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Art - European

 Cherubs Notebook Raphael 9780486823966
Termin ukazania się książki: 2018-07-18
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Cherubs Notebook
 Requiem for Communism Charity Scribner 9780262693271

In Requiem for Communism Charity Scribner examines the politics of memory in postindustrial literature and art. Writers and artists from Europe's second world have responded to the last socialist crisis with works that range from sober description to melancholic fixation. This book is the first survey of this cultural field.

Today, as the cultures of Eastern and Western Europe...

cena: 146
Requiem for Communism
 Digital Art & My Knowledge: Digital Art on the Internet MR Vijay Nanduri Simhadri 9781499139563
My Digital Art & My Knowledge about famous artists, beliefs about art, travels around the world. I have digitally painted artworks of impressive buildings that I have observed. I have painted my art to famous painting styles.
cena: 181
Digital Art & My Knowledge: Digital Art on the Internet
 Arnold Bocklin: 102 Paintings Maria Tsaneva Blago Kirov 9781505562613
Arnold Bocklin was a Swiss symbolist painter, influenced by Romanticism. His painting is symbolist with mythological subjects often related with the Pre-Raphaelites. He depicts fantastical figures alongside classical buildings, frequently revealing an obsession with death, creating a strange, fantasy world. Art critics have constantly found it not easy to categorize this original and eccentric...
cena: 181
Arnold Bocklin: 102 Paintings
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