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 Snowball Oranges One Mallorcan Winter Kerr, Peter 9781786850423

I could hardly believe my eyes. A cold mantle of white was rapidly transforming our sunny paradise into a bizarre winterscape of citrus Christmas trees, cotton wool palms and snowball oranges.
When the Kerr family leave Scotland to grow oranges in a secluded valley on the island of Mallorca, they are surprised to be greeted by the same freezing weather they have left behind. Then...

cena: 340
Snowball Oranges One Mallorcan Winter
 One Mallorcan Summer  Kerr, Peter 9781786850430
Spring sees Peter Kerr and family relaxing into a supposedly simpler way of life, growing oranges on their little valley farm in Mallorca. But there are surprises aplenty and to test their resolve, stamina and sense of humour. An engaging account of tranquilo life from the author of Snowball Oranges, celebrating all the charm of Mallorca.
cena: 340
One Mallorcan Summer
 Mallorca Connection Bob Burns Investigates Kerr, Peter 9780957306240
Bob Burns is his own man - a dogged Scots detective with a droll sense of humour, more interested in catching crooks than bootlicking his way up the promotion ladder. So, when his enquiries into a bizarre murder are blocked by his bosses, should he risk his careeer by carrying on regardless with the job in hand? Bob does it his way. There's nothing funny about murder, and nobody could be more...
cena: 356
Mallorca Connection Bob Burns Investigates
 Incydent w Dirleton / Na Kanarach / Na Hebrydach Kerr Peter 9788327156297
Seria kryminałów z detektywem Bobem Burnsem. Wyjątkowe połączenie suspensu i komedii.
cena: 211
Incydent w Dirleton / Na Kanarach / Na Hebrydach
 Snowball Oranges: One Mallorcan Winter Peter Kerr 9781849530255
A Scottish family give up relative sanity and security to go and grow oranges for a living in a secluded valley in the mountains of Mallorca. However, it isn't long before they realise that they have been sold a bit of a lemon of an orange farm.
cena: 340
Snowball Oranges: One Mallorcan Winter
 Postwar British Politics: From Conflict to Consensus Peter Kerr 9780415862806
This book offers a fresh view of postwar British politics, very much at odds to the dominant view in contemporary scholarship. The author argues that postwar British politics, up to and including the Blair Government, can be largely characterised in terms of continuity and a gradual evolution from a period of conflict over the primary aims of government strategy to one of recent relative...
cena: 1634
Postwar British Politics: From Conflict to Consensus
 Incydent na Hebrydach Kerr Peter 9788324592166
Druga część pełnej humoru serii kryminalnej z detektywem Bobem Burnsem w roli głównej.
Andy Green, młody pomocnik Burnsa, który entuzjazmem nadrabia niedostatki inteligencji, przypadkowo wchodzi w posiadanie 100 000 funtów. Burns, Green i Julie Bryson, technik kryminalistyki, zostają wciągnięci w międzynarodową sieć intryg i morderstw. Śledztwo prowadzi na Sycylię, do Nowego...
cena: 181
Incydent na Hebrydach
 Wyspa we krwi Kerr Peter 9788378550235
Na pokładzie walczącej z nieprzychylnym wiatrem galery zaczyna się niecodzienna znajomość. Przy sterach walczą o utrzymanie kursu statku dwaj młodzi mężczyźni: jeden z nich należy do najbogatszych ludzi trzynastowiecznej Europy – to Jakub I, król Aragonii; drugi, Pedrito, jest przybranym synem wieśniaków, który po wieloletniej niewoli na pirackim statku wraca na ojczystą...
cena: 241
Wyspa we krwi
 The Ark of Time Peter a. Kerr 9780989969895
Only the past can save humanity's future. Earth fell with little resistance, but scattered pockets of free humanity, mostly on research installations and a remote colony, refuse to let the mother world perish. Careful to avoid detection lest they be overcome by the aliens' superior numbers and firepower, scientists on outpost Horizon concoct a desperate plan to plunder the past for people and...
cena: 404
The Ark of Time
 Don't Call Me Clyde: Jazz Journey of a Sixties Stomper Peter Kerr   9780957658622
THE CLYDE VALLEY STOMPERS became, in the 1950s, Scotland's premier jazz band and first ever super group, creators of a phenomenon dubbed 'Stompermania' decades before most of the country's current rock idols were even born. Yet, in1963, at the height of its commercial success, the band disappeared mysteriously from the scene. Here, for the first time, is the story as told by clarinettist Peter...
cena: 393
Don't Call Me Clyde: Jazz Journey of a Sixties Stomper
 Viva Mallorca!: One Mallorcan Autumn Peter Kerr   9780957658646
This is the third book in Peter Kerr's award-winning pentad of fun-filled Mallorcan travelogues, which also includes Snowball Oranges, Manana Manana, A Basketful of Snowflakes and From Paella to Porridge. Autumn has arrived for the intrepid Scots family on their little orange farm in the Tramuntana Mountains. It's what local country folk call the 'season of winter spring', and we find Peter,...
cena: 380
Viva Mallorca!: One Mallorcan Autumn
 The Gannet Has Landed Peter Kerr   9780957658660
In this humour-tinged romantic adventure, Doogie O'Mara, a young Scottish veterinary student, applies for a gap-year job as a tour rep in Africa, where he also hopes to find time to study the wildlife. Instead, he finds himself on Mallorca, thrust in at the deep end of the madcap package tour business - a fish out of water, for whom the nearest thing to wildlife appears to be the hordes of rowdy...
cena: 356
The Gannet Has Landed
 From Paella to Porridge: A Farewell to Mallorca and a Scottish Adventure Peter Kerr   9780957658653
This is the fifth and final book in Peter Kerr's award-winning pentad of fun-filled Mallorcan travelogues, which also includes Snowball Oranges, Manana Manana, Viva Mallorca and A Basketful of Snowflakes. After three years of hard work, the Kerr family say a reluctant goodbye to their little orange farm in the Tramuntana Mountains. Their Mallorcan experience comes to an end with a surprise...
cena: 380
From Paella to Porridge: A Farewell to Mallorca and a Scottish Adventure
 Fiddler on the Make Peter Kerr   9780957658615
When the sleepy Scottish village of Cuddyford is colonised by well-heeled retirees and big-city commuters, Jigger McCloud, a Jack-the-lad local farmer with a talent for playing the fiddle and an eye for the ladies, isn't slow to make a quick buck at their expense. Life seems rosy for Jigger and his oddball-but-loveable family, until he tries to scam a mysterious foreign millionaire, who arrives...
cena: 380
Fiddler on the Make
 Harley-Davidson: An Illustrated Guide Peter Henshaw Ian Kerr Garry Stuart 9780785833536

This illustrated guide is packed with interesting facts and follows the history of the famous Harley-Davidson company and the development of its famous bikes, which have earned a special place in the hearts of enthusiasts everywhere. The story dates from 1903 when Bill Harley and the Davidson brothers, with no thought of fame or fortune, decided to build a motorcycle that really worked. So...

cena: 620
Harley-Davidson: An Illustrated Guide
 The Cruise Connection: Bob Burns Investigates Peter Kerr   9780957658677
In this, the third humour-spiked Bob Burns Investigates mystery, the droll Scots detective is once more aided by his sexy forensic scientist ladyfriend, Dr Julie Bryson, and abetted by keener-than-bright rookie cop, Andy Green. Working undercover on a cruise liner bound for the Canary Islands, Bob and his two sidekicks have plenty to cope with in an intriguing story of deceipt and double-dealing...
cena: 380
The Cruise Connection: Bob Burns Investigates
Der kalifornische Bergsteiger Jack Furness entdeckt in der Gletscherregion Nepals einen affenhnlichen Schdel. Seine Freundin, die Paloanthropologin Stella, ordnet ihn einer bislang unbekannten Spezies zu und gibt ihm den Namen Esau. Probleme bereitet die Datierung: Untersuchungen haben ergeben, da der Schdel nicht lter als 1000 Jahre sein kann, entwicklungsgeschichtlich betrachtet, mte er aber...
cena: 311
Esau: Roman
 Das Wittgensteinprogramm: Ausgezeichnet mit dem Deutschen Krimi-Preis, Kategorie International 1995. Thriller Kerr, Philip Weber-Schäfer, Peter  9783499253126
«Also töte ich, weil es keinen logischen Grund gibt, nicht zu töten.» (Wittgenstein)§§London, 2013: Gewalt ist an der Tagesordnung. Chief Inspector Jakowicz hat es mit einem neuen Serienmörder zu tun. Doch dieser ist anders: Er hat die Datenbank des Polizeicomputers angezapft, um die Namen potenzieller Mörder zu erfahren. Um sich zu rächen.§Fieberhaft erarbeitet Jakowicz mit dem...
cena: 311
Das Wittgensteinprogramm: Ausgezeichnet mit dem Deutschen Krimi-Preis, Kategorie International 1995. Thriller
Kaum hat der weltweit gefeierte Architekt Ray Richardson im Herzen von Los Angeles das neue Verwaltungsgebude der chinesischen Yu Corporation errichtet, ereignen sich in ihm geheimnisvolle Zwischenflle. Die Computersteuerung des High-Tech-Hochhauses benimmt sich pltzlich so, als htte sie einen eigenen Willen. Nach zwei ominsen Todesfllen scheint die Katastrophe perfekt zu sein. Von nun an ist in...
cena: 313
Game over: Ausgezeichnet mit dem Deutschen Krimi-Preis, Kategorie International 1997. Roman

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