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Art - History - Prehistoric & Primitive

 The Nature of Paleolithic Art R. Dale Guthrie 9780226311265
The cave paintings and other preserved remnants of Paleolithic peoples shed light on a world little known to us, one so deeply embedded in time that information about it seems unrecoverable. While art historians have wrestled with these images and objects, very few scientists have weighed in on Paleolithic art as artifacts of a complex, living society. R. Dale Guthrie is one of the first to do...
cena: 1367
The Nature of Paleolithic Art
 Primitive Art in Civilized Places: Second Edition Sally Price 9780226680675
What is so "primitive" about primitive art? And how do we dare to use our standards to judge it? Drawing on an intriguing mixture of sources-including fashion ads and films, her own anthropological research, and even comic strips like Doonesbury--Price explores the cultural arrogance implicit in Westerners' appropriation of non-Western art.
" Price] presents a literary collage of the...
cena: 626
Primitive Art in Civilized Places: Second Edition
 Plains Indian Rock Art James D. Keyser Michael Klassen 9780295980942

The Plains region that stretches from northern Colorado to southern Alberta and from the Rockies to the western Dakotas is the land of the Cheyenne and the Blackfeet, the Crow and the Sioux. Its rolling grasslands and river valleys have nurtured human cultures for thousands of years. On cave walls, glacial boulders, and riverside cliffs, native people recorded their ceremonies, vision quests,...

cena: 1104
Plains Indian Rock Art
 Prehistoric Art in Europe, Second Edition N. K. Sandars 9780300052862
Until around 10,000 BC art in Europe appears to have been in advance of the rest of the world and throws light on the total history of early man. The great masterpieces of cave-painting at Lascaux are well known, and one tradition of early sculpture is from the first surprizingly classical. With the shelter paintings of the Spanish Levant and the clay modelling and painted pottery of eastern...
cena: 1017
Prehistoric Art in Europe, Second Edition
 Olmec Art and Archaeology in Mesoamerica John E. Clark Mary E. Pye 9780300114461
This handsome volume presents the creations of Mesoamerica's most ancient societies in their archaeological contexts. The Olmec--best known for a unique style of monumental stone head and jade were-jaguar--were based along the Gulf of Mexico but have also been linked to other Mesoamerican civilizations such as the Maya and Aztec. This book discusses recent spectacular finds and provides a...
cena: 710
Olmec Art and Archaeology in Mesoamerica
 European Landscapes of Rock-Art George Nash Christopher Chippindale 9780415257350
Rock-art - the ancient images which still scatter the rocky landscapes of Europe - is a singular kind of archaeological evidence. Fixed in place, it does not move about as artefacts as trade objects do. Enigmatic in its meaning, it uniquely offers a direct record of how prehistoric Europeans saw and envisioned their own worlds.
European Landscapes of Rock-Art provides a number of...
cena: 1608
European Landscapes of Rock-Art
 The Codex Borgia Gisele Diaz Alan Rodgers Alan Rodgers 9780486275697

Considered by many scholars the finest extant Mexican codex and one of the most important original sources for the study of pre-Columbian religion, the Codex Borgia is a work of profound beauty, filled with strange and evocative images related to calendrical, cosmological, ritual, and divinatory matters. Generally similar to such Mixtec manuscripts as the Codex Nuttall, the...

cena: 564
The Codex Borgia
 The Anthropology of Art Robert Layton 9780521368940
Robert Layton provides an authoritative introduction to the richness and diversity of art forms in non-Western societies. He addresses the problems of aesthetic appreciation across cultures, the varied uses of art, and the fundamental problem of what constitutes "art" in societies varying from the traditional kingdoms of West Africa, with their specialist craftsmen using precious metals, to...
cena: 1428
The Anthropology of Art
 The Archaeology of Rock-Art Christopher Chippindale Paul S. Tacon Paul S. C. Taon 9780521576192
Rock art--prehistoric pictures--gives us lively and captivating images of animals and people painted and carved in caves and on open rock surfaces. It is all too easy to guess at the meanings the images carry. This pioneering set of essays instead explores how we can reliably learn from rock art as a material record of distant times by adapting the proven methods of archaeology to the special...
cena: 1592
The Archaeology of Rock-Art
 Prehistoric Textiles: The Development of Cloth in the Neolithic and Bronze Ages with Special Reference to the Aegean Elizabeth Wayland Barber 9780691002248

This pioneering work revises our notions of the origins and early development of textiles in Europe and the Near East. Using innovative linguistic techniques, along with methods from palaeobiology and other fields, it shows that spinning and pattern weaving began far earlier than has been supposed.

Prehistoric Textiles made an unsurpassed leap in the social and cultural...

cena: 1911
Prehistoric Textiles: The Development of Cloth in the Neolithic and Bronze Ages with Special Reference to the Aegean
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