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 The Armour and Arms of Henry VIII Thom Richardson   9780948092725
The history of England records no more charismatic figure than King Henry VIII. His reign reveals an intriguing amalgam of the old and the new, and during it his kingdom emerged as a power to be reckoned with. He was fascinated by weapons and armour, taking a personal interest in their design and manufacture.
cena: 338
The Armour and Arms of Henry VIII
 Indian Arms and Armour Thom Richardson   9780948092749
India is a vast sub-continent with a complex history and a great array of languages, cultures and religions. This books serves as a short introduction to the exquisite weapons used in the region from the earliest times to the twentieth century. Among others, it covers archery, swords, shields, daggers, firearms, artillery and elephant armour.
cena: 338
Indian Arms and Armour
 The Tower Armoury in the Fourteenth Century Thom Richardson   9780948092756
The documents surviving from the privy wardrobe, the department which administrated the Tower armoury under Edward III, Richard II and Henry IV, provide a unique insight into the use of arms and armour in England as the Hundred Years War unfolded. Here, Thom Richardson expertly brings these documents to life. He answers many long-standing questions and challenges a number of assumptions, notably...
cena: 1470
The Tower Armoury in the Fourteenth Century
 A Arms and Armour of the Elizabethan Court Thom Richardson   9780948092732
The Elizabethan court was a vibrant and colourful place, where the inherited traditions and technological skill that had characterised the Middle Ages came face to face with the decorative techniques of the Renaissance. This book shows how the Royal Armouries' collections can be studied to gain insight into this creative and dynamic period.
cena: 338
A Arms and Armour of the Elizabethan Court
 East Meets West: Diplomatic Gifts of Arms and Armour Between Europe and Asia Thom Richardson   9780948092701
The papers presented in this volume represent the latest research on a wide variety of arms and armour given as diplomatic gifts between Asia and Europe, or within Europe, between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries. The research originated at a 2013 conference that celebrated the 400th anniversary of Anglo-Japanese relations.
cena: 754
East Meets West: Diplomatic Gifts of Arms and Armour Between Europe and Asia