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Art - History - Contemporary (1945- )

 Art: Notebook / Journal Wild Pages Press 9781546629276
Notebook / Journal 150 Lined Pages, heaps of room to record all your important information. Wild Pages Press are publishers of unique journals and notebooks, stylish, fun and compact so they can be carried with you everyday.
cena: 205
Art: Notebook / Journal
 Art Wild Pages Press 9781547112869
cena: 205
 How Artists See Jr. Babies Colleen Carroll 9780789209740
This long-awaited little sibling of Abbeville s bestselling How Artists See series shows preschoolers the varied and beautiful ways in which artists see the world around them.
In How Artists See Jr.: Babies children will encounter pictures of laughing babies, sleeping babies, playing babies, and more, created by Leonardo da Vinci, Mary Cassatt, Keith Haring, and others....
cena: 219
How Artists See Jr. Babies
 Dan Graham: The Roof Garden Commission Aleveer, Ian 9780300208757
The artist Dan Graham (b. 1942) has a wide-ranging practice that encompasses writing, performance art, installation, video, photography, and architecture. Throughout his career, Graham has examined the symbiosis between architectural environments and their inhabitants, particularly in his pavilions made of glass and mirrors.
His new installation, created for the roof garden of The...
cena: 226
Dan Graham: The Roof Garden Commission
 Baby Ikki at the Museum Michael Smith 9780300181043

Michael Smith (b. 1951) is known for his groundbreaking work in performance art as well as his immersive mixed media installations. Since 1979, the majority of his work has centered on his extraordinarily prescient and sympathetic character, Mike. Smith's other recurring performance persona is Baby Ikki, whose bizarre and precipitous infancy is marked by conspicuous facial hair, oversized...

cena: 227
Baby Ikki at the Museum
 Voices Over Art: Art Text Document Holly Crawford 9780985246129
A conceptual art and art criticism project by Holly Crawford. The text/poems are what she overheard, and wrote down as quickly as possible while standing next to people in art museums, galleries, public art installations, and art fairs over several years. Photograph by Holly Crawford, 2011.
cena: 229
Voices Over Art: Art Text Document
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