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Crafts & Hobbies - Fashion

 Gertie's Ultimate Dress Book: A Modern Guide to Sewing Fabulous Vintage Styles Gretchen Hirsch 9781617690754
Every vintage-obsessed sewist dreams of having a closet full of gorgeous dresses. The follow-up to the popular Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing and Gertie Sews Vintage Casual, Gertie's Ultimate Dress Book is packed with all the information and patterns you could ever need to create a wardrobe filled with stunning vintage frocks. The book begins with all the essential...
cena: 700
Gertie's Ultimate Dress Book: A Modern Guide to Sewing Fabulous Vintage Styles
 99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Trim, & Tie Your T-Shirt Into Something Special Faith Blakeney Justina Blakeney Anka Livakovic 9780307345561
Extraordinarily clever ways to transform any ordinary T-shirt.

The pattern techniques are simple, and the supplies you'll need are easy to find: T-shirts, scissors, sewing needle, and thread. The difficulty of each project is rated from 1 to 4, and none take more than 30 minutes to create. You'll never look plain wearing a T-shirt and jeans again.

cena: 494
99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Trim, & Tie Your T-Shirt Into Something Special
 Everyday Crochet: Wearable Designs Just for You Doris Chan Karen Manthey Karen Manthey 9780307353733
Everyday Crochet is your new must-have collection of crochet designs. Doris Chan, the author of Amazing Crochet Lace, presents 25 patterns for fresh and fashion-forward attire, this time with a variety of customizable options.
With basic crochet skills, you can crochet tops, dresses, jackets, layering pieces, and accessories--a wardrobe of versatile garments that can be mixed, matched,...
cena: 540
Everyday Crochet: Wearable Designs Just for You
 Carolina Herrera: 35 Years of Fashion Carolina Herrera Jj Martin Suzy Menkes 9780847849802
Perennial favorites on red carpets around the world, Herrera's gowns are favored by First Ladies (from Jackie Kennedy to Michelle Obama), celebrities (Renee Zellweger, Tina Fey, Penelope Cruz), international royalty, and her own faithful clientele for their refinement, timelessness, glamour, and romance. This first book on her design career is to be released on the occasion of the house's...
cena: 1543
Carolina Herrera: 35 Years of Fashion
 Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style Florence Muller Pierre Berge Kimberly Rorschach 9780847849420
An intimate look at the famed designer and his work, revealing his artistic process and influence. Modernizing haute couture. Pioneering high-end ready-to-wear. Bringing masculine ease to women s clothing. Legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent s reputation precedes him but what of the man behind the work? Fashion historian and YSL expert Florence Muller traces Saint Laurent s career, from...
cena: 940
Yves Saint Laurent: The Perfection of Style
 Stephen Jones: Souvenirs Susannah Frankel Stephen Jones 9780847848799
A charming chronicle of London milliner Stephen Jones's life and his exquisitely crafted hats that have captured the mood of every fashion -moment, - from the electric 1980s to today. By 1980, everyone from rock stars to royalty, from Boy George to Diana, Princess of Wales, identified Stephen Jones as the milliner who would help them make arresting headlines. Jones's creative collaborations over...
cena: 3124
Stephen Jones: Souvenirs
 Runway: The Spectacle of Fashion Alix Browne 9780847848751
A stunning work on contemporary fashion spectacles, showcasing the most innovative, creative, and artistic high-fashion runway shows of the last twenty years. In recent years, as fashion shows have become a part of our collective imagination and an important part of contemporary culture, blockbuster productions have redefined the runway show as a form of entertainment and creativity on par with...
cena: 1543
Runway: The Spectacle of Fashion
 Barneys New York Christopher Bollen 9780847848522
As Sarah Jessica Parker once told Vanity Fair, -If you're a nice person and you work hard, you get to go shopping at Barneys. It's the decadent reward.- Known as the style hub where art, culture, and fashion come together and a mecca for discerning fashionistas and clothing connoisseurs since 1923, Barneys New York is a Manhattan institution that lives and breathes its mantra -Taste. Luxury....
cena: 1769
Barneys New York
 Silk: From the Myths & Legends to the Middle Ages Priscilla Lowry 9780994106322
The story of silk is far too exciting not to share. From the earliest days of prehistory, silk has been highly valued, sought after, fought and lusted over. Silk is rarely the title of a book, yet it is part of history, travel, textiles, design, art, social history, women's affairs, royal pursuits, the crusades, fashion and modern global science, business and economics. In this book, lavishly...
cena: 777
Silk: From the Myths & Legends to the Middle Ages
 Find Your Style and Knit It Too Sharon Turner 9780470139875
This fun, funky guide helps you find your style and create great hand-knit clothes and accessories that express it.

Easy-to-follow instructions with colorful illustrations get you going even if you've never picked up knitting needles before. Cosmo-style quizzes make it fun to explore both your knitting style and your fashion profile. There are projects for you whether your style is:...

cena: 381
Find Your Style and Knit It Too
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