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Cooking - Individual Chefs & Restaurants

 Cooking School: Mastering Classic and Modern French Cuisine Alain Ducasse 9780847849949
Presenting nearly 200 recipes, each illustrated with full-color, step-by-step photographs, and expert instruction from master chefs, Cooking School is more than a cookbook--it's a complete gourmet education. Recognized as one of the most renowned chefs and restaurateurs of his generation, Alain Ducasse also operates an acclaimed cooking school in the heart of Paris. Now as a gift to cooks...
cena: 1293
Cooking School: Mastering Classic and Modern French Cuisine
 The Cook's Companion Stephanie Alexander 9781920989002
"The Cook's Companion "has established itself as the kitchen "bible" inmore than500,000 homes since it was first published in 1996. This 2014 revision includes two major new chapters, two expanded chapters, 70 new recipes, and a complete revision of the text to reflect changes in the marketplace and new regulations. Stephanie believes that good food is essential to living well: her book is for...
cena: 2595
The Cook's Companion
 RICK STEIN'S COAST TO COAST Rick Stein 9781846076145
Rick Stein's passion for fresh, well-sourced food has taken him from continent to continent, across magnificent shorelines & to the very best produce the coast has to offer. This collection of over 130 recipes evokes all the pleasure & flavour associated with the coast.
cena: 639
 JAMIE'S AMERICA Jamie Oliver 9780718154769
Jamie Oliver travels round the USA in search of the perfect ingredients. Along the way, Jamie gets his hands dirty: meeting hunters, cowboys, fishermen and local producers. As well as sampling the food of others, Jamie presents 120 recipes that reflect the varied landscapes of the US.
cena: 820
 HOME COOKING Rachel Allen 9780007259717
Bestselling TV cook Rachel Allen feeds her family and yours with a collection of easy and delicious recipes that everyone will love, plus handy kitchen tips and tricks to make your life easier.
cena: 790
 Nadiya's Kitchen: Over 100 Simple, Delicious, Family Recipes Nadiya Hussain 9780718184513
From breakfasts to dinners to a cake fit for the Queen. Having fallen in love with Nadiya and her outstanding bakes on 2015's Great British Bake Off, readers can now discover all her favourite recipes. With chapters ranging from 'Lazy Sunday Mornings' to 'Midnight Feasts', 'Snacks and Sharing' to 'Dessert for Dinner', you'll find ideas for any time of the day, and for all the family. Nadiya...
cena: 639
Nadiya's Kitchen: Over 100 Simple, Delicious, Family Recipes
 Jack's Wife Freda: Cooking from New York's West Village Maya Jankelowitz Dean Jankelowitz 9780399574863
"Walking into Jack's Wife Freda feels like a big, warm hug. Maya and Dean serve food you want to eat, anytime, any day. Though I'll never stop parking myself at their restaurants, I can't wait to re-create their favorites (and mine) at home."--Jessica Seinfeld, bestselling author of Deceptively Delicious, The Can't Cook Book, and Food Swings

From Jack's Wife...

cena: 722
Jack's Wife Freda: Cooking from New York's West Village
 A Dash of Love: A Collection of Joan Ryan's Favorite Recipes Gathered Over the Years from Friends and Family Joan Ryan 9780692320891
Joan Ryan began her formal chef training at age seven cooking omelets in the kitchen of their family home in Chicago. She continued her apprenticeship through her teenage years when she learned to bake Christmas cookies, Chicken Kiev, pasta, crepes, and fondue. She religiously watched Julia Child on PBS, then graduated to the food network and is a big fan of Top Chef, which has expanded her...
cena: 515
A Dash of Love: A Collection of Joan Ryan's Favorite Recipes Gathered Over the Years from Friends and Family
 Munchies: Late-Night Meals from the World's Best Chefs JJ Goode Helen Hollyman Editors of Munchies 9780399580086
This cookbook, based on the game-changing web series Chef's Night Out, features stories of the world's best chefs' debauched nights on the town, and recipes for the food they cook to soak up the booze afterwards.

MUNCHIES brings the hugely popular show Chef's Night Out (on VICE Media's food website, MUNCHIES) to the page with snapshots of food culture in cities around the world, plus...

cena: 722
Munchies: Late-Night Meals from the World's Best Chefs
 Uchi: The Cookbook Tyson Cole Jessica Dupuy 9780292771291

For chef Tyson Cole, sushi has always been more than just food; it's an expression of his love and respect for Japanese culture. Having now devoted more than a decade of his life to the skill, art, and discipline of being a sushi chef, Cole's sole purpose is simple: to create the perfect bite.

Cole delivers that perfect bite every day at Uchi, his Austin restaurant. Since 2003, Uchi has...

cena: 949
Uchi: The Cookbook
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