His Father. He was...
cena: 403
One with Our Father: Deeper Life Reflections on the Gospel of John in Word & Song
 Metal and Ash Jake Bible 9781925047189
cena: 558
Metal and Ash
 In Perpetuity Jake Bible 9781925225891
IN PERPETUITY WE LIVE IN PERPETUITY WE FIGHT IN PERPETUITY WE DIE For two thousand years, Earth and her many colonies across the galaxy have fought against the Estelian menace. Having faced overwhelming losses, the CSC has instituted the largest military draft ever, conscripting millions into the battle against the aliens. Major Bartram North, Chief Training Officer on the CSC Training Station...
cena: 350
In Perpetuity
 Dead Team Alpha 2: The Stronghold Jake Bible 9781925342710
The Stronghold. A fortified survivor pocket tucked into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in the former Boulder, Colorado. A culture based on military training and strength, the Stronghold is now the last bastion for the living. For nearly a century the Stronghold has thrived, rebuilding a small slice of civilization in the midst of a zombie infested wasteland. But that is all about to change....
cena: 402
Dead Team Alpha 2: The Stronghold
 Jesus Is My Life Bible Journals 9781545282915
cena: 262
Jesus Is My Life