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Design - History & Criticism

 Francois Nars Francois Nars 9780847858217
An invitation into the beautiful and inspiring world of Francois Nars--makeup artist, photographer, and iconoclast--through an exclusive look at his editorial contributions for leading fashion magazines, personal photography projects, and the groundbreaking vision behind NARS Cosmetics. Francois Nars, the influential French makeup artist and founder of the luxe makeup brand NARS Cosmetics, has...
cena: 1977
Francois Nars
 Blumarine: Anna Molinari Elena Loewenthal 9780847849581
The story of Anna Molinari's beloved and successful fashion house, as told through a kaleidoscope of stunning images by famed photographers. Blumarine has become synonymous with fashion created for the modern woman, characterized by a sensual femininity and timeless romanticism, with a vibrant edge. Anna Molinari, known as -the queen of roses- because of her love for the flower, is the designer...
cena: 1542
Blumarine: Anna Molinari
 Dior: The Art of Color Jerry Stafford Marc Ascoli Willy Vanderperre 9780847849345
This exquisite book takes the reader on a kaleidoscopic journey through the history of makeup, style, and color at the revered fashion house of Dior. An exquisite ode to color, this book presents the history of Dior cosmetics placed within contexts of fashion and art. Divided into twelve chapters (White, Silver, Nude, Pink, Red, Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow, Gold, Gray, and Black) Dior: The Art...
cena: 2294
Dior: The Art of Color
 Interior Design and Identity Penny Sparke Susie McKellar Penny Sparke 9780719067297
This fascinating collection provides a chronologically arranged set of case studies looking at how interior design has constantly redefined itself as a manifestation of culture, from the eighteenth century to the present day. The book looks at the amateur activities of female 'home makers' in search of creative outlets and married couples seeking to modernise their homes, as well as the...
cena: 900
Interior Design and Identity
 Medieval Clothing and Textiles 1 Robin Netherton Gale R. Owen-Crocker 9781843831235
The study of medieval clothing and textiles has aroused great attention in recent years, as part of the growing concern in material culture as a whole; apart from its own intrinsic interest, it has much to reveal about life at the time. This exciting new series aims to offer all those interested in the subject the fruits of the best research in the area. Interdisciplinary in approach, it will...
cena: 2274
Medieval Clothing and Textiles 1
 Medieval Clothing and Textiles, Volume 2 Robin Netherton Gale R. Owen-Crocker 9781843832034
Historical dress and textiles, always a topic of popular interest, has in recent years become an academic subject in its own right, transcending traditional genre boundaries. This annual journal includes in-depth studies from a variety of disciplines as well as cross-genre scholarship, representing such fields as social history, economics, history of techniques and technology, art history,...
cena: 1121
Medieval Clothing and Textiles, Volume 2
 Medieval Clothing and Textiles 3 Robin Netherton Gale R. Owen-Crocker 9781843832911
The third volume of this pioneering series explores the manufacture and trade of textiles and their practical, fashionable, and symbolic uses. Papers include in-depth studies and cross-genre scholarship representing such fields as social history, economics, art history, archaeology and literature, as well as the reconstruction of textile-making techniques. They range over England, Flanders,...
cena: 1121
Medieval Clothing and Textiles 3
 Medieval Clothing and Textiles, Volume 4 Gale R. Owen-Crocker 9781843833666
The fourth volume of this landmark series features a special focus on headdress, with papers analysing women's turbans in fifteenth-century French manuscript paintings; the changing meaning of the term cuff; the spread of wimple from England to Southern Italy; and a surviving embroidered linen cap attributed to Saint Birgitta of Sweden. Northern European dress and textiles are further explored in...
cena: 1121
Medieval Clothing and Textiles, Volume 4
 Henry Poole: Founders of Savile Row: The Making of a Legend Stephen Howarth 9781903071069
A "Savile Row suit" is universally understood to be the best one can possibly get. There can be few other streets in the world that have become such a byword for excellence. Yet how did this come about? One tailor more than any other is responsible--Henry Poole & Company. Carefully researched and beautifully illustrated, Henry Poole chronicles the evolution of Savile Row as well as...
cena: 639
Henry Poole: Founders of Savile Row: The Making of a Legend
 Design: The Key Concepts Catherine Mcdermott 9780415320153

This is the essential student s guide to Design its practice, its theory and its history. Drawing from a wide range of international examples, respected design writer Catherine McDermott explores key topics including:

  • international design from Europe to Africa
  • design history from Art Nouveau to punk
  • sustainable design, recycling and green design
  • design...
cena: 3871
Design: The Key Concepts
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