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 L'Evangile de L'Enfance Morel Marie-Pierre   9783841699596
L'Evangile tout entier est dA(c)jA dans L'Evangile de l'Enfance, comme l'arbre est dans sa graine. De fait, qu'est-ce que l'Evangile ? C'est l'histoire des pionniers de la foi qui se sont A(c)levA(c)s A la gA(c)nA(c)ration virginale, conforme A la nature et A la PensA(c)e de Dieu. GA(c)nA(c)ration qui exalte la femme, qui rend A l'homme sa dignitA(c), et qui glorifie le Nom de Dieu: PA]re....
cena: 672
L'Evangile de L'Enfance
 One Knife, One Pot, One Dish: Simple French Feasts at Home Stephane Reynaud Marie Pierre Morel 9781419727467
Kniha bude vydaná: 09-01-2018
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One Knife, One Pot, One Dish: Simple French Feasts at Home
 Laduree Tea Time: The Art of Taking Tea Marie-Pierre Morel Helene Leduff Marie Simon 9780865653467
Tea time is a moment for sharing, when the mind wanders to faraway lands and calm returns to our crazy world. In Laduree Tea Time the iconic Parisian luxury patisserie pays tribute to this libation of the gods in its inimitable fashion.

With mouthwatering photography and beautiful illustrations, the leaves of this chic book are steeped with tea-time menus and more than 60 sweet and...

cena: 939
Laduree Tea Time: The Art of Taking Tea
 Chocolat: From the Cocoa Bean to the Chocolate Bar Pierre Marcolini Chae Rin Vincent Marie-Pierre Morel 9780847859283
From the world's finest chocolatier, who originated the -bean-to-bar- concept, comes this collection of 170 recipes for the very best and most essential chocolate confections.
Belgium's foremost practitioner of the art of fine chocolate making shares his passion and his knowledge in this extravagantly beautiful volume. Pierre Marcolini's confections have been acclaimed as the world's...
cena: 950
Chocolat: From the Cocoa Bean to the Chocolate Bar
 Laduree: Entertaining Vincent Lemains Michel Lerouet Marie-Pierre Morel 9782812306235
Vincent Lemains et Michel Lerouet, respectivement chef pA tissier et chef des cuisines de LadurA(c)e, nous dA(c)voilent tous les secrets de l'art de recevoir de leur prestigieuse maison. Du petit dA(c)jeuner au dA(R)ner de gala en passant par le pique-nique chic, le dA(c)jeuner de famille, le dA(R)ner en amoureux... Toutes les occasions de se rA(c)unir en 10 petits livrets oA sont proposA(c)s...
cena: 949
Laduree: Entertaining
 Diogenes of Oinoanda Pierre-Marie Morel   9789462701014

The texts of Diogenes of Oinoanda (2nd century AD) who invited his readers to an Epicurean life is the largest ancient inscription ever discovered. Over 70 new finds have increased the number of known wall blocks and fragments to nearly 300, offering new insights into Diogenes' distinctive presentation of philosophy. This collection of essays discusses the philosophical significance of these...

cena: 4031
Diogenes of Oinoanda
 Pirouettes for Love: A True Story Marie Morel 9781425125202
Depression, Domestic Abuse - One Woman's Story. From controlling mother to dysfunctional marriage; blissful relationship to first slap and worse for this woman struggling with the price of 'love'.
cena: 768
Pirouettes for Love: A True Story
 Pies and Tarts for Dinner and Dessert Stephane Reynaud Marie Morel 9781612194172
Bestselling cookbook author gives us 75+ easy-to-make recipes for savory meat pies and tarts-- classic French comfort food just in time for the holidays
Master chef Stephane Reynaud, renowned for his simple yet elegant cooking style, presents more than 75 of his favorite recipes for savory pies and tarts for dinner--as well as a mouthwatering selection of beloved desserts.
Reynaud brings...
cena: 768
Pies and Tarts for Dinner and Dessert
 Venice: The Art of Living Lydia Fasoli Toto Bergamo Rossi Marie Morel 9780847861828
This beautiful, aspirational book offers a seductive vision of living and entertaining in the most elegantly appointed private interiors of Venice.

For centuries, millions have succumbed to the magic of Venice, but few have been able to venture into its sumptuous private spaces. This book invites us into the extravagant interiors and secret gardens via a tour of the grand...
Kniha bude vydaná: 27-03-2018
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Venice: The Art of Living