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 Lost Akron Mark J. Price 9781626195769
From a prehistoric locale like the Big Falls of the Cuyahoga River to the cavernous 1970s majesty of the Coliseum, explore the places that have melted away in Akron's changing landscape. Remember M. O'Neil Company? Akron Times-Press? The North Hill Viaduct? WAKR-TV? Norka Soda? Rolling Acres Mall? These are icons that all defined the city and its people. For those who live in Akron, for those who...
cena: 582
Lost Akron
 C# 6 and .Net Core 1.0 Mark J. Price 9781785285691
cena: 1769
C# 6 and .Net Core 1.0
 The Great British Picnic Guide Mark Price 9780091927073
Packing up a picnic hamper, throwing ablanket in the cartrunk, and savoring an outdoor feast is a time-honored tradition that never fails to excite and delight. For adults the word picnic evokes warm childhood memories and the enjoyment of simple pleasures, and for children its suggestion of fun and treats brightens up the dullest of days. In this beautifully illustrated book, passionate...
cena: 601
The Great British Picnic Guide
 The Food Lover's Handbook Mark Price 9781785031984
Focuses on 40 of the most popular foods - from everyday items like tea, coffee and cheese, to luxury products like caviar and chocolate. This book dispels unhelpful food myths and provides fact-based, unbiased accounts of where food comes from, the morals behind different production methods, and why prices and taste vary.
cena: 508
The Food Lover's Handbook
 Foolish King  Price, Mark 9781910200391
A magical fairy-tale by Mark Price about the secret history of chess, brought gloriously to life by Martin Brown, illustrator of the mega-selling HORRIBLE HISTORIES.
cena: 382
Foolish King
 The Devil's Canyon: Lines Through the Moon Mark Price 9781438984933
A young native prophet finds himself powerless in the face of inevitable tragedy. An even greater evil is well prepared to take advantage of this situation. Others arrive as if pawns in a wicked game. Paranormal activity, possession and madness mark the journey of souls reaching beyond religion and fantasy.
cena: 478
The Devil's Canyon: Lines Through the Moon
 A Little Book about Big Bullies Roxanne Price Mark Dyser 9781633371101

A Little Book about Big Bullies is a rhyming children's story about a kid, Lil' Spencer, whose "mom got a new job that his dad thought was really cool, but the only problem was Lil' Spencer would have to change schools." Lil' Spencer dreams of Big Bullies at his new school of the "animal and monster type." Real kids as bullies? That would not be right. Activity pages...

cena: 361
A Little Book about Big Bullies
 Active Directory Best Practices 24seven: Migrating, Designing, and Troubleshooting Brad Price Mark Foust 9780782143058
Advanced Coverage for Experienced Network Administrators Active Directory Best Practices 24seven is written specifically to build on the practical and conceptual knowledge you've already earned.
cena: 1027
Active Directory Best Practices 24seven: Migrating, Designing, and Troubleshooting
 PMO w biznesie Price Perry Mark 9788301187996
Jak stworzyć prawdziwe biuro projektów w firmie?
Jak nim zarządzać i skutecznie rozwiązywać problemy?
Jakie są najpoważniejsze błędy popełniane przez menedżerów?
Jak podają liczne organizacje badawcze i źródła branżowe, większość PMO jest zamykana po dwóch latach działania. Dlaczego tak się dzieje? Problemem jest przepaść, jaka dzieli teoretyczne strategie napędzane...
cena: 730
PMO w biznesie
 IOS 10 in Swift 3 Mark Price Caleb Stultz Jack Davis 9780692838747
iOS 10 in Swift 3 will take you from absolute beginner to functional iOS developer learning the concepts, techniques, and tools needed to build professional iOS applications using Xcode 8, iOS 10, and Swift 3. After completing this book, you will have the skills and confidence you need to to build and design your own iOS apps and apply for jr. iOS development jobs. This book is patterned after...
cena: 1291
IOS 10 in Swift 3
 Teenage Hipster in the Modern World: From the Birth of Punk to the Land of Bush: Thirty Years of Millennial Journalism Mark Jacobson James Hamilton Richard Price 9780802170088
In the pages of "The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Esquire, New York, Maxim, and "GQ, Mark Jacobson has carried on in the tradition of such titans as Joe Mitchell, A. J. Liebling, Jimmy Breslin, and Pete Hamill as one of New York City's finest journalistic provocateurs. Now he collects the best of his years on the beat in "Teenage Hipster in the Modern World. Jacobson has been witness to a...
cena: 409
Teenage Hipster in the Modern World: From the Birth of Punk to the Land of Bush: Thirty Years of Millennial Journalism
 Fairness for All: Unlocking the Power of Employee Engagement Mark Price   9781910989227
Drawing heavily on the much vaunted John Lewis Partnership model as well as looking at best practice from other companies this book is about inclusive capitalism, which is about getting people in and on in work. Acting responsibly to all stakeholders is central to this theme, with employees, the most important stakeholder, the driver of it all. This book is about that other way, a fairer way...A...
cena: 382
Fairness for All: Unlocking the Power of Employee Engagement
 American Gangster: And Other Tales of New York Mark Jacobson Richard Price 9780802143365
This collection features a number of the acclaimed journalists most famous essays--as well as previous unpublished work and recent articles--and presents a vibrant, intoxicating, many-layered portrait of New York, one of the most fascinating cities in the world.
cena: 385
American Gangster: And Other Tales of New York
 Theorising NATO: New Perspectives on the Atlantic Alliance Mark Webber Adrian Hyde-Price 9780415688994

Scholarship on NATO is often preoccupied with key episodes in the development of the organisation and so, for the most part, has remained inattentive to theory.

This book addresses that gap in the literature. It provides a comprehensive analysis of NATO through a range of theoretical perspectives that includes realism, liberalism and constructivism, and lesser-known approaches centred...

cena: 3845
Theorising NATO: New Perspectives on the Atlantic Alliance
 Theory and Practice of Aircraft Performance Kundu, Ajoy Kumar; Price, Mark; Riordan, David 9781119074175

Textbook introducing the fundamentals of aircraft performance using industry standards and examples: bridging the gap between academia and industry

  • Provides an extensive and detailed treatment of all segments of mission profile and overall aircraft performance
  • Considers operating costs, safety, environmental and related systems issues
  • Includes worked examples...
cena: 1799
Theory and Practice of Aircraft Performance
 Fishhead & Other Carney Gothic Horrors Michael H. Price Lawrence Adam Shell Mark Evan Walker 9781453815472
Hailed by horror-master Guillermo del Toro and CONAN scribe Timothy Truman, FISHHEAD is a new-century classic among horror comics -- from Rondo Award nominee and FORGOTTEN HORRORS author Michael H. Price, ELLERY QUEEN artist and CASE OF THE BLOOD RED STARS author-illustrator Mark Evan Walker, and co-scenarist Lawrence Adam Shell. Based upon Irvin S. Cobb's classic Southern Gothic. A generous...
cena: 428
Fishhead & Other Carney Gothic Horrors
 Dark Borderlands Michael H. Price Mark Evan Walker 9781492715504
Michael H. Price and Mark Evan Walker apply some wrenching twists to the pulp-fiction tradition in DARK BORDERLANDS, an anthology of unnerving short stories in the tradition of August Derleth's celebrated Arkham House collections. The tales prowl the gritty fringes of carnival freak shows, small-town drive-in theatres, haunted caverns and mansions, creepy passageways, and the varieties of madness...
cena: 428
Dark Borderlands

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