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Art - History - Contemporary (1945- )

 Sweet Dreams: Contemporary Art and Complicity Johanna Drucker 9780226165059
Johanna Drucker's "sweet dream" is for a new and more positive approach to contemporary art. Calling for a revamping of the academic critical vocabulary used to discuss art into one more befitting current creative practices, Drucker argues that contemporary art is fully engaged with material culture yet still struggling to escape the oppositional legacy of the early twentieth-century avant-garde....
cena: 819
Sweet Dreams: Contemporary Art and Complicity
 Designing Women: Cinema, Art Deco, and the Female Form Lucy Fischer 9780231125017
Grand, sensational, and exotic, Art Deco design was above all modern, exemplifying the majesty and boundless potential of a newly industrialized world. From department store window dressings to the illustrations in the Sears, Roebuck & Co. catalogs to the glamorous pages of Vogue and Harper's Bazar, Lucy Fischer documents the ubiquity of Art Deco in mainstream consumerism and its...
cena: 1323
Designing Women: Cinema, Art Deco, and the Female Form
 America Starts Here: Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler Ian Berry Bill Arning Judith Hoos Fox 9780262012287

During their decade-long collaboration (1985-1995), Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler produced some of the most influential conceptual art projects of the time. Among their witty and stimulating installations and outdoor projects was "Camouflaged History," a house painted in a U.S. Army-designed camouflage pattern using 72 commercial paint colors included in the municipally-approved "authentic...

cena: 930
America Starts Here: Kate Ericson and Mel Ziegler
 Undercover Surrealism: Georges Bataille and Documents Dawn Ades Simon Baker 9780262012300

In the Paris art world of the 1920s, Georges Bataille and his journal DOCUMENTS represented a dissident branch of surrealism. Bataille--poet, philosopher, writer, and self-styled "enemy within" surrealism--used DOCUMENTS to put art into violent confrontation with popular culture, ethnography, film, and archaeology. Undercover Surrealism, taking the visual richness of DOCUMENTS as its starting...

cena: 1047
Undercover Surrealism: Georges Bataille and Documents
 Modernism's Masculine Subjects: Matisse, the New York School, and Post-Painterly Abstraction Marcia Brennan 9780262025713

In the era of The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit -- when social pressures on men to conform threatened cherished notions of masculine vitality, freedom, and authenticity -- modernist paintings came to be seen as metaphorical embodiments of both idealized and highly conflicted conceptions of masculine selfhood. In Modernism's Masculine Subjects, Marcia Brennan traces the formalist critical...

cena: 818
Modernism's Masculine Subjects: Matisse, the New York School, and Post-Painterly Abstraction
 Super Vision Nicholas Baume 9780262026093

New technology enables super vision--both superhuman visual powers and actual supervision by surveillance. In Super Vision, which accompanies the inaugural exhibit at the new Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, a broad selection of important works in a variety of media expresses both the ecstatic and the threatening aspects of vision and reveals visual experience as a source of both...

cena: 260
Super Vision
 Words to Be Looked at: Language in 1960s Art Liz Kotz 9780262113083

Language has been a primary element in visual art since the 1960s -- in the form of printed texts, painted signs, words on the wall, recorded speech, and more. In Words to Be Looked At, Liz Kotz traces this practice to its beginnings, examining works of visual art, poetry, and experimental music created in and around New York City from 1958 to 1968. In many of these works, language has...

cena: 818
Words to Be Looked at: Language in 1960s Art
 Food John Knechtel 9780262113090

Food is essential to our sense of place and our sense of self, but today -- as fast food nation meets the slow food movement and eating locally collides with on-demand arugula -- our food habits are shifting. Food examines and imagines these changes, with projects by writers and artists that explore the cultural and emotional resonance of food, from the "everyday Dada" of mashed...

cena: 455
 Industrial Strength Design: How Brooks Stevens Shaped Your World Glenn Adamson 9780262511865

Industrial Strength Design: How Brooks Stevens Shaped Your World is a long overdue introduction to the work of visionary industrial designer Brooks Stevens (1911-1995). Believing that an industrial designer "should be a businessman, an engineer, and a stylist, in that order," Stevens created thousands of ingenious and beautiful designs for industrial and household products -- including...

cena: 678
Industrial Strength Design: How Brooks Stevens Shaped Your World
 Participation Claire Bishop 9780262524643

The desire to move viewers out of the role of passive observers and into the role of producers is one of the hallmarks of twentieth-century art. This tendency can be found in practices and projects ranging from El Lissitzky's exhibition designs to Allan Kaprow's happenings, from minimalist objects to installation art. More recently, this kind of participatory art has gone so far as to...

cena: 511
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