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 A to Z Object Talks That Teach about the Old Testament: 26 Memorable Messages Your Kids Will Love! Susan Lingo 9780784712368
Turn the ordinary alphabet into the ALPHA-BEST teaching tool you'll use this year "A to Z Object Talks That Teach About the Old Testament" is packed with memorable messages that will delight and excite your kids about God's Word. From ARKS to ZITHERS, kids will learn life-changing Bible truths along with tons of cool Old Testament trivia as they make unique crafts and edible wonders to help lock...
cena: 221
A to Z Object Talks That Teach about the Old Testament: 26 Memorable Messages Your Kids Will Love!
 Through the Bible Puzzles for Kids 8-12 Susan Lingo 9780784711712

Use these puzzles to reinforce Bible lessons, to keep early arrivers and early finishers engaged, and as take-home activities. A reproducible puzzle on each tear-out page.

cena: 426
Through the Bible Puzzles for Kids 8-12
 Choose 'n Use Activity Pages That Teach about the Old Testament Susan L. Lingo 9781935147107
Choose 'n Use Activity Pages That Teach About the Old Testament contains over 90 reproducible activity pages that cover foundational Bible stories and help kids learn more about the fascinating people of God from long, long ago-and the lessons they are still teaching us today! From Scripture puzzles and Rebus Bible stories to color-by-number pictures, games, and cool crafts, Choose 'n Use...
cena: 398
Choose 'n Use Activity Pages That Teach about the Old Testament
13 unique lessons about serving God and others, how biblical people served God, the ways that missionaries serve, and what kids can do to serve God and others today. Clever service projects included Kids will also make awesome bouncing globes Teacher Feature: A Realistic Look At Rewards. For ages 6 to 10. 128 pages. Includes a special Teacher Feature (A Realistic Look At Rewards), Whiz Quizzes,...
cena: 638
Servant Leaders
 Worship Wow! Susan L. Lingo 9781935147046
Here's an exciting resource to help kids discover the fullness and power in worshiping God for who He is and for what He does! Kids explore expressing their love, praise, and thanks to God through a variety of stand-alone worship activities, songs, crafts, and more. Also included are international worship experiences complete with costumes & props to make, foods to sample, songs to sing, and...
cena: 398
Worship Wow!
 Making Scripture Memorable Susan L. Lingo 9780976069614
Making Scripture Memorable is one easy-to-use resource that effectively teaches a variety of Scripture verses in exciting, age-appropriate ways so an entire class, church, or family can stay on the "same page" growing and going for God! Simple-to-use activities and clever ideas for each verse are presented every week for three age levels including preschool/kindergarten, elementary, and...
cena: 398
Making Scripture Memorable
 Play 'em Again Games Susan L. Lingo 9781935147091
When you hear Let's play it again you know you have a winning game. And in Play 'Em Again Games, you'll discover over 70 winning games, races, relays, and more that will really score points with your kids-and leave them wanting to play 'em again But games aren't just for fun-they're for learning, too. Every game included helps kids develop communication skills, cooperation & teamwork, problem...
cena: 398
Play 'em Again Games
 Make & Serve Susan L. Lingo 9780976069607
Serving others is as easy as 1-2-3 with clever crafts that double as service projects! Each Bible-centered project allows kids to share their creative gifts and talents with others in the church, community, or families and friends. Every Make & Serve activity engages even hard-to-motivate kids with projects that are too big-and too much fun-to ignore. All activities come complete with...
cena: 398
Make & Serve
 Peace Makers Susan L. Lingo 9781935147015
13 powerful lessons about living as Jesus' peace makers within families, neighborhoods, churches, and the world through forgiveness, compassion, giving and sacrifice, and through acceptance and love. Kids will assemble a Tools of Peace Tool Kit Includes a special Teacher Feature ("Creating an Atmosphere for Learning"), Whiz Quizzes, and all reproducibles and patterns. Ages 6-12. Peace Makers is...
cena: 638
Peace Makers
 Disciple Makers Susan L. Lingo 9780976069669
13 active lessons about Jesus' life and ministry and what it means to be Jesus' disciples. Kids will explore helping and serving others, forgiveness, the power of prayer, the gift of Jesus' salvation, and how to become active, proud disciples for Christ Includes Whiz Quizzes, all reproducible patterns, and a special Teacher Feature (Prayer in the Classroom). Disciple Makers is part of the 2-year...
cena: 638
Disciple Makers
 Faith Finders Susan L. Lingo 9780976069676
13 engaging lessons about the power and passion of faith, how biblical people expressed their faithfulness, how faith helps us obey God's Word, what it takes to be a trusting follower of Jesus, the importance of depending on the Holy Spirit, and how faith changes kids' lives each day. Includes a special Teacher Feature ("Teaching As Jesus Taught"), Whiz Quizzes, and all reproducibles and...
cena: 638
Faith Finders
 Value Seekers Susan L. Lingo 9780976069690
13 lively lessons about growing and using Christ-centered values including honesty, love, thankfulness, kindness, forgiveness, and more. Kids will assemble unique Value Treasure Chests as reminders of living as Jesus lived Includes Whiz Quizzes, all reproducible patterns, and a special Teacher Feature (Dealing With Discipline). Value Seekers is part of the 2-year series curriculum, Power...
cena: 638
Value Seekers
 Eye-Popping 3-D Bulletin Boards That Teach Susan L. Lingo 9781935147084
Inspire imaginations and share the excitement of three-dimensional, interactive displays with simple-to-create bulletin boards, door coverings, appealing ceilings, table toppers, and more! Visual displays dramatize Bible lessons and seasonal themes, and ignite learning and recall! Includes loads of neat patterns, reproducible letters and shapes, and easy techniques to make exciting visuals that...
cena: 398
Eye-Popping 3-D Bulletin Boards That Teach
 Scripture Memory Makers Susan L. Lingo 9780976069652
Scripture Memory Makers, by Susan L. Lingo, is the first powerful resource to teach how memory works and how kids (and even adults) can effectively learn to memorize God's Word. Activity sections are included for kids 3- to 6-years-old and 7- to 12-years-old. There's even a special section on basic Bible skills--what ages are best suited for which skills and how Bible skills can be taught...
cena: 398
Scripture Memory Makers
What's more fun than hearing a Bible story? Telling a Bible story! Here are 26 exciting, inviting Old and New Testament Bible-story lessons that are as fun to present and tell as they are to hear. Whether you're the storyteller or kids want to join in the storytelling fun, you'll be able to present memorable Bible stories in equally memorable ways with Kids-Tell-'Em Bible Stories! Each story is...
cena: 398
Kids-Tell-'em Bible Stories
 20/20 Crafts & Object Talks That Teach about God's Power Susan L. Lingo 9780976069638
In 20/20 Crafts & Object Talks That Teach About God's Power, you'll find twenty powerful attributes of God from His ultimate control and power to forgive, to His grace, protection, and perfect promises. Each attribute is expressed through a unique craft project and a memorable object talk. Forty crafts and object talks enable kids to discover how God listens to and answers each prayer, promises...
cena: 398
20/20 Crafts & Object Talks That Teach about God's Power
 Power Boosters Susan L. Lingo 9781935147022
13 inspiring lessons about discovering power through God's Word, Jesus' forgiveness and salvation, and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Explore how to fight evil and resist temptation as kids learn about prayer, forgiveness, obedience, and much more End the 13 lessons by making awesome powered-up clocks that really work Includes a special Teacher Feature ("Helping Kids Set Achievable...
cena: 638
Power Boosters
 Sanity Savers Susan L. Lingo 9780976069621
Calling all preschool leaders and parents of preschoolers: Looking for ways to save your sanity? Just fill four ordinary boxes with simple, everyday items-then use the new ideas in this great resource to transform those boxes into creative, no-mess crafts; super stories and songs; lively games and rhymes; quiet-time learning centers; and sanity-saving secrets. These ideas and activities are so...
cena: 398
Sanity Savers
 Joy Builders Susan L. Lingo 9781935147008
13 powerful lessons about the value and importance of joy and where true joy comes from: Jesus' teachings, Jesus' love, Jesus' promises, and through choosing Jesus every day Includes a special Teacher Feature ("Presenting Memorable Messages"), Whiz Quizzes, and all reproducibles and patterns. Ages 6-12. Joy Builders is part of the 2-year Power Builders Series curriculum.
cena: 638
Joy Builders

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