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Comics & Graphic Novels - Graphic Novels - Horror

 Death Head Nick Keller Zack Keller 9781616559045
When Niles and Justine Burton go camping to get a break from their stressful lives, they expect to find peace . . . not an abandoned village hiding an ancient evil. But the Burtons aren't your typical family. Bee, their son, just made his first friend, who happens to be a ghost. Maggie, their teenage daughter, has fallen in love with a wicked girl who pressures her into using drugs. And back in...
cena: 548
Death Head
 This Damned Band Paul Cornell 9781616557799
Motherfather are 1974's biggest rock act. They strike a pose of "worshipping the devil" only to find that they're actually... worshipping the devil. It's one heavy trip. Man. As told to a documentary camera crew, this is the story of their world tour... with the band's souls at stake.

From Paul Cornell (Wolverine, Action Comics) and Tony Parker (Mass Effect: Foundation) comes a...

cena: 448
This Damned Band
 Pumpkin Spice Volume One Brian M. Osbourn Brian M. Osbourn 9781517277079
You can never go home again. That's what FBI Special Agent Rebecca Spice believed until she was called in to investigate a rash of ritualistic murders in her small New England home town of Harvest Landing. Fifteen years earlier, she and her father narrowly escaped a terror-filled night on October 31, when a ruthless serial killer attacked her, critically wounded her father, and killed many...
cena: 445
Pumpkin Spice Volume One
 Once Upon a Time... Serena Valentino Fsc 9780943151878
  • This haunting first collection of Annabelle's memories are filled with frightening stories and dark fairy tales about her various owners . Featuring the first 6 issues, as well as some other spookirific surprises, including an introduction by Tommy Kovac (Skelebunnies, Stitch and Autumn) as well as a guest page by Jhonen Vasquez and other SLG creators.

cena: 379
Once Upon a Time...
 From Hell - New Cover Edition Alan Moore Eddie Campbell Eddie Campbell 9780958578349
Alan Moore (Watchmen) and Eddie Campbell (Bacchus), grandmasters of the comics medium, present a book often ranked among the greatest graphic novels of all time: From Hell.

From the squalid alleys of the East End to the Houses of Parliament, from church naves to dens of the occult, all of London feels the uniquely irresistable blend of fascination,...

cena: 836
From Hell - New Cover Edition
 Dungeon, Vol. 1: Duck Heart Joann Sfar Lewis Trondheim 9781561634019
Welcome to Dungeon, the looniest world of horror and heroic fantasy you'll ever be transported into! This series, a best-seller in many countries, starts with the apogee of Dungeon, a mighty castle filled with monsters, trolls and goblins kept by a wily bird, the Dungeon Keeper, and the object of desire of many an uncouth and disgusting form of life (and afterlife) and Herbert the Timorous Duck...
cena: 380
Dungeon, Vol. 1: Duck Heart
 Dungeon the Early Years, Vol. 1: The Night Shirt Joann Sfar Lewis Trondheim Christophe Blain 9781561634392
We start on another tangent of the vast world of Dungeon, one that relates the origins of it. In this first story of the Early Years, you will see the Keeper barely an adult and leaving his family to go find fortune in a time of chaos and darkness.
cena: 380
Dungeon the Early Years, Vol. 1: The Night Shirt
 The Walking Dead, Book 1 Robert Kirkman 9781582406190
  • This hardcover features the first 12 issues of the hit series along with the covers for the issues in one oversized hardcover volume. Perfect for long time fans, new readers and anyone needing a slightly heavy object with which to fend off the walking dead.

cena: 836
The Walking Dead, Book 1
 The Walking Dead, Book 2 Robert Kirkman 9781582406985
  • This hardcover features issues #13-24 of the hit series along with the covers for each of the issues, all in one oversized hardcover volume. Continuing the tale of Rick Grimes and his band of survivors from the zombie apocalypse that has ravaged the world.

cena: 836
The Walking Dead, Book 2
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