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Art - Sculpture

 A Concise History of American Painting and Sculpture: Revised Edition Matthew Baigell 9780064309868
This clear, thorough, and reliable survey of American painting and sculpture from colonial times to the present day covers all the major artists and their works, outlines the social and cultural backgrounds of each period, and includes 409 illustrations integrated with the text. Although some determining factors in American art are considered, Matthew Baigell views the rich and diverse...
cena: 1994
A Concise History of American Painting and Sculpture: Revised Edition
 Roman Sculpture from the North West Midlands Martin Henig Graham Webster Thomas Blagg 9780197262900
This is the first comprehensive catalogue of the sculpture from this region of Roman Britain. The sculptures were carved locally, and provide an index of Romanisation in the far north-west of the Roman Empire--in particular at Devra (Chester), Viroconium (Wroxeter), and at Letcetum (Wall, Staffs). The works range in quality from highly accomplished and decorative altars and tombstones, to rather...
cena: 1857
Roman Sculpture from the North West Midlands
 Louise Bourgeois' Spider: The Architecture of Art-Writing Mieke Bal 9780226035758
One of Louise Bourgeois's most striking sculptures is the Spider. It fits no genre and all of them - architecture, sculpture, installation, and its contents evoke social issues. In this book, literary critic and theorist, Mieke Bal presents the work as a theoretical object, one that can teach us how to think, speak and write about art. Bal argues that art must be ubderstood in relationship to the...
cena: 1003
Louise Bourgeois' Spider: The Architecture of Art-Writing
 Writings Through John Cage's Music, Poetry, and Art David W. Bernstein Christopher Hatch 9780226044088
This volume looks at the creative work of the great avant-gardist John Cage from an exciting interdisciplinary perspective, exploring his activities as a composer, performer, thinker, and artist.
The essays in this collection grew out of a pivotal gathering during which a spectrum of participants including composers, music scholars, and visual artists, literary critics, poets, and filmmakers...
cena: 821
Writings Through John Cage's Music, Poetry, and Art
 Sculpture: Some Observations on Shape and Form from Pygmalion's Creative Dream Johann Gottfried Herder Jason Gaiger University of Chicago Press 9780226327556
"The eye that gathers impressions is no longer the eye that sees a depiction on a surface; it becomes a hand, the ray of light becomes a finger, and the imagination becomes a form of immediate touching."-Johann Gottfried Herder
Long recognized as one of the most important eighteenth-century works on aesthetics and the visual arts, Johann Gottfried Herder's "Plastik" (Sculpture, 1778) has...
cena: 668
Sculpture: Some Observations on Shape and Form from Pygmalion's Creative Dream
 Legends in Limestone: Lazarus, Gislebertus, and the Cathedral of Autun Linda Seidel 9780226745152
Whereas twelfth-century pilgrims flocked to the church of St-Lazare in Autun to visit the relics of its patron saint, present-day pilgrims journey there to admire its superb sculpture, said to have been created by the artist Gislebertus whose name is inscribed above one of the church doors. These two cults, of sculptor and of saint, form points of departure and arrival for Linda Seidel's study....
cena: 1539
Legends in Limestone: Lazarus, Gislebertus, and the Cathedral of Autun
 Writings/Interviews Richard Serra 9780226748801
One of the most important sculptors of this century, Richard Serra has been a spokesman on the nature and status of art in our day. Best known for site-specific works in steel, Serra has much to say about the relation of sculpture to place, whether urban, natural, or architectural, and about the nature of art itself, whether political, decorative, or personal. In interviews with writers including...
cena: 1257
 Romanesque Architectural Sculpture: The Charles Eliot Norton Lectures Meyer Schapiro Linda Seidel 9780226750637

Meyer Schapiro (1904-96), renowned for his critical essays on nineteenth- and twentieth-century painting, also played a decisive role as a young scholar in defining the style of art and architecture known as Romanesque. And, appropriately, when he was invited to deliver the prestigious Charles Eliot Norton Lectures at Harvard, he chose Romanesque architectural sculpture as his topic. These...

cena: 1129
Romanesque Architectural Sculpture: The Charles Eliot Norton Lectures
 Douglas Gordon Russell Ferguson Michael Darling Russell Ferguson 9780262062220

This book examines the innovative work of thirty-four-year-old Scottish artist Douglas Gordon. Gordon is perhaps best known for installations that feature classic films by directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Otto Preminger, and Martin Scorsese. In each of these works the original film has been manipulated--slowed down, mirrored by the use of split screen or dual projection, or had its...

cena: 1128
Douglas Gordon
 Alice Aycock: Sculpture and Projects Robert Hobbs 9780262083393

Alice Aycock's large, semi-architectural works deal with the interaction of structure, site, materials, and the psychophysical responses of the viewer. Offered meaningful but contradictory clues by both her images and her texts, viewers attempt to discover not only what the work of art conveys but how it communicates its contents, in investigations that parallel the artist's own. In Alice...

cena: 1296
Alice Aycock: Sculpture and Projects
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