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 Green Syntheses, Volume 1 Pietro Tundo John Andraos 9781466513204

Many new methods directed to organic and inorganic syntheses of useful intermediates are being developed to specifically address green and sustainable chemistry principles. Highlighting the importance of green metrics, the Green Syntheses series focuses on how to reliably substantiate and validate the level of "greenness" of chemical processes, providing practical synthetic...

cena: 6056
Green Syntheses, Volume 1
 Green Chemical Reactions Pietro Tundo Vittorio Esposito 9781402084560

Green Chemistry is an inventive science based on fundamental research towards the development of new sustainable chemical processes. There is a great need to create a new type of chemistry focused on a new production system, in order to prepare the younger generation to get a greener future.

The globalization pushes the chemistry community to adopt ethical issues. In this prospect Green...

cena: 6787
Green Chemical Reactions
 Methods and Reagents for Green Chemistry: An Introduction Alvise Perosa Fulvio Zecchini Pietro Tundo 9780471754008
This book aims to stimulate and promote the wide-ranging aspects of green chemistry and its major role in ensuring sustainable development.

The book covers the following areas: green chemistry; green reagents and atom economy; safeguarding the atmosphere; industrial green catalysis; alternative reaction conditions; biocatalysis and green chemistry.

This book is based on the third...

cena: 3436
Methods and Reagents for Green Chemistry: An Introduction
 Chemistry Beyond Chlorine Pietro Tundo Liang-Nian He Claudio Jose D 9783319300719
Since the industrial revolution, chlorine remains an iconic molecule even though its production by the electrolysis of sodium chloride is extremely energy intensive. The rationale behind this book is to present useful and industrially relevant examples for alternatives to chlorine in synthesis. This multi-authored volume presents numerous contributions from an international spectrum of authors...
cena: 4103
Chemistry Beyond Chlorine