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Comics & Graphic Novels - Graphic Novels - Fantasy

 Brody's Ghost Mark Crilley Mark Crilley 9781616559014
Acclaimed author Mark Crilley tells his greatest tale yet in this intense supernatural thriller After losing his job, his girlfriend, and his home, Brody learns that things can get even worse when he begins seeing a ghostly teenage girl watching him in the street. What he hopes is a hallucination proves all too real when the ghost tells him she needs his help hunting down a dangerous killer, and...
cena: 613
Brody's Ghost
 The Acryden, Volume 2: Trials and Destinies Art W. Schiskey Stacy a. Hummel 9780989940917

The Acryden: Volume 2-Trials and Destinies

By Stacy Hummel and Art Schiskey

6x9, 180 pages

Full Color Graphic Novel

Age Rating: Mature

Published by: Bound Time Media

Synopsis: After being attacked in the forest, the party must finish the trial set up by the Kalaterran Regent: Lady Mezuki. After the ordeal, they find themselves on the planet Earth where...

cena: 357
The Acryden, Volume 2: Trials and Destinies
 Dark Wraith of Shannara Terry Brooks 9780345494627

Possessing an awesome power he is only beginning to understand, young Jair Ohmsford must summon the devastating yet darkly seductive magic of the wishsong on a fateful mission to save his friends . . . and protect the future from the forces of evil.
If you ve never ventured into the wondrous world of Shannara, consider...
cena: 383
Dark Wraith of Shannara
 Flight Volume 1 Kazu Kibuishi 9780345496362
Originally published by Image Comics in 2004, Flight, Volume One launched this graphic novel series with a resounding bang. Since then the Flight series has steadily increased in popularity-and now all of the Flight backlist will be coming to Villard
Flight, Volume One received a great boost when graphic novel hero Scott McCloud praised the quality and artistry of...
cena: 659
Flight Volume 1
 Dark Tower: The Long Road Home Stan Lee Mark Gruenwald Jack Kirby 9780785127093
Gunslinger Roland Deschain has seen the death of his lover Susan Delgado, and now the Big Coffin Hunters who burned her at the stake are in pursuit of Roland and his ka-tet Cuthbert and Alain. The friends are forced to flee into the desert with the deadly posse in hot pursuit - and Roland is in a coma
cena: 676
Dark Tower: The Long Road Home
 Vogelein Volume 1: Clockwork Faerie Jeff Berndt Jane Irwin Jane Irwin 9780974311005
  • When Jakob, VOgelein's Guardian of fifty years, dies quietly in his sleep one night, her life is thrown into utter turmoil. Left without someone to wind her, the tiny clockwork faerie has less than five hours to live - unless she can find someone to trust. Unable to reach the keyhole in her back, she continues to wind down until she stops -- and then her memories of the past three...
cena: 336
Vogelein Volume 1: Clockwork Faerie
 Atlanta Carter Allen 9780976605348
There are some places that are not on any map, places that have no name and aren't of the world we know. When a man with no memory finds himself in one of these places, he is confronted by the forces of good and evil, each testing his will. Not is all that it seems in this place and he may not find out the truth until it's too late. Beyond life and before death lies ATLANTA.
cena: 267
 Promethea, Book 4 Alan Moore Mick Gray J. H., III Williams 9781401200312
While researching a college term paper on Promethea, a centuries-old mystical-warrior woman, Sophie Bangs was magically transformed into the latest living embodiment of the legendary heroine. In the fantasy-filled fourth volume of this critically acclaimed and award-winning series, Sophie continues her journey through the higher realms of existence where she encounters the Tree of Life and...
cena: 452
Promethea, Book 4
 Fables Vol. 2: Animal Farm Bill Willingham Mark Buckingham Steve Leialoha 9781401200770
Collecting FABLES #6-10, the second story arc of the fan-favorite, critically acclaimed VERTIGO series. Travel to upstate New York, where the non-human Fable characters have found refuge on a farm, miles from mankind. But all is not well on the farm -- and a conspiracy to free them from the shackles of their perceived imprisonment may lead to a war that could wrest control of the Fables community...
cena: 383
Fables Vol. 2: Animal Farm
 Promethea, Book 3 Alan Moore 9781401200947
In this collection, Sophie follows her recently killed mentors, Promethea andBarbara, into the afterlife, where they visit heaven and hell and meet famousoccult figures.
cena: 452
Promethea, Book 3
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