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Collins Little Books

A concise and excellent guide to Scottish history and how Scotland has come to be what it is today. Key events, people and places include The Union of Crowns, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Battle of Bannockburn, Culloden, Burns Night, Hogmanay, Alexander Graham Bell, and Referendum 2014. Beautifully produced, Collins Little Book of Scottish History is a treasure in itself and makes a perfect gift...
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Scottish History: From Bannockburn to Holyrood
This book is split into short, concise and easy-to-follow tips that will help to improve all aspects of your game and strategy. They reveal how to play a good defensive hand, how to devise a bidding system, what you can read from an opponent's play, plus lots more. The beautifully decorated pages and luxury pocket style make this book something a little bit special. With it by your side you'll...
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Bridge Secrets
Historical background and architectural details are given for each of the castles. Includes the major sites of Edinburgh and Stirling, and covers from as far north as Shetland to as far south as Dumfries and Galloway, west as far as the Outer Hebrides, and east to Aberdeenshire. Contains an introduction on Scotland's castles--history, description of classification of building type with examples....
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Scottish Castles
Produced in association with the Scottish Tartans Authority, this Little Book focuses on the history of the world famous Scottish tartan. Over 100 clans are presented, with their tartan, crest, motto and Gaelic clan name. It also covers the history of tartan and how it plays its part in the traditional national dress, and offers detailed clans and family names listings.
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Clans and Tartans: Traditional Scottish Tartans