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Art - Assemblage Art

 Hand-Lettered from A to Z: An Alphabet Coloring Book Lisa Lorek 9780990914419
Free Period's newest coloring book presents 26 beautifully illustrated pages by lettering artist, Lisa Lorek. Each 8 x 10" page features one letter of the alphabet, ranging from simple outlines to more intricate designs, so that children and adults alike can enjoy filling the pages with color
Unwind, clear your mind or spark your creative juices with Hand-Lettered from A to Z: An Alphabet...
cena: 327
Hand-Lettered from A to Z: An Alphabet Coloring Book
 Collage: The Making of Modern Art Brandon Taylor 9780500286098
This book, the first comprehensive survey of the technique, explores in full the theoretical implications and political messages behind the work of the past century, explaining how the process was intimately linked to other revolutions in art practice. It covers the many offshoots of collage, including assemblage, montage, photomontage, and decollage. Along the way it outlines a new vision of...
cena: 657
Collage: The Making of Modern Art
 Here Be Dragons: The Cf Sculpture Series Book Christi Friesen 9780988732919
Here Be Dragons is the 10th anniversary revised and expanded edition of the first book in Beyond Projects: the CF Sculpture Series The step by step format clearly explains the process of creating dragons from polymer clay. With detailed pictures and engaging instructions, making dragon focal beads, pins and sculptures has never been easier or more entertaining. In Here Be Dragons you will also...
cena: 335
Here Be Dragons: The Cf Sculpture Series Book
 Digital Mosaics: The Aesthetics of Cyberspace Steven Holtzman 9780684846125
Gravity-defying sculptures that can only exist in cyberspace...an interactive opera in which members of the audience become part of the performance...fractal images that rival nature's greatest masterpieces.
Digital Mosaics is the first book to explore the new digital media and the variety of art forms emerging from our computer culture. It is destined to change our traditional...
cena: 396
Digital Mosaics: The Aesthetics of Cyberspace
 Miami Contemporary Artists  9780764326479
Miami, Florida, is fast becoming a critical center for contemporary art. Serving as an incubator for outstanding visual artists, this "natural playground for inspiration" is poised to become one of the leading cultural destinations of the world. With more than 315 stunning color photos, this exciting new book takes readers through significant highlights of the city's art history and showcases the...
cena: 1526
Miami Contemporary Artists
 Collage Techniques: A Guide for Artists and Illustrators Gerald Brommer 9780823006557
One of many exhilarating artistic developments that took place during the early twentieth century, the fine art medium of collage emerged from the cubist gluing and pasting explorations of Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. As a result of its experimental genesis, collage has continued to serve not only as a primary form of expression for many prominent artists, but as a principal means of...
cena: 669
Collage Techniques: A Guide for Artists and Illustrators
 Charles Ledray: Sculpture 1989-2002 Ralph Rugoff 9780884540991
Documenting this American artist's first solo museum exhibition, Charles LeDray will focus on his obsessively crafted miniature sculptures in a variety of media, including textiles, ceramics, seashells, and bone, that reflect on childhood, gender, sexuality, and autobiography.
cena: 612
Charles Ledray: Sculpture 1989-2002
 Jess: To and from the Printed Page Ingrid Schaffner Lisa Jarnot John Ashbery 9780916365752
Jess: To and From the Printed Page focuses on the artist simply known as -Jess- (1923-2004), and celebrates his lively and lifelong dialogue with poets, poetry and printed matter. Published to accompany the iCI touring exhibition, it features collages made for publication, the books and magazines in which they were reproduced, as well as many previously unreproduced paintings, drawings and...
cena: 725
Jess: To and from the Printed Page
 Desperate Prayers: A Quest for Sense in a Senseless Time Daniel Dancer 9781425102241
As his stories unfold, Daniel Dancer reflects on spirituality, indigenous knowledge, quantum physics, psychology, and ecological principles. Humor, synchronicity, delight, and heartfelt struggle are all present in these tales. The result is a breath of wholeness, a gift for our apocalyptic times and for a culture that has forgotten its connection to nature.
The sacred, magical role that art...
cena: 486
Desperate Prayers: A Quest for Sense in a Senseless Time
 The Art of Personal Imagery: Expressing Your Life Through Collage Corey Moortgat 9781581809909

Express yourself—and celebrate your life—with collage.

The Art of Personal Imagery introduces a fresh approach to collage, one that blends traditional methods with innovative new techniques for capturing your favorite moments and most treasured memories in your artwork. Step by step, author Corey Moortgat teaches you the secrets to adding visual and emotional...

cena: 658
The Art of Personal Imagery: Expressing Your Life Through Collage
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