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 1987: Book of Poetry Sebastian Jones 9781542810197
cena: 193
1987: Book of Poetry
They want the candy A group of delusional pinatas believe that they are worshipped when chosen to go to the party. Not until they see a video tape of their true fate are they smacked into reality. The group of pinatas must then band together to escape their certain demise. Yet in the end, they realize that sacrificing themselves for the happiness of others, the essence of being a pinata, is the...
cena: 380
 I Am Awesome: I Am Book #003 Garcelle Beauvais Sebastian A. Jones Joshua Cozine 9781939834133
What makes you Awesome? Whatever makes you, YOU Join Jay, Nia, and their friends in the third installment from the I Am Book Series to enjoy the things that make each child unique and special. I Am Awesome engages the reader with rhyming sentences and beautifully colored illustrations in subjects that include being brave, never giving up, and what it means to be a good friend. The book helps a...
cena: 380
I Am Awesome: I Am Book #003
 I Am Living in 2 Homes: I Am Book #002 Garcelle Beauvais Sebastian A. Jones Joshua Cozine 9781939834096
I AM LIVING IN 2 HOMES is the second installment in the I AM book series, which shines a light on and celebrates the ever-growing diversity that exists in the lives of today's children. Jay and Nia are the children of two worlds and two homes. Follow the twins as they both address the difficulties of having parents who are no longer together and discover the benefits of having two very different...
cena: 380
I Am Living in 2 Homes: I Am Book #002
 Dusu: Path of the Ancient Sebastian A. Jones Christopher Garner James C. Webster 9781939834287
Dusu: Path of the Ancient collects the 4 issue series written by creator Sebastian A. Jones and Christopher Garner and illustrated by James C. Webster. Hidden from his kin and sheltered from his future, a man is raised in a world where he does not belong. Dusu is a human adopted by Galemren wild elves who come to find that he is not human at all. He is on the Path to...
cena: 494
Dusu: Path of the Ancient
 I Am Mixed Garcelle Beauvais Sebastian A. Jones James C. Webster 9780578110875
"I am mixed with all kinds of goodies."

Jay and Nia are the children of two worlds, and as they'll discover, they can enjoy the best of both. From Mommy's jazz beats to Daddy's classical piano, we will dance with the twins through a book that explores what it is to be of mixed ancestry, proving that a child is more than the sum of their parents.

This book is the first in the I Am Book...

cena: 380
I Am Mixed
 Niobe: She Is Life Sebastian A. Jones Amandla Stenberg Ashley A. Woods 9781939834270
Niobe: She is Life collects the 4 issue comic series written by creator Sebastian A. Jones and actress Amandla Stenberg (The Hunger Games) and illustrated by Ashley A. Woods. Niobe Ayutami. Half human, half elf. Half Ujoan, half Isintarrian. Half goddess, half devil. Niobe is a child of prophecy. Destined to be a queen and on the run since birth, Niobe was first introduced...
cena: 494
Niobe: She Is Life
 The Social Media Symphony Mike Magolnick Melanie C. Jones Sebastian Rusk 9781463641450
I know I'm not alone when I express my amazement over the fact that several of the online social network sites have valuations in the billions of dollars. "Billions" with a big capital B. Online sites where you share information about yourself, your family, your friends, your work, your background... Billions. I guess I shouldn't be surprised at all though. Looking at the trend of marketing and...
cena: 235
The Social Media Symphony